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Medical Billing And Coding Jobs For Moms 2022

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Every healthcare organization, such as hospitals, nursing homes, NGOs, private hospitals, etc., must have a medical billing and coding specialist. Being a mother and having responsibilities for your kids makes it easy for you to thrive in this field. You are expected to maintain and keep a record of the incredibly critical medical information that hospitals and doctors pass as medical billing and coding specialists. Inflation and other financial crises won’t ever affect this industry. As a result, your career will be secure, and you’ll have a great chance to advance in the rapidly growing medical sector.

Medical Billing and Coding jobs for Moms

Many women who previously worked as nurses now work as medical coders and billers from home or an office. This transition was made because prospects for medical coders have improved. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, to keep up with the increased demand from 2010 to 2020, the healthcare industry would need 21% more medical records billers and coders. The flexibility that medical billing and coding offers to women, especially new mothers, also makes the transfer to it more possible to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Medical billing and coding can also give these experts a voice regarding the medical strategy and how it affects patients personally.

Medical billers and coders regularly help patients with healthcare administrative challenges. Working full-time might not be an option if you have a family to support. Medical billing and coding is a rewarding work-from-home profession that enables you to advance professionally as a woman in the workforce. This will allow you to balance being a working mother while continuing to influence the transformation and advancement of healthcare.

You don’t need to enroll in lengthy courses at first. You can finish the coding and billing curriculum through a training facility and obtain AAPC certification.

These training facilities don’t have any prerequisites and are a fantastic alternative for people who want to learn new skills while maintaining a full-time job or caring for children.

You can learn the material at these institutions quickly and pass the required exams. For those new to medical billing and coding, obtaining the certification with the necessary expertise is essential for success. Given the challenges faced by women in the workforce, the medical industry is creating suitable opportunities in the healthcare industry.

Benefits of medical billing and coding jobs for moms

1. In the job market

Numerous statistics demonstrate the rise in the need for medical coding and billing to manage the data. This has further shown the industry’s rapid development when compared to others. For people who have received the proper training, this ultimately assures work security and a sizable potential. One who is eager to study has the option of becoming an expert in the area.

Many medical offices and hospitals have to deal with rejected insurance claims due to coding problems every year. They want to engage a professional who can work with complete concentration and attention to detail to handle the coding.

You are the ideal match once you have completed the course and comprehended the codes. Being a mother gives you access to medical professionals. You can enjoy the task with little effort.

2. Work from home 

Working from home in the medical industry is like a dream come true for a mother who has recently given birth to a kid. It is a noble and highly fulfilling career. There are thousands of employees working behind the scenes to provide quality medical care and submit insurance claims for services. You’ll merge into their ranks. You will rank third in importance among all people to a person in need, behind only god and a doctor.

That is pinching! In addition to working, you can stay at home, work, and watch your child all at once. You don’t need to worry about the needs or that leaving your infant will make you selfish. At any time, you can be with your child.

3. Adjustable hours

A new mother will have a variety of possibilities if she chooses to work as a medical coder and biller specialist. Being a mom in the medical industry will be a fantastic job choice and enable them to combine their personal and professional lives successfully.

The typical work week for medical coders is 40 hours.

You can work different hours and customize your schedule to suit your child’s requirements, depending on the work environment and demand. You may modify your work schedule to suit your needs with your background as a medical coder and biller in the healthcare sector. Every mother in the world wants it.

4- Various settings

You will have various options when selecting your work environment and workspace. You can find office space in medical practices, hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, and surgery centers. Many healthcare organizations provide remote positions that can be done from home, in parenting classes, or at a beautiful coffee shop.

You can work virtually anywhere without concern about the office setting.

5. No medical appointments

Working as a medical coding and billing specialist in the healthcare industry is ideal for you if you have recently given birth, are feeling weak, or don’t want to visit clinics. You will be employed in the highly regarded business sector of the healthcare industry. Additionally, it will keep your relationships with medical specialists and experts intact. You will perform crucial tasks in the healthcare sector. You can decide whether you wish to work from home and balance work and family responsibilities or in an office setting with established hours.

6. Get to work right away.

All you need to do to start working as a medical coding and billing professional is to pass a certification course at any respectable university. You can begin working in the healthcare industry after earning your degree in as little as six months. The best aspect is that the certification course is available online and offline. This is the most excellent approach for a mother to study because it is challenging to spend a year in school before starting a job after having a child. Following the conclusion of the course, you can quickly and conveniently start your career. 

7. Salary and Income

Data show that a medical coder and biller in the healthcare sector can make a minimum of $17.27 per hour. One can make a minimum of $55,170 annually after improving their knowledge and skills. That is a sizable sum with a variety of wages and benefits.

According to research, professions in healthcare are a great and practical choice for women and mothers. Even choosing to return to work is a difficult decision. However, the one-stop answer for aspirational mothers is a career as a medical coding and billing professional in the medical industry. 

You can anticipate employment security, flexible hours, a good salary, and the ability to care for your infant simultaneously. Medical billing and coding positions satisfy every need of new mothers who want to return to the workforce after giving birth. So why are you still waiting? If you’ve already decided to work, get a certificate and work as soon as possible! Medical billing and coding are predicted to expand by more than 20% by 2021, offering a promising future.

FAQs on Medical Billing And Coding Jobs For Moms

What medical billing and coding positions have the most extraordinary salaries?

Below are the high-paying jobs for medical coders.

  • Coding Manager, salary range: $60,000-$103,500 annually. 
  • Medical Coding Manager: $65,000-$99,500 annual salary range. 
  • Coding Compliance Specialist, Remote Inpatient Coder, Physician Coder, Inpatient Coder, Medical Coding Auditor, and others make between $60,000 and $94,000 annually.

What are the following four positions for a medical coder?

Other job names for medical coders and billers include health information technicians, medical records specialists, and coding specialists.

Which is preferable, CPC or COC?

The COC medical coders (formerly called CPC-H coders) reported average compensation of $51,980, and the CPC medical coders reported an average income of $45,253, according to the 2009 Medical Coding Salary Survey from the AAPC.

What is the cost of the CPC exam?

To take the CPC exam, you must be an AAPC member. Membership is $170, and the CPC exam is $399.


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