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Medical Coding Specialist Career Guide 2022

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Healthcare jobs are one of the fastest-growing industries. You may not be interested in patient care. But you can start working in the healthcare field as a career in medical coding and medical billing. Are you looking for a top job in medical coding and dreaming of becoming a medical coding specialist? We will give you the best guidance for that.

Medical Coding Specialist is

A Medical Coding Specialist is a person who converts medical diagnoses and various actions and words into alphanumeric codes for issuing bills. So there are many cases where they use codes. They use codes for billing purposes, provision of health care facilities, submission to insurance companies, and various clinical research activities.

A Medical Coding Specialist should be someone with a unique ability to present codes for these situations. He has many different responsibilities related to regulations in his Medical Coding Specialist career.

That is, as a professional, he must be well aware of the terminology related to fielding, diseases, and pharmacology. The career opinion for Medical Coding Specialists is solid, and their primary area of ​​work is based in clinical settings.

Medical Coding Specialist Job Background

You know the entire healthcare sector continues to grow. Accordingly, we expect overall growth in healthcare support professions such as medical coding. As described by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, analysts predict that the employment of all medical scribes, including medical coding specialists, will increase by 22% from 2016-2026. They practice their profession in medical offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and all types of health departments.

Most coders work in a healthcare office environment. Also, Medical Coding Specialists work full time. In some cases, they also can take part-time positions depending on the employer. Also, their dress codes may vary depending on the workplace code employer. You may have to pull off the traditional office attire. If not, you may have to pull the same scrubs as the clinical staff.

What is the salary for a Medical Coding Specialist?

As described by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, certified medical coding specialists will earn an upper median annual salary of $60,097 annually in 2022. They make 27% more than their uncertified counterparts.

Also, the top 10% in this field earn more than $50,340 per year. The average medical scribe salary is around 34,610. However, the amount of payment may vary depending on factors such as the office and location where they work. Also, medical writers in scientific research and development services receive the highest median annual salary, at $42,780.

Medical coders, certified by the AAPC and with more experience, can earn above the median annual salary. A coding specialist with an average of 13 years of experience and a CPC certification earns an average yearly salary of $58,055.

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What are the roles of a Medical Coding Specialist?

Medical coding specialists perform a variety of tasks in all areas of healthcare. Mainly they organize health-related data. Also, they confirm that everyone has the opportunity to access it in the health care center. In addition, they also work with electronic data. Medical coders and coding specialists must be computer literate as most offices today operate electronically.

Another task assigned to the Medical Coding Specialist is to ensure that all patients receive proper care. Also, they must ensure that the necessary information is obtained and correct for claims processing and reimbursement for the insurers. That means medical coders are accountable for securing their patient’s data. For that, they must follow safety measures well.

They also use codes to standardize treatment data for doctors’ records. Insurance companies also use the data they collect to reimburse healthcare providers for medical procedures.

Responsibilities of the Medical Coding Specialist Career

Specific duties of this career will vary depending on the employer. However, people in this career have some shared responsibilities.

  • Ensure completeness and accuracy of medical records and data.
  • Update medical data review
  • Organize all data more precisely
  • Monitor patient outcomes for various quality assessments.
  • Ensuring the security of all types of patient data
  • Enter health care records accurately using the required format for databases.
  • Maintaining electronic records comprehensively to enable medical personnel to provide documents whenever required
  • Verifying that information is correctly encoded. Review a patient’s medical records for previous care.
  • Maintaining accurate and clear communication between health care facilities and insurance companies.

Skills You Must Have to Become a Medical Coding Specialist

  • Being able to protect patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Able to work harmoniously with office members and other people
  • Ease of use of technology
  • Able to organize reports very well
  • Ability to follow instructions carefully
  • Ability to work with a computer for hours at a time
  • Pay attention to even the most minor details
  • Able to act calmly even in stressful situations such as billing emergencies
  • can maintain good communication with patients and insurers

What classes are required to become a medical coding specialist?

Medical coding students practice medical record management, invoicing, coding, and assisting with specific business operations in the healthcare industry. You can attend classes in colleges, educational institutes, or online.

Apart from subject knowledge, these syllabuses include technology, business topics, health care information, etc. This combination gives any student the foundation to start medical coding as a career. Such a program can usually include these palettes.

  • Procedural Coding
  • Billing and coding application
  • Medical Law
  • Diagnostic Coding
  • Records management
  • Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and Physiology
  • Health Care Processing, Claims Processing

How to become a Medical Coding Specialist?

To become a medical coder, you need very formal training. You can start the field based on work experience, but you must have an excellent education to move up. You can take many educational paths to become a Medical Coding Specialist.

The easiest way is to earn a certificate or complete a diploma in less than a year. Students can also choose to pursue a degree. Such healthcare and coding-related degrees will take you less than two years.

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Steps to become a Medical Coding Specialist

Following the steps below, you have a chance to choose the right medical coding school, earn your certification, complete your degree, get a job, and more.

1. Decide which credential you want to earn

Before you become a Medical Coding Specialist or any medical coding professional, carefully observe the job requirements in your area. Decide what credential you need to earn for it. For this, you need to look for insurances that apply for a medical coding specialist locally. Emphasize whether a certificate, degree, or other qualification is sought in the position where you hope to work.

2. Choose the right program

Choose which coding certificate, diploma, or degree you need to become an expert in medical coding. If you need to start your career quickly, enroll in a diploma program. But if you’re going to advance your career to a specialist level, get an associate’s degree. Here, focus on your long-term career goals.

3. Take up a program of your choice

You can enroll in the program of your choice and enroll in their classes. If your school needs help paying for this, find out if any scholarships or grants are available.

4. Take the certification exam

You can apply for medical coding jobs as soon as you graduate. But if you are thinking of getting a CPC / CPC -A certificate, take the exam immediately after graduation. It will also affect your starting salary increase.

5. Apply for jobs

Now prepare your resume. After completing your education, apply for a medical coding job. First of all, it may be vital that you have experience with this. Therefore, you can initially apply for assistant positions and choose to work as an intern for some time. You can use and appear for interviews for medical coding jobs.

6. Get the job

If you get an internship, it will be straightforward for you to find a job. Start your career in medical coding now. You will feel great when you start the job with an offer. Now, depending on the experience, time, and education on the job, you can move up to a higher career than a Medical Coding Specialist.

FAQ On Medical Coding Specialist Career Guide

Can a medical coding certificate be obtained online?

If you want to get medical coding certification, you can get training for it through an online education program. Many online programs prepare you for your certification exam. Also, the movement is very similar to the campus-based training.

However, you can take classes online for the medical coding certification exam. Most certification bodies require in-person testing. The examination is conducted in one or more major cities of most states. Therefore, students can choose the place and time as per their requirements.

How far long will it take to become a medical coding specialist?

You can complete a medical coding certificate program in nine to 18 months. Also, if you are looking to get a degree in medical coding or health information technology, it can take up to 2 years.

What is the most accessible medical coding specialty?

True Blue

You can easily do mental health coding in an outpatient office. That is, any psychologist observes a patient once every five. All these things are included in the same CPT code, and the diagnosis codes are not different.

What is the golden rule of medical fielding?

A golden rule exists in any healthcare billing and coding department. “Do not code if not documented in the medical record.”

What is the highest-paying medical coding job?

Get AAPC certification for this salary growth.

Certified medical practice managers earn the highest. Their salary is around $64,666 annually.

Certified Professional Farmers earn an average salary of $51,454 each year. Also, certified outpatient coding specialists typically earn a median annual salary of $58,822.


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