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Best 10 Medical Billing Apps for Android, iOS in 2022

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Anyone who runs any medical service must be careful about their work. For that, they should be freed from paperwork during their duty hours. You may have other staff around you to manage your medical bills. But we can introduce Medical Billing apps for Android & iOS mobile apps as a more convenient method for these tasks. Through these, you will get the opportunity to do the work efficiently and make the working environment more comfortable.

Any Medical Billing App supports you to get all the relevant patient data faster and makes your billing work more accessible. Accordingly, we will review the ten best Medical Billing Apps for Android and iOS in 2022. You can choose which mobile app suits your needs best. 

1. Dr. Bill

We can consider Dr. Bill’s mobile app the most helpful for doctors to get paid. Through this, you can auto-fill information using only a relevant photograph of the Patient Information Card. Also, Dr.Bill allows you to monitor information about payments and pledge transactions when necessary. All patient data is more secure and encrypted by this program. 

This mobile app program is guaranteed to give you total compensation for all the work. If you are a new service provider, then you will get special assistance for medical bills through this app. Also, there’s an option to lock the app remotely even when the phone is not near you.  

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2. Vyapar

Vyapar is an application that can help you manage various tasks, such as sending invoices and calculating accounts. In short, this is a free application that supports financial and e-business development. Through this, you can check receipts and sales whenever you want. Apart from this, the Vyapar app also helps in tasks such as sending payments, reminders and analyzing financial transactions. Also, this is the only app that keeps your GST returns in the correct format. If you are running a medical service as a small home-based business, then this application may be more critical for you. The app analyzes transactions by creating electronic invoices.

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3. InstaMed

You know several medical billing apps can pay all your medical bills in one app. But InstaMed is a mobile app with several features. This app even supports you in recalculating the number of funds you have spent on medical services. InstaMed has an automatic payment feature, so you don’t forget to deposit money. 

Apart from that, you also have an option to define the payment program. Through this application, you have the space to meet a doctor over the phone from home. It will save your time and all expenses. InstaMed is extremely helpful in providing quality service while saving you a lot of time.

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4.One Medical

One Medical Service helps to provide 24 hours online health management to the user. This program can give you access to appointments and video chats with providers, as well as excellent access to medical care. Apart from that, more than most other Medical Billing Apps, the user has the opportunity to get better help for common problems through the Treat Me Now feature. Also, this mobile application can discover many things like lab results, test results, history, etc. This app helps you arrange an appointment remotely and in the office.

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5. Truebill

We can introduce Truebill as a practical mobile application for you to keep track of your savings and increase your capital. Do you also conduct a health service as a home-based business? If so, this mobile Medical Billing App is also suitable for that. 

This program provides a complete report of all assets, income, and expenses. It can be essential for you to cut unnecessary costs that you may incur. As a medical billing app for Android and iOS, a system ensures complete privacy. With that advantage, you can keep all data about patient accounts highly confidential.

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6. Azalea EHR

Azalea EHR is one of the best 100% cloud-based health IT platforms. It fosters a unique relationship between community-based healthcare providers and patients. 

This Medical Billing App can support you with services like revenue cycle management, telehealth convenience, and electronic health record provision. It provides greater care coordination and communication. The existing platform offers tools and resources to suppliers for their needs. The system is smart enough to deploy and use in your service quickly. 

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7. NextGen Healthcare EHR

NextGen Healthcare EHR is a mobile application that provides solutions for ambulatory practices with the most advanced services. This program has clinical content that you can configure to your practice. This medical billing app has a more refined workflow and various service content platforms like telehealth. 

Also, with NextGen Mobile, your tasks will be straightforward, and you can save valuable time. It is a fully cloud-based EHR system. It includes an integrated clinical and billing platform, mobile accessibility, revenue cycle management, and a more convenient patient portal.

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We introduce toledo to you as one of the fastest medical billing apps that can be used anywhere in the United States. The process here is straightforward. Here you can connect with a medical specialist online. After describing your problem with a picture, you can get a prescription and visit the local pharmacy. 

Teladoc gives you the ability to resolve customer issues very quickly. Through this service, medical workers can opt out of written agents freely. Also, this medical billing app is helpful for things like prescribing medicine and preparing treatment as needed.

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9. Medical Billing Buddy

Medical Billing Buddy is an excellent choice for you to maintain a transparent relationship with medical workers and medical billing accounts. Unlike other Medical Billing Apps, there are no fees or extra interest. It also has a particular payment feature. You can connect your account with the Internet to easily transact from anywhere in the world. 

Medical Billing Buddy has a good relationship with medical supply and payment record-keeping systems. It is an advantage for you to have all documents electronically. It is straightforward to learn the application settings, even for a beginner. Also, you can customize the app.

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10. MBCC Medical Billing and Coding

This system is an app to help you prepare for Medical Billing Exams. It includes MBCC coding certification. Each of the five components of this system focuses on the medical spectrum of knowledge. It includes practice questions, self-study concepts, and the necessary exam preparation. 

This Medical Billing APP can be more helpful, especially for those in the medical field, students, and doctors. The program has a straightforward interface. It also has a technology that is suitable for you to memorize exam cards faster. With many features like clear notes, quizzes, etc., this is a great solution to expand your health profession knowledge. 

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FAQ on Medical Billing Apps for Android, iOS in 2022

Q- Is there a medical app for Android?

CareZone is a handy medical app for Android. You can get medical advice and list medicines from home through this application. 

It can be accessed from any device or any browser.

  1. Is there an app for medical coding?

Q- ICD 10 Consultation 2018

ICD 10 is necessary as an app that you can get for both your Android and iPhone. It offers you an obvious alternative to the modern ICD10-CM codes. Also, this app provides instant conversion from ICD9 to ICD 10.

Q – What makes a good health app?

They have focused on literacy demand, cultural appropriateness, technical information, practical aspects of application performance, and developing capabilities of mobile medical applications.

Q – What company makes the best healthcare mobile apps? 


The app developed by this company is one of the best health monitoring apps available in the Android and iOS stores. There is also a desktop version.


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