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West Virginia

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West Virginia Medical Billing and Coding Schools

West Virginia Medical Billing and Coding Training is an ongoing process that requires a solid educational background. With so many changes taking place in software and computer systems there are new things to learn all the time.

Medical coding and billing is part of what are known as the health information service technicians job category. Your duties will vary widely from facility to facility, but for the most part, you will be responsible for medical records. West Virginia medical coding and billing training is one of the very few medical professions where you will interact with the medical community but not offer direct patient care.

The Medical coder gives the correct code to each procedure that has been utilized on a patient or client, as well as the diagnostic codes. These are used for reimbursement by insurance companies, as well as for physicians to review patient charts. Generally you will use software that offers classifications of procedure and diagnosis. There are multiple types of software, as well as different coding systems that you may need to learn and know.

The average annual salary for medical records and medical coders in West Virginia was about $26,810 as of the latest government reports. The top ten percent of West Virginian medical billing and coding specialists earn approximately $48,330, while those in the lowest bracket sat at about $18,000. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

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West Virginia Medical Billing and Coding Schools Enrolling Now

Pittsburgh Technical Institute

Thanks for your interest in Pittsburgh Technical Institute. As the marketplace continues to become more competitive, rewarding those with the right training for the job, Pittsburgh Technical Institute is ideally positioned to give you the skills you need to compete. In fact, you can receive a certificate in as little as 9 months, or an associate degree in as little as 21 months!

Kaplan Career Institute

At Kaplan Career Institute, we provide affordable, career-focused programs that not only meet the demands of the market, but also the demands of your busy life. We offer day and evening classes to accommodate your busy schedule. Our accelerated curricula give you the opportunity to earn a diploma in as little as 9 to 15 months or an associate’s degree in less than 2 years. Our instructors have professional experience and provide an inside look into some of today’s hottest careers.

Kaplan Higher Education or its authorized agents and representatives may contact me via email or telephone to discuss these and other educational opportunities in the future.

American National University

American National University promotes a progressive learning format, so as you earn a diploma or associate’s degree, you can immediately use your training to advance your career as you continue your education in a growing number of fields at the bachelor’s and graduate levels – in high-demand areas such as information technology, network security, health sciences and business administration and management.

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