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WebPT EMR software Features, Pricing and Overview 2021

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WebPT Software Overview

WebPT is the most suitable billing software for distributing medical reports using any web-based device. Medical billing software with an intelligent interface, WebPT is a cloud-based medical product. The software can be used for small, medium, or large clinics. WebPT is primarily designed for physiotherapists as well as WebPT supports the efficient implementation of any clinical, administrative function, such as billing, scheduling, and information storage.

As the demand for WebPT has increased, companies have recently taken steps to improve the software by including several other features. As a result, WebPT is considered by many to be the most valuable software for keeping patient information and transactions secure over time. With the growing global market for medical billing software, more than 87% use WebPT to facilitate their clinical work. The industry specializes primarily in outpatient rehabilitation clinics, with more than 15,500 Web PT service providers. The clinic retention rate is 99 percent.

WebPT EMR software Features, Pricing and Overview 2021

Key features.

  • Meeting schedule
  • Secure information exchange
  • Efficient bill payment
  • Patient outcome tracking
  • Report scheduling
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Review update
  • Systematic calendar
  • Message automation,
  • Hybrid forms

Why is WebPT best suited for a new choice?

Efficient billing.

WebPT has an electronic recording of the report and non-physical payment of sick and insurance bills. The errors in paper transactions are very high. WebPT performs over 70% of manual tasks automatically. It allows the user to early detect and double-check for denial, incorrect payment, or unpaid bills.

Nothing like the difficulty of recognizing the handwriting of bills done by a separate staff is done through WebPT. The software supports the user by setting up real-time analytics, saving time through better quality service. An invoice from one company is included for the bills.

Intelligent interface.

The WebPT interface has several efficient features for information review and automation without any hassle. It’s much more straightforward. Even a novice software user will have the opportunity to perform many tasks qualitatively, saving time and setting up checklists. Web PT specializes in compiling progress notes, appropriation summaries, and specific documents more insightfully. WebPT is an EMR product designed to efficiently perform tasks such as comparing patient reports, historical records, and prescriptions.

Faster updates.

WebPT software is built primarily on the web. It updates faster with new technology and new features. Going through further studies, research, experience based on new criteria is getting fresher day by day. The user does not need to use any additional software for the new features they want.

Revenue cycle management.

Claiming via WebPT can be done very quickly in less than 10 seconds. The software ensures that claims are made and prompt payments are made within a short period. Submissions are completed in less than three working days or on the same day. They also include a high first-pass acceptance rate. WebPT sets the stage for the user to come to a preconceived notion of a claim error or confusion. In addition, it offers two options in RCM.

Systematic calendar.

WebPT can more efficiently manage several appointments when needed. The software has several specialized tools for this. There is a planned calendar for activities such as reunions, meeting schedules, and automatic reminders. The calendar has customized templates that allow the user to sort by location and service area. Through WebPT, the user can book appointments by updating appointments related to patient reports more systematically.

Ease of access.

Cloud deployment in WebPT software provides users with a unique approach. Ninety-five percent of WebPT users worldwide use medical billing software and say it is one of the best accessible software. In addition, because it is web-based, WebPT allows users to access data faster by another authorized computer.


WebPT gives the user the ability to compile discrete reports when clinical processing information, and WebPT can process faster messages to reduce documentation costs. The user also has the opportunity to format the records as they wish.


One problem many users face when using medical billing software is contacting the third party to exchange information. Connecting to multiple parties more securely via WebPT makes it easier for the user. For example, easily exchange data with pharmacies, payers, and other customers. The main complaint of WebPT is MC Kesson, Athenahealth, and Cerner, Epic.

Custom templates.

Documentation of all records, including medical records, is done digitally in WebPT. The software has many features and custom templates for specific issues such as sending streaming leaflets and editing notes. In addition, WebPT has several robust features to make it easier to list and review the information and analyze review trends. Serve discharge sheets using WebPT customized templates.

Formal patient portal.

WebPT has a large service provider to make billing payments more efficient online. That is, the patient portal in the software is more user-friendly. It is HIPAA compliant. Through the patient portal, a patient can make an appointment to see the doctor at any time and can view prescriptions. WebPT’s Patient Portal assists in many situations, such as monitoring lab results and receiving medical messages.

Agreeing to compliance.

WebPT Medical Bill Software agrees with a broader range of compatibility. Of particular value to the consumer is the ability to secure consumer data and avoid penalties. WebPT software has several compatible features, including HIPAA and MACRA, including the latest standards.

Security of information.

Paper transactions are somewhat less secure. That is, over time, records can become misplaced or confused, leading to burglary. WebPT encoding and log records, encryption records, ICD, CPT code usage do not cause such situations. All the user has to do is enter the correct information in the appropriate place.

Not everyone has access to data. Only those who are allowed to do so will have that opportunity. More sensitive information is securely stored in WebPT by the bank-level encryption algorithm. In addition, it can certify documents such as 8-minute rule counting, therapeutic cap tracking, and CCI edition hints.

Patient relationship.

A unique feature of WebPT is a home-based exercise program. It allows the patient to learn video exercises tailored to their activities and plans from home. It is a collection of experiential therapeutic exercises. WebPT also helps the user to provide faster provisioning by a separate system for tracking patient outcomes. The software also has a test library for monitoring the therapists’ progress. Book a remote appointment and enhance the doctor-patient relationship through live two-way video.

Increasing patient satisfaction.

The user has the facility to send emails to patients automatically via WebPT. In addition, a mobile application is sufficient to monitor and manage their health data easily. The doctor’s departure from administrative duties means he has more time to focus on patients. The more secure the patient’s data, the more accurate the transaction and the greater his trust in the physician.

WebPT specialized.

  • Outpatient departments
  • Speech therapy clinics
  • Occupational and physical therapy clinics

Supported operations

Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS, HP-UX, Unix, web browser (OS agnostic), Windows Vista, Linux

WebPT Restrictions.

The operating speed is a bit slow. As a result, product errors are slightly higher as well as It is challenging to provide assessment information.

WebPT Pricing

Pricing in WebPT varies depending on the clinic location or software user location, the number of providers, and the type of therapists. It usually costs $ 99 a month for a charging therapist. The daily cost of one supplier is less than 30. Learn more

WebPT Customer Service.

WebPT provides the opportunity for users who wish to avail of customer service over the phone or by email. Telephone lines are reserved during working hours. WebPT has introduced many webinars for school training and has also provided document library facilities. Phone- 866- 221 – 1870
Learn more

We have managed to get many user reviews about WebPT by scrutinizing three reputable medical billing software websites. Accordingly, a summary of those ideas is given below.

( trustradius.com / getapp.com / softwareadvice.com )


Pros – Makes note review and bill payments much more straightforward. Even an amateur can quickly pay the bills. Customers have the convenience of being able to record payments more rapidly and clearly. Data management is excellent. The electronic billing system is more secure.

cons – There may be occasions when a separate board meeting is held to gather information on bill preparation. The user does not have much freedom in terms of administrative payments. That is, the work done by the software on bill payment is sometimes minimal.


Pros– Third-party relationships are more accessible. There are several ways to access the software. It has a more user-friendly interface as well as records can be stored in one place. Documents are more secure. It is much easier to navigate from screen to screen.

Cons – Patient data or charts can sometimes be confusing. Review of lost data Recovery is somewhat tricky. Documentation is occasionally problematic.

Customer Service

Pros– The customer service team responds quickly and answers the problem very patiently and kindly. WebPT software has several webinars for school training.

Cons – If a server problem occurs, no amount is credited to the user account. Simple questions were answered quickly, but there were times when more difficult issues were ignored. Faxing is enabled only with a small amount of information.

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