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List of the best web-based medical billing software

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List of the best web-based medical billing software

Doing medical billing with a pile of paper can be very confusing for you. In addition to treating patients as a doctor, it is even more troublesome to do administrative work with many staff. You no longer have to be more confused with medical billing. Assign all your administrative tasks to medical billing software. Today you can identify many different billing systems around the world. But the most popular software system in the 21st century is web-based medical billing software. It is a fully cloud-based medical billing software.

Critical Benefits of Web-Based Software

• Provide prepared invoice templates

• Maximize data security

• Double check and double-check for erroneous bills

• Formal functionality tailored to price and habit

• Ensure correct coding and claim

List of best web- base medical billing software

1. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD Web-Based Medical Bill Software is fully committed to managing patient data records. It is excellent support for providing and receiving extensive billing transactions—the A.I.R. Control Center, which specializes in software, has been activated for this purpose. In addition, for all patients or customers of insurance companies, one interface for updating awareness is implemented in the software.

A / R, laboratories, E.H.R., etc., are all integrated for this purpose. The integrated process of the A / R Control Center accelerates the process of bill collection and messaging to users. In addition, this web-based software manages all rejected bills and erroneous requests. Furthermore, advanced M.D. offers an automated activation platform through web-based medical billing software. It activates automatic reminders, texting, etc., to assist in billing letters, outstanding balances for patients.

AdvancedMD also provides you with the most reliable patient billing module to detect and correct all claims misrepresentations. This Web-based software updates all patient records or extensive demographic records. It has a specialized M.P.I. feature. This feature gives you a unique opportunity to integrate multiple patients.

A patient portal is open here for all patients to receive their documents without any hesitation. But it does not allow you to keep allergy lists, prescriptions, referral records. If you want it, you need to connect this AdvancedMD software, which is web-based, with the additional E.H.R. or E.M.R. with the medical billing platform.

AdvancedMD’s open app technology allows you to use online payments, credit cards, or debit cards. In addition, you can make All payment declarations automatically. This web-based medical billing software supports you on income cycle management, balancing, etc.

Supported Operations – 

Windows XP, Mac OS, web browser, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

prices –

The software costs $ 429 per doctor per month. It does not contain an E.M.R. system. A complete integrated system costs $ 729 per month.

2. Cure MD

Primarily Cure MD Web-Based Medical Billing Software assists you with copyright reconciliation. Cure MD handles all claims, money transfers electronically, sends correct and error-free claim checks and automatically charges. The specialty of this medical billing software is that it has unique features designed to provide you with complete documentation of title transactions. That list includes reports such as rejected claims, historical claims, and claims expected to be recovering.

It contains a specialized electronic transmission instruction tab. This tab allows you to obtain E.O.B. or E.H.R. information records. By being connected to the E.H.R. module, patients can easily connect to the online medical billing platform. In addition, cure MD Web-Based Medical Bill Software has a dedicated database. As a result, you will make appointments for online doctors through the open patient portals, securely exchange your data with the doctor, and update all patient reports.

Cure MD Web-Based Medical Billing Software supports you in finding out the rejected requests of insurance companies or patients, finding out the reasons for the denial, and resolving the contradiction. The correct C.P.T. and I.C.D. Codes are prescribing for the patient. In addition, this software performs many functions such as generating all bills, setting up electronic superbills, etc.

Supported Operations 

Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Web browser (O.S. agnostic ), Windows 2000

Prices:  The cost starts at $ 195. There are no offers or free trials for this software.

3. NextGen Healthcare

Did you know that the NextGen healthcare web-based medical billing software supports over 835 electronic remittances? This medical billing software is bound to manage all revenue cycles using advanced C.A.C.H.E. technology. In addition, the software includes several features such as claims updates, detection of disclaimers, customized claims, and more.

Next-gen R.C.M. will help you get a more substantial, robust billing service. NextGen is also setting up to allow you to make money transactions, post payments, and make timely payments from anywhere with internet access. This web-based medical billing software has many solutions such as collecting all customer bills, streamlining automated bill generation, automating billing, and preventing e-refusal.

Next-Gen also has a kiosk online payment portal designed to comply with PCI instructions. In addition, Next-Gen web-based medical billing software enables the user to perform all the revenue management functions, identification and recall of unpaid claims, account management, insurance debt settlement, and repayment monitoring very effectively.

In addition, this web-based software has an intelligent patient portal. Next-gen has a platform that specializes in storing and retrieving a wealth of important information, such as patient demographics, insurance records, historical data, laboratory results, and medications.

Supported Operations 

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux, H.P. – UX, A.I.X., Mac OS, Solaris, Windows 2000, Unix, Web browser (O.S. agnostic )

Prices: Nextgen costs start at $ 399 per month per supplier. Relevant prices for nurses are $ 499 per month. Meditech Unlimited Alternative Cost is $ 549 per month. Unfortunately, they do not have any free version, but there are free trials.

4. Nue MD

The NueMD Medical Billing Software System offers a range of state, federal, and commercial claims, in particular, before share. It will significantly help you to verify all the bills that have been rejected and processed. Compared to other web-based medical billing software, here, you have the advantage of being able to claim directly or with government and commercial payers or perform billing services.

Nue MD is also obligated to submit relevant reminders and unpaid payments to patients automatically. In addition, you can add another add-on feature. It also allows you to offer bills, print, generate invoices automatically and make electronic superbills. Finally, NueMD Web Software enables you to store all patient records, updating demographic data and prescriptions. 

Here you will also have the opportunity to schedule appointments, manage accounts, and obtain proper medications. As a result, the billing service is more effective, and NueMD also has the function of automatically notifying you of rejected or expired claims. In addition, the software allows you to pay and process all your bills online.

Supported operations 

Web browser (O.S. agnostic )


The cost starts at $ 149 per month. Unfortunately, there is no free version or offer a free trial for this software.

5. Navicure Total

Navicure Web base Medical billing software allows you to make quick bill payments and accurate invoices, as well as make electronic requests. This software also helps you to identify and manage all rejected bills. In addition, this Navicure total allows you to monitor patients’ historical records and claims more efficiently.

Features include revenue cycle management, e-claim submission, and CCI editing. This web-based software also supports you to automatically receive and transmit all electronic transmission instructions to your system. Here is a more secure patient portal designed to give you maximum customer trust. It allows users to book patient populations, needs checks, streamlines financial management, book all medical appointments, and secure communication.

In addition, Navicure total R.C.M. web-based medical billing software also performs functions such as bill collection, claim tracking, insurance report preparation, loan payment, and employee schedules. You can make online payments online through the digital payment alternative here.

supported operations 

Windows 8, Web browser ( os agnostic ), mac os


Prices start at $ 79 per month per user

6. Dr. Chroni E.H.R.

Complete cloud-based dr Chrono web-based medical billing software manages all levels of claims at an excellent story. It performs several functions such as reporting all rejected bills, claiming electronics, providing medical solutions, and scheduling appointments. In addition, this software helps you to identify and correct errors in the claims before submitting or processing all allegations and automatically notify you of rejected claims.

Dr. Chrono Web-based medical billing software has code entry options for multiple payments and multiple insurance transactions. This software provides you with a robust platform for reclaiming, collecting bills, and tracking bill payments. In addition, you have secure access to patient history records, demographic information, and all patient data.

Through the Safe Patient portal, users have the space to make all prescriptions, clinical outcomes, e-payments, check electronic medical records, book appointments online from remote locations, and more securely send patient data to the doctor for advanced communication. Drchrono also can manage all revenue cycles and manage employee schedules. In addition, this web-based medical billing software has a platform where you can complete payments online.

supported operations 

Windows 8, Web browser ( os agnostic ), mac os


Prices start at $ 199 per month per user.

7. Practice suite

The Practice Suite web-based medical billing software is becoming more and more popular as a precious patient portal software. It includes several features such as patient history records, demographic data, summary records of financial transactions, insurance claims, and medical records. Through the patient portal, all customers will have the opportunity to check prescriptions, chemical reports, electronic medical records, make e-payments, book a doctor’s appointment online, exchange data with the doctor, and streamline communication.

In addition, with this web-based medical billing software, you will be able to track claims, speed up electronic claims, insure claims, auto claim claims, and manage accounts. Web-based Practice suite software, in particular, provides you with instant reconciliation reports. It also allows you to be notified of rejected requests and claims and review items that have not been submitted.

This web-based software also will enable you to generate bills automatically, electronically superimpose bill processing, and schedule employee schedules. There is also a platform for you to make billing online and make payments directly through the mailing screen.

Supported Operations 

Windows 8, Windows 10, Web browser (O.S. agnostic ), mac O.S.


The cost starts at $ 149 per month. There is offer a free trial for this software.

Although there are several medical billing software worldwide, web-based medical billing software certainly provides the best service. Read the above guide to choose a web-based medical vending software that suits your needs, business situation, and reasonable prices.

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