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TherapyNotes Software Features, Pricing and Reviews 2021

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TherapyNotes are more specific than any other medical billing software. For behavioral and psychological well-being, the software is mainly used by independent medical companies. TherapyNotes is an EHR and cloud-based software. TherapyNotes is a medical billing software used by over 60,000 healthcare providers worldwide, large and small. The software performs many functions, such as paying medical bills, scheduling, and claiming insurance. TherapyNotes is the best choice for performing administrative tasks, providing patients, facilitating paperwork, and performing more formal financial transactions within the healthcare system.

Key features

  • Bill management
  • message automation
  • data logging
  • title management
  • appointment scheduling appointment updating
  • debugging
  • revenue cycle management

TherapyNotes Software Features, Pricing and Reviews 2021

Why is TherapyNotes more suitable for a new selection?

Exemption of physicians from their administrative duties

TherapyNotes can reduce the time it takes for a staff member or physician to document data. As a result, the doctor does not spend extra time on many tasks, such as billing and messaging, staffing, and claiming insurance. In addition, TherapyNotes has several related tools to make daily traffic easier.

With the doctor free from his administrative duties, he will have more time to move on to new opportunities that will increase the revenue of his health institution. TherapyNotes certainly allow the customer to do just that.

Information is more secure

Recording data on paper can be misplaced or erased over time. But instead of a physical recording, TherapyNotes has an electronic record. Over time, that information will not be erased or stolen. Access to relevant information is only available to authorized groups. TherapyNotes also specializes in encrypting any stored data with multiple layers of protection.

TherapyNotes has a built-in template as well as spoken text software for quick data record. This software makes it easy for the doctor to get the information he needs at any time. Examples include patient complications, prescriptions, and prescription dates.

Integration platforms

Users do not have to use multiple files to perform various tasks. TherapyNotes can serve multiple functions on a single board through integrated platforms. It doesn’t take long to find them. With proper training and guidance, TherapyNotes will be easier for the user to use.

Efficient bill payments

In any healthcare facility, several bill payment functions are performed separately. These include payment of insurance bills, submission of claims, and payment of patient accounts. Having a separate staff for that can be even more careless. TherapyNotes handles every step of all those types of bill payments more efficiently.

By using Therapy Notes, nothing minor errors like making bills manually. If there is any error, it’ll be directed to double-check. Therapy Notes also gives the user the convenience of superbill processing.


TherapyNotes lets users automate many tasks, such as payment reminders, re-notification of rejected or damaged payments, and sending messages. For example, it is possible to make any transaction successfully by automatically depositing that money in a bank account, even when making payments. All you’ve to do is enter the required data correctly.

A more formal calendar

The Therapy Note has a more formal calendar to remind patients of reunions, anticipate previous appointments, and keep track of date notes. The unique calendar here has a customized template with a list that allows users to enter anything they want, such as treatment notes, financial information, or employee notes. The user also has the option to change the customized calendar according to their location.

User-friendly patient portal

Through the TherapyNotes patient portal, customers can make several opportunities such as bill payments, easy access to clinical reports, prescriptions, and formal communication. TherapyNotes, HIPAA compliant. The patient portal provides easy access to a doctor remotely when a patient needs it. In addition, the healthcare provider has the opportunity to publish a name with his corporate logo through the therapy portal.

Telehealth convenience

Telehealth makes it best for any patient around the world to see a doctor online via video technology. The telehealth facility at TherapyNotes allows patients to communicate more effectively with their doctor, prescribe medication, and monitor disease.

 Increasing patient satisfaction

When the doctor is away from administrative work, he has time to focus more on the patient. It increases the patient’s confidence in him. In addition, Therapy Notes support the transparency of the patient’s bill transaction. The more secure the history records or the patient’s data, the greater the satisfaction of the patient

TherapyNotes restrictions

  • Security in the messaging system is a bit low.
  • Customization is not more formal 
  • Feature updates are sometimes poor.
  • Automatic appointment charges are levied.

Therapy Notes Pricing

Therapy Notes Prices start at a minimum of $ 25. Prices vary upwards depending on size and features as well as the software does not have any free trial or free versions.

Supported Operations 

Windows XP, Linux, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows browser (Os agnostic), Windows 7

customer service

TherapyNotes customer service is available in several languages. Phone and email are reserved for that as well as TherapyNotes customer service is open from 8 am to 9 pm. On weekends, the hours are 8 am to 9 pm. If customers need training, online training videos, online help desks are open for that. Phone – (215)658-4550

Review of customer feedback on TherapyNotes

Most of the consumer opinions on therapy notes were obtained by examining three reputable medical billing software websites. Accordingly, their experience of therapy notes is given below as a summary of those views.

(getapp.com, softwareadvice.com, g2.com)

Ease of use

Pros – Allows access for the biller to transact more efficiently—no need to bother to get patient data records. Errors in data records are rare. Can store large amounts of data.

Cons: The form provided is minimal. Most states have to be prepared manually and uploaded. As a result, the client does not have the relevant documents for information assessment with the patient.

Amount of money spent

Pros – Cheaper than the usual simple medical training. Extra fees, innovation fees, cost of upgrades, more diminutive than simple training.

Cons: Automated, simple training requires manual sending of forms, and automatic reminders are sometimes charged.


Pros – The billing features of therapy notes are cheaper. Payers will also have the opportunity to transmit money transactions as well as record them electronically. Facilitate the inclusion of essential bills through electronic ERAs. Only one click is required for bill payments through all steps from initial submissions. Bill payments are faster.

Cons – No proper booking. There are some issues with the bill transaction store. When patients have secondary insurance in the billing area, it is challenging to make secondary payments. It is not clear who made the payments. Care must be taken when making a secondary payment.

Customer Service

Pros-Therapy Notes allow friendly phone access for weekend or evening support. They give Step-by-step instructions on one call. Helps customers with email while explaining steps. It is much easier to get any advice you need to follow. Even a therapist who is unfamiliar with software can gain a complete understanding.

Cons– Phone support was good, but email support was a bit weak. Email is more complicated. Manuals are not provided for guidance.

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