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10 Easy Team building ideas for medical billers and coders

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A medical biller or coder is an intermediary between health care providers and insurance companies. They have a significant role in recording medical bill details, retrieving patient data, and updating insurance company details. This job is more responsible than most other professions. Some medical billers work full-time or part-time. However, a medical biller and coder have to spend many hours with numbers, codes, and different data sets. Therefore, it is more likely to be a very tiring activity.

It is vital to have cooperation, organization and happiness, and lightness when working as a team. That is why it is necessary to get involved in team-building activities. It enables them to break free from monotony and engage in good work. As follows are some of the ideas that are appropriate for building medical billing teams.

10 team building ideas for medical billers & coders

1. Listening to a story

Medical billing team members must identify their team members before working as a team. It is also essential to listen to each other. Divide bill members into pairs. One of the medical billing members, talk about yourself non-stop for about three minutes. The listener is only able to listen carefully. Set the conditions for the speaker. He cannot use the word ‘I’ in his speech.

The critical attribute expected from this activity is developing mutual understanding and listening to each other. By mastering these skills, medical bill members build attraction to each other, away from everyday numbers and symbols.

2. Guessing what

As I mentioned earlier, medical bill members are therefore more responsible than people in other professions. Consequently, they must have a great deal of attention and understanding.

Divide medical bill members into pairs or groups as you wish.
One medical bill member picks up a small piece of paper. Now that member must close his eyes. The other members must choose something to give him to draw or write and guide him to it. The blindfolded member should pay close attention to the words of his teammates.

He should try to understand what others are saying. For example, medical billers and insurance companies use some form of universal encryption to track bill transactions. Therefore, a medical biller needs to have a good understanding and knowledge of these symbols.

You can use such a small code or even some standard code in this functionality. Or it doesn’t matter what the picture is. The idea of ​​building these groups is to create a perfect understanding among the members of the medical billing team.

3. Key concept

Payments to medical bills and coders depend on the amount of service they provide to health care workers. A medical biller should have an excellent understanding of the bills he pays to an insurance company. For this process to work well, a medical billing team needs to have the ability to manage time and to have some development within the group.
Every member of the medical billing team should write something important related to building their organization.

Divide medical bill members into groups. As the uniformity within the team increases, the efficiency of the members automatically decreases. The team that presents the most valuable ideas related to the development of their organization and the ones that give those ideas very quickly will win.

You can organize an incentive, such as giving the group a gift or a special lunch. The idea of ​​building these teams develops the aspects of their medical bill team development and time management.

4. Negotiate

Ice break is a well-known sport among team-building ideas, activities, or games. Ice break is a negotiation.

Medical billers may sometimes have problems with tracking codes, non-payment of the correct amount, on payments made by insurance companies. No one can work alone on critical tasks such as debugging. They have to negotiate with the medical billing team.
Divide the medical billing team into pairs. Or divide into several groups. One medical bill member can ask the question from other. Are you happy with this medical billing job? About the reason why you are entering this field? Make time to discuss various issues, such as: Or discuss something you have.

For example, discuss anything about your salary, your family, your laptop. You could eliminate the fear of each other within the medical billing group by this team-building idea.

10 team building ideas for medical billers & coders

5. Identify a volunteer member

Medical billing should be a responsibility. Whether you are sick or forgetful does not apply to the health worker who seeks your assistance. Although dealing with electronic devices, a medical biller can also get sick like a normal human being. As a result, you also have to take emergency leave. In such cases, it is essential to appoint a volunteer from your team.

Hold meetings between members of your medical billing team. When you manage your time and hold a small gathering, you can identify a person willing to contribute to specific tasks, ready to take responsibility, and willing to take the lead.

Suppose any member of the medical billing team has an emergency. In that case, instead, you can use that person as a volunteer member. You could make sure there are no shortcomings in your medical billing team and develop camaraderie among the members by this team-building idea.

6. Holding small competitions

You can negotiate a specific date and compete outside the office. Or you can book a break at the doctor’s bill office. Hold a lunch contest among medical billers and coders. A member must finish their lunch as soon as possible and finish it. Hold such short competitions and offer prizes or film tickets to the winner or the winning team.

Organizing such competitions provides an opportunity for medical billers to break free from monotony. They also learn to manage time.


Medical billing team members can get rid of the stress of dealing with codes and data by playing card games like bingo.

Divide medical bill members into teams. You can ask questions about dealing with insurance companies, even data recording issues, for bingo card questions. Or use fun questions.

The person violating the competition rules and the losing member must give their medical billing team a tea round. This team-building process helps new members to get to know each other a lot. It also aims to build good communication between the medical billing team.

8. Encouragement

Identify a talented member of the medical billing team who performs well, does not take frequent vacations, and manages data correctly. Give him some gift or encouragement in appreciation of that action.

You can do this at the end of the year or the end of a specific period. We hope to create good competition within your medical billing team through this idea. The purpose is to get team members more enthusiastic about their work and take the medical billing team one step further.

9. You’re it.

The medical billing team can include experts as well as apprentices. However, they should understand the codes, deal with insurance companies, and have good faith in themselves.

Divide Medical billing members into groups and target one person. Let everyone have some idea about that member. Then give all those ideas to the target person. Finally, try to identify “who made these comments” by the targeted medical bill member.

The person he correctly identifies becomes the next targeted member. Through this team-building process, we hope to give value to every member of the team. Assuming that everyone is essential builds a positive attitude among team members.

10. Smile fearlessly

At first glance, some may think that medical billing and coding is a hectic profession that does not even give its employees time to laugh. You indeed do a lot of hard work as a medical biller and coder, but to be productive in that work, you have to be happy with your work.

Everyone shares an exciting event that happened to them among their team members. You can tell a funny incident in a movie or a story that makes people laugh even while working. Book a week of funny talk. Make a billboard with a comic drawing display in the office.
Make your office a very free environment for medical billers and coders. Working with a smiling staff makes your relationships stronger.

As more significant ideas for building medical billing teams, you can organize outdoor activities, such as holding a football match between billing companies, camping, and preparing for excursions.

What are the team-building ideas suitable for virtual workers?

Building relationships between medical billing teams can be a bit challenging when they are on duty remotely. When you work together in the office, feelings of support, shared goals, and activism naturally arise. But it can be a bit difficult for you to get these feelings when you are doing medical billing away from home.

But we can also implement team-building ideas for remote workers.

1. Remote meetings

Medical bill members who practice virtual can spend some time and hold meetings via video. Read the one-member schedule as well as in a live discussion. Have someone else speak at the meeting. Ask questions. All of this happens through an online screen, but this helps boost the team’s enthusiasm.

2. Share what you have

If you work remotely, show your other medical bill members something you have in your home. It doesn’t matter if the item is yours or your drawing. Talk about exciting events about that item. It can significantly help to build mutual understanding between you and other members.

3. Join online games

There are various sports online or remote groups that play together. For example, if your medical billing team members have sports fans like Xbox, PlayStation, you can join them and play with those groups. Focusing on your team for such online sports will inevitably eliminate your stress and increase mutual support for each other.

4. Send photos

Send details of stock photos or special events you take to members of your medical billing team. It is a great help to increase the intimacy between you and them, to reduce communication and distance.

5. Eat together

Make a separate room in your home as an office space. Have lunch and dinner with other medical bill members. Everyone will feel like you are in the office. No one will feel lonely or busy at work.

In addition, you can do remote meditation programs, song programs, talk about funny events or hold cooking competitions. Members who are not often seen on the video screen get together to do something like this. It is vital to achieving the goals of your medical billing team.

Do things like having a small birthday party in the medical billing office. Always do new things to develop team spirit. Then, as the support of the medical billing team increases, they will not be framed in their profession.

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