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San Antonio Medical Billing and Coding Schools

About Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

Medical Billing and Coding is one of the upcoming and in demand jobs in the medical field having placements from hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, as well as insurance companies. What Medical billing and coding is; is the alpha-numerical coding of diagnoses and procedures performed in an in-patient, out-patient or an in office setting. These codes are a way for doctors and medical personnel to be reimbursed for the care they have given, it is also a tool used by insurance carriers to validate what procedures are and can be done.

There are two parts to medical coding; one is called ICD-9-CM, standing for the International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification. The ICD-9 manual is a numerical classification system to code diagnoses and procedures in an in-patient setting such as a hospital. A typical code will have a minimum of three digits and a maximum of five. (Example: 042, 126.3, 442.82). ICD-9 is gradually changing to ICD-10 which will now include alpha-numeric from three alpha-digits to a maximum of seven alpha-digits.
The next part to medical coding is called CPT, standing for Current Procedural Terminology. CPT is a five digit code used to code out-patient and in office procedures. A CPT code will often look like a zip code; example: 27763, sometimes it will have an alpha for the fifth digit.

Medical Billing and Coding Schools in San Antonio

Everest Institute
San Antonio:
In the Medical Insurance Billing & Coding students program will learn the basic concepts and procedures to perform the tasks involved in health insurance as well as insurance claim forms. You will also gain knowledge of basic coding definitions and how to apply those codes to medical documentation.

Online Schools

Career Step
Career Step’s Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Coding and Billing course is designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills for both inpatient and outpatient medical coding and billing, making you more flexible and marketable after graduation! Start training today and be career-ready in as little as 4 months!

LA College International
Study online to earn your Associate of Arts in Health Care Administration from LA College International. Learn to Use coding conventions, terms, and abbreviations and Code procedures according to CPT and ICD-M guidelines in just 60 credit hours.

Allen School
The Allen School is one of the nation’s oldest and most respected medical billing and coding schools. Our Fast-Track to Success program lets you become a Medical Billing & Coding specialist in 9 short months versus 15 months at other schools.

At this point your options are endless, you can work for doctor’s offices, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and insurance companies, some employers allow their employees to work from home enabling a good mixture of freedom and career.

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