How much do medical coders make?

Medical billing and coding salary ranges are wider than most similar occupations, due to the number of factors that can influence the salary. Since medical billing and medical coding specialists have such technical job descriptions and are in such great demand, salary ranges can be somewhat higher than other medical support occupations. However, salary is still subject to the same geographical and economic factors that affect other jobs’ salary ranges.

How Much do Medical Billers and Coders Make?

Here are some nationwide statistics reflecting medical coding salaries as of 2018:

Lowest PayMedian PayHighest PayAverage Pay
Hourly Wage$14.70$20.42$35.02$19.68
Annual Salary$30,250$44,160$58,200$43,770

Highest paying states for Medical Billing and Coding.

How much medical billers and coders make can vary widely from state to state. Here are the highest-paying states.

StateLowest SalaryMedian SalaryHighest SalaryAverage Salary
New Jersey$33,730$53,950$77,910$55,130
District of Columbia$27,550$43,180$67,910$45,500
New York$25,210$38,770$58,180$40,300

Billing and Coding Salary by City

City of residence can also have a wide impact on how much medical billers and coders make. Factors like local economy, living costs, and population density all impact the salary. Here are the highest-paying cities for medical billing salary and medical coding salary.

CityLowest SalaryMedian SalaryHighest SalaryAverage Salary
Newark, NJ$32,830$55,620$85,500$57,960
San Francisco, CA$29,320$47,350$72,360$49,350
Denver, CO$30,050$44,840$66,800$46,480
Sacramento, CA$26,170$42,980$72,560$46,450
Honolulu, HI$31,410$41,180$65,540$44,950
New York, NY$31,290$42,470$61,720$44,300
Washington, DC$26,120$40,830$68,010$43,920
San Diego, CA$25,420$38,570$73,020$43,730
Boston, MA$27,120$39,710$62,950$43,540
Hartford, CT$28,480$40,100$61,490$43,450

Different Salaries for Different Settings

Whether a medical billing or medical coder works in a large institution such as a hospital or a small private practice will also determine salary. Practicing working from home can put a medical coder’s salary at either end of the spectrum in terms of earning potential. An experienced, self-employed medical coder who dedicates time and effort to the business will earn a higher salary than a medical coder who uses it as a simple side project.

Figures based on 2012 salary data courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics

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