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RXNT Software Features, Pricing and Reviews 2021

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Overview of RXNT Software.

RXNT is one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of software security solutions. Cloud-based, this medical billing software is a fully integrated system. RXNT allows you to perform multiple tasks on a single system, including billing, scheduling, data storage, and automation of transactions. RXNT is the best choice for the user to get the most out of their clinical work with the advancement of modern technology as the update is more efficient.

The software system has a support team based in the United States, and RXNT is committed to providing RXNT users with the most accessible customer support. With the recent growth in the medical billing software market and the growing demand for RXNT, companies have taken steps to improve the software by adding several new features. RXNT has also been added to ‘FrontRuner ‘Magazine’s list of software advice due to its widespread use in the United States. RXNT serves over 92% of medical billers worldwide. Therefore, they are obliged to provide a more valuable service at no hidden cost.

RXNT Software Features, Pricing and Reviews 2021

Key Features

  • Efficient bill payment
  • Schedule
  • Meeting Management
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Schedule of appointments
  • Electronic Recommendations
  • Data update
  • Care coordination
  • Formal calendar
  • Message automation

Why is RXNT best suited for a new pick?

Prevention of billing errors

Several issues can arise when making insurance payments as well as sick bill paper:

  • RXNT has an electronic recording without a physical process. It allows the user to quickly and seamlessly transact on any number of bills.
  • The software undertakes more than 80% of manual tasks, so the user has the opportunity to identify billing errors and double-check them.
  • RXNT has a billet-in cream scrub that removes bugs automatically. It will reduce the number of rejected or unpaid bills.
  • Get a better quality service, away from the hassle of not recognizing handwriting on statements.

Revenue cycle management

Users can experience information review, capture information quickly, and faster payment through automation from RXNT. The user and customer do not have to spend a lot of time on costs. Claiming takes less than 10 seconds. RXNT promptly clears, tracks, and submits claims, and prompt payments are made in a brief period. Shares are offered within three working days or on the same day and allow the user to identify the reasons for the disclaimer.

Intelligent interface

RXNT has a more straightforward and more user-friendly interface. As a result, information reviewing and updating can be done without any hassle. In addition, cloud-based software makes it easier to access patient data quickly, browse historical records, and obtain prescriptions—functions including quality assurance of progress notes, preparation of appropriation reports and documents.


Specialized technology makes it easier to store real-time information, and features are updated day by day. Product enhancement is made easier for the user through this RXNT cloud system. Adds a fresh clinical experience to the user based on new studies, research, and new criteria.

Customizable templates

RXNT offers a custom report template system. Easy to configure records according to user’s requirements. It has a detailed report supply and a design that simplifies analysis. Through RXNT, you have the opportunity to manage daily, weekly or monthly reports more systematically. Calendar, dashboard, and schedule systems are among those custom templates.

E Recommendations

RXNT’s e – Recommendations help with various up-to-date tasks, including prescriptions and connecting with pharmacy facilities. RXNT This solution is ECCS certified by the DEA. The IOS application also facilitates the management of any medical assistance as required by the client. Ensure that scientific orders are delivered electronically promptly.

Combined platforms

You have to use different software to perform several clinical tasks. RXNT allows the user to easily manage multiple tasks on a single platform, saving time. What makes it unique is the skill to integrate several feature platforms. It helps to eliminate data anomalies. Do not confuse searching for a large number of data in one forum. Another advantage is the availability of the RXNT integrated operating system at an affordable price, which provides a complete experience, including toggle between systems in a single solution.

Ease of access

 Deploying the cloud in RXNT gives the user easier access. RXNT can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a tablet or smartphone. In addition, data can also be accessed from any other authorized computer. Therefore, it does not take much time.


RXNT also enables the user to access patient data from another provider securely. Many people face the problem when using medical billing software is the inability to contact a third party. You don’t have to worry about using RXNT for more successful and efficient data transfer by complying with the set standards and rules. Build trusted relationships with pharmacies, bill payers, and customers.

Patient portal

 The RXNT patient portal is more user-friendly. HIPAA makes it easier to pay bills online through the formal patient portal. A patient has the opportunity to make an appointment to see a doctor from anywhere, anytime, to view laboratory results, and to obtain prescriptions. In addition, the RXNT patient portal helps patients to more securely contact their physician. Through this, the user has the opportunity to make appointments, reminders and payments without any hassle.

Agreeing to conformities

RXNT Medical billing software offers a wide range of specialized compatibility. As a result, the user does not have to worry about storing their data records more securely. It is also a valuable opportunity for the user to maintain a long-term relationship with the software and avoid penalties. In addition, RXNT meets HIPAA and MACRA compliance, including the latest standards adopted by the World Health Organization.

Information is more secure.

The paperwork done by hospital staff on several separate papers is not the most secure. The physician is responsible for patient data. The use of RXNT can prevent misplacement, theft, or sometimes confusing information over time. Encryption records storage and the use of ICD, CPT codes further enhance the security of data. RXNT prevents anyone from accessing data. It means that only those legally authorized to access it will be able to browse the data. The software has a bank-level encryption algorithm.

Income increases

Having a more sophisticated operating system saves time for the physician to focus on the patient rather than the administration when using RXNT. In addition, revenue increases as the patient has confidence in the physician as bill payment and data management become more efficient. Although RXNT has a combined board, the prices are meager. Due to the lack of hidden costs, the software has lower user costs and higher revenue.

RXNT Specialties

  • Medical Offices
  • Outpatient departments
  • Training clinics
  • Medium-sized hospitals and clinics
  • home – based business

Supported operations

Windows 8, Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

RXNT Restrictions

  • Program performance can sometimes be confusing.
  • Product limitations can be seen
  • Programs may be delayed.

RXNT Pricing

RXNT prices start at $ 65. It is the relevant pricing per user per month. Depending on the group or user size, clinical situation, Prices vary, and RXNT does not have a free trial or a free version. There are no hidden fees for integrated boards. Learn more.

RXNT Customer Service

Users can contact the customer service team via telephone or email if they have any problems with RXNT or need help. Services are available on weekdays Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 8 pm and on Fridays from 8 am to 8 pm… RXNT employs several webinars for school training and the opportunity to train live. Phone – (800) 943- 7968) Learn more 

We studied several customer opinions about RXNT by comparing the three most reputable medical billing software websites. Accordingly, we have reviewed a general user opinion below regarding some of the software features from those opinions.

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The whole process

Pros: A more straightforward interface. Easy to use. The best software for graphing progress notes. There should be no effort to get electronic prescriptions, and Frequent updates minimize technical errors. Information is more secure.

Cons: The billing process is good at first, but there may be some delays after a while. Posting payments is a bit slow. Claiming can be confusing over time. Electronic recommendations are sometimes erroneous.


Pros: The integrated system is more efficient. Several features make documentation more accessible. There is a sound integration system to suit customer needs. Provides a valuable platform to meet patients.

Cons: Custom templates are sometimes challenging to implement. It is challenging to select the desired option for creating custom records.


Pros: There are several integrated systems but a reasonable average price. RXNT costs less in office life.

Cons: Monthly fees for incomplete sets are unreliable. There is a risk of change. Contract prices also vary.

Customer support

Pros: The customer support team has vast knowledge. Provides regular technical support and keeps you up to date on updates. In addition, they respond well to individual needs.

Cons: Answers simple problems but ignores complex ones. For example, bill payment delays may take longer to process or be ignored.

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