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Cost of Medical Billing and Coding Online Courses

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Best Medical Billing and Coding Online Courses

Starting a profession as a medical biller and coder is the best way to help the medical community. You need proper knowledge about medical billing and coding, and you have to enroll in a good course for that. 

Medical billing and coding online course cost can range reasonably high. Some college courses can cost you up to more than $10,000 to receive your degree. The average range for a medical billing and coding certificate course is between $1000 and $3000.

Low-cost online medical billing and coding courses give you the knowledge about succeed in your new career without spending much money.

Most of the institutes offer different option payments for online courses. For example, students can pay the total cost before enrolling or complete from the 2-step or 3-step. And also, some online courses are free cost. 

We will bring you medical billing and coding online courses with certificates, including the cost of among programs. 

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There are short-term online courses that let you make a medical billing and coding certificate within four weeks. However, most medical billing and coding courses have the same certification over time. Therefore, you can select the best one which mostly suits your career expectations.

Why Choose Medical Billing and Coding Online Certificates?

Online learning has become one of the most popular higher education choices in the present day. You don’t certainly need on-campus classes to earn a degree; online courses are an excellent option for making your learning objectives.

Regardless if you want to study as a hobby, improve your knowledge in particular areas or earn a new skill, it’s frequently conceivable to find an online course that is good for you.

Researches show that more than 6 million students in the United States are doing at least one online course. In addition, more than 2 million students are studying for a completely online degree. These numbers are more similar in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. Selecting medical billing and coding online course gives you the flexibility of learning at the place of your choice without attending a campus-based academy.

Throughout your online classes, you can communicate with your faculty and other students via email, video chat, social media chat rooms, and different types of computer-based interaction. In addition, the online courses mostly have an online training system and tools to produce a virtual classroom.

Here I mention the best ten schools for online medical billing and coding courses with a low cost.

01. Albany State University- Albany (GA)

Annual tuition: $1,140

Albany State University’s online 27-credit Certificate program in Medical Coding prepares students to take the certified coding associate (CCA) Certification exam. This online course includes medical record content and structure, physiopathology, medical specialty, coding, and advanced coding.

Before starting the course, students should have previous qualified studies in medical terms, anatomy and physiology, and knowledge about computer applications. If students do not have this prior knowledge, they should take these classes at Albany State. 

This online course delivering is through the GaVIEW learning management system. The school’s financial assistance office provides details for loans, scholarships, and allowance. In addition, all students have the opportunity to have the assistance of career guidance.

Applicants can submit their applications and other needed details online. In addition, online learning students have access to a program specialist, an online research database, the school’s online writing center, and more.

02. West Georgia Technical College

Annual tuition – $2136

West Georgia Technical College offers 24 credit hours undergraduate certificate in medical coding. This certificate includes Medical Terms for Allied Health Sciences, Human Diseases, Medical Procedural Billing, and Structure and Function of the Human Body. 

There are a lot of resources have to support students until they complete the academic period. They offer tutorials and an online Help Desk to navigate your virtual classroom, implemented on Blackboard Learn’s web platform. 

Although the school’s online courses take part in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements, you can speak with an adviser regarding transfer credits and degree recognition in your location of residency. 

Before enrollment, students have to make an Accuplacer placement test or submit ACT or SAT scores. In addition, there are various school-funded scholarship opportunities and a state-sponsored allowance to help minimize costs.

03. Alexandria Technical & Community College- Alexandria (MN)

 Annual tuition: 2,388

Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC) have an online Certificate in Medical Coding Specialist and an online Diploma in Medical Coding Specialist. Both online courses include anatomy, pharmacology, finance, and coding subjects. In addition, graduates from any program are qualified to participate in the AHIMA’s Certified Coding Associate examination or the American Academy of Professional Coders examination. 

The certificate includes three semesters and 19 credit hours, and the diploma program needs four semesters and 45 credit hours to complete.

Online coursework is hand over through the Brightspace learning management platform and Zoom. In addition, students can have financial support and scholarships from Alexandria College. 

To apply, students must have a high school diploma or GED similar program. Online learners work with an instructor to develop their graduation plan and access technical assistance, veterans’ services, online tutoring, and resources from the school’s library.

04. Montana State University-Billings (MT)

Annual tuition $2,832

Montana State University (MSU) has an online certification in Applied Science in Medical Symbols and Insurance Bills. The 31-credit online course includes medical terms, human biology, business mathematics, and more.

Students usually complete this online course on a full-time basis within two semesters. In addition, students should complete a capstone project before graduation. Students can have online courses through the D2L learning management system. MSU accepts transfer credits.

Online students have access to the school’s financial support office for information on allowance, scholarships, loans, and other details to help pay tuition fees. In addition, all students should have access to career guidance services, and graduates become part of the alumni network.

Interested applicants can fill their applications and submit any related details online. Online students of Montana State University can have academic support, Information Technology support, disability services, legal services, library services, and more.

05. Shoreline Community College – Shoreline, WA

Annual tuition: $3328

The Health Informatics & Information Management department of Shoreline Community College offers a flexible and industry-related medical coding and reimbursement certificate.

Before enrolling, all online learners have to speak with department managers to make a schedule required for some classes not being held each quarter. Depending on student’s academic backgrounds, they should take many prerequisites before starting the coursework.

After completing the main areas, students complete hospital and clinic records, basic ICD-10 coding, legal parts of medical care, and medical reimbursement. Students have to complete an internship in medical coding in the final semester to complete this certification. Full-time learners can complete in 2 years, while part-time degree seekers need three years.

SCC’s online course has approval from the American Health Information Management Association, and it is a Comprehensive Medical Coding Program.

After graduation, students can apply for the Certified Coding Specialist in Physicians Office examination or the Certified Coding Associate certification. They are also allowed for the American Academy of Professional Coders Certified Professional Coding exam.

Students who live in Washington pay $105 per credit, while foreigners have to pay $119. Non-U.S. students have to pay $282.95 per credit. In addition, students can benefit from academic advising, career planning, disability services, tech support, and institutional scholarships through this course.

06. Cowley County Community College 

Annual tuition $3,480

The Certificate in Medical Coding (Vocational Certificate B) course from Cowley County Community College teaches students the international classification standards for healthcare diagnoses and procedures. 

The coursework includes subjects in procedure terminology, reimbursement methods, and ICD-10 coding. The program consists of an internship in healthcare coding. Graduates are qualified to apply for national certification of the American Academy of Professional Coders.

Students of Cowley will use the same software used by professional medical coders. Online course content managed through Blackboard learning management software. In addition, students can contact faculty through email or phone. 

In addition, Cowley provides institutional scholarships, including awards for full-time students in the Health and Human Services Department.

Cowley’s online application is free, and high school students can start taking classes at Cowley. Online students also have tutoring, academic help, and enrollment assistance.

07. West Nebraska Community College – Scottsbluff (NE)

Annual tuition $3,547

Three-semester online Diploma in Coding Technician course of western Nebraska community college includes 45 to 46 credits. This diploma includes anthropology, anatomy and function, pathology, medical terminology and coding applications.

In addition, graduates learn how to apply medical coding knowledge to assess health records and solve coding and reimbursement problems. Online courses of WNCC are managing through the Blackboard learning management system.

Students feel free to study at their own pace but must submit the assignments before the deadline. In addition, the school offers an eHelp Center for technical support. Students can also take the assistance of Ed2Go for professional development and career support.

08. Madison Area Technical College – Madison (WI)

Annual tuition $3,899

Madison Area Technical College (MATC) offers two online courses in medical billing and coding: a Technical Diploma in Medical Billing Specialist and a Technical Diploma in Medical Coding Specialist. Both online courses need 12 months to complete. 

The diploma in medical coding needs 35 credits includes subjects about the human disease for health professions, healthcare revenue management, management of coding services, and more. 

Medical billing diplomas include 28-credits, and students have to learn keyboard skill-building, written communication, customer contact skills, and more in the medical billing diploma.

Students have to use the Blackboard learning management system to conduct their online classes. In addition, students can contact the school’s financial support office to know about tuition payment methods. 

Online learners can arrange phone and video appointments for career services. In addition, they have access to services, including career support, IT support, the student success team, and more.

09. Weber State University- Ogden (UT)

Annual tuition $3,892

Weber State University offers a ten-credit Certificate of Proficiency in Healthcare Coding online program, finishing within four semesters. This certificate includes subjects on medical terms, anatomy, and pharmacology, and students learn about the ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT coding systems. In addition, students can sit for the national coding certification exam by completing this certificate successfully.

Online learners have to use the Canvas learning management system for studies. Students can study courses at their own pace on the semester-based schedule or register for individualistic study courses that start at a preferable time and should be complete within six months. In addition, Weber University offers students donations, scholarships, and loans to help with tuition costs.

10. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College- Fennimore (WI)

Annual tuition $3,958

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College (SWTC) has an online Medical Coding Specialist Technical Diploma. This online course includes subjects of digital literacy, basic anatomy, health information management, and coding. The online diploma contains 33-34 credits to complete and concludes from either eight or 16 weeks.

SWTC conducts online lectures through the Schoology learning management system. Students can have subject materials, submit assignments, participate in discussion boards, and take exams through the Schoology.

In addition, students can request scholarships from the college foundation as long as they enroll in six credits per semester—the Career Services Center of the college help with interview preparation, CV making, and job searching.

Interested candidates have to apply to fees, official transcripts, and ACT scores. Some previous education credits may be applicable, including having from previous institutes, volunteer, or professional accomplishments. Online learning students can have the assistance of academic instructors, an IT service desk, and digital library services.

Here I mention about few Free Medical Billing and Coding Online Courses with Certificates.

  • Quizlet
  • New York Institute of Career Development (NYICD)
  • has many free mini-courses online that are organized by public documents of medical billing and coding. You’ll have access to a 1-hour total video online course covering medical billing and coding subjects in this program.

Coursework covers the primary concept of medical billing and coding theoretically and practically. Students will also access a long and a short video presentation with course material.

  • Quizlet

One of the best sites to access free medical billing and coding online courses is Quizlet. Quizlet is the world’s most prominent online teacher and student community committed to helping students prepare as highly skilled masters based on their learning subject.

There are several free medical billing and coding lessons, study guides, and tests from various instructors. Students also have access to medical billing and coding study sets.

  • is another best site you can obtain some accessible sources page that can help you learn medical billing and coding.

You can have access to various medical billing online courses and sources such as:

  1. The medical billing terms: Designed for realizing the phrases of medical billing
  2. Medical Billing and Coding Careers Guide: include a medical billing and coding summary to be helpful for those who think about a profession on medical billing and coding.
  3. Medical Billing Insurance Claim Flowchart: it is a free medical tool that describes the performance of the healthcare claim process and insurance claims billing process by this flowchart.

This site includes video lectures for every type of medical billing and coding. It will be beneficial for people who think about starting their medical billing and coding practice.

  • New York Institute of Career Development (NYICD)

NYICD provides a higher level of support to the students. They offer online career certifications and online career training programs in the healthcare field, including medical billing and coding. Students can register and go ahead with the course at all. 

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