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National Medical Billing Services Buys MdStrategies

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mdStrategies is an acquisition by National Medical Billing Services

Announced Acquisition of National Medical Bill Services mdStrategies On January 11, 2022, mdStrategies was acquired by National Medical Bill Services, a leading revenue cycle management company. We refer to mdStrategies as a full-service medical coding company focusing on ASC better. It creates a great combination of ASC encoding with the revenue cycle management of the National Medical Bill Services Company.

In addition, the acquisition will enable the National Medical Bill Services to provide a broader range of direct coding solutions in the ASC market. The purchase of mdStrategies by National Medical Bill Services marks the first transaction since the January 2021 partnership with Aquiline Capital Partners.

National Medical Billing Services buys mdStrategies

Background on MdStrategies

mdStrategies is a full-service coding company providing the most reliable and affordable coding, education, audit and training services for surgical hospitals, ambulance centres and emergency care centres. mdStrategies was started in 2003. It is also a company that has been in the business world for over 15 years and has an excellent reputation. MdStrategies employees’ thinking about their company has expanded their customer base by focusing on more complex and excellent customer relationships.

Working with or joining mdStrategies is no small feat. They are constantly employed by experienced and certified coders with real-world experience in encoding or any other field, with the ability to understand the customer. Every employee working in mdStrategies has over five years of vast experience. They also have multiple specialised ASC experiences. Those multidisciplinary areas include the spine, orthopedics, pain management, urology, ophthalmology, general surgery, and gastroenterology.

MdStrategies employees can adequately understand customer needs and set up a happier subscription coding process for you. The company is also equipped with state-of-the-art HIPAA-compliant web-based software complying with its programming process specifications. MdStrategies is also committed to ensuring that customers deliver their work in a timely and accurate manner due to employees’ efficiency and proper management.

Although there are many medical coding companies around the world, national medicals have chosen mdStrategies for their combination because of the intense audit they have. That is, mdStrategies maintains a comprehensive and rigorous internal audit process to verify and validate the company’s code.

In addition, every service they provide is encoded, another reason their service is quality. MdStrategies also has a process that allows customers to communicate more systematically and amicably with coding issues. They track every customer’s account and resolve any problems efficiently.

Due to the growing demand for healthcare, the medical coding market has grown exponentially. MdStrategies employees aim to provide a high-quality service in the future by further developing programs that meet customer demand.

Nader Samii, CEO of National Medical, commented on the acquisition of mdStrategies by the National Medical Service. “We are pleased to add mdStrategies to the National Medical Family because the two organizations are truly complementary”. Their primary objective is to address the shortcomings of National Medical and expand their service to a broader range.

Nader Samii further explained it. “We believe that the value-added service offerings combined with our infrastructure and existing technological advances and mdStrategies’ in-depth ASC encoding capability give us an unparalleled revenue cycle and coding results for the Ambulance Surgery Center market.”

What is the National Medical Bill Service?

National Medical Bill Services is a National Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company. National Medical Bill Services is committed to providing a valuable service while retaining the latest technologies in the ever-evolving medical industry. At the same time, they have access to state-of-the-art shops to streamline service delivery and increase customer convenience.

The importance of national medical billing services is that they focus more on one aspect. They provide services to the Ambulance Surgery Centers and their surgeons. That is why the efficiency of the National Medical Bill Services is high. Employees recruited to the National Medical Sciences are efficient and skilled employees with good experience. Employees are committed to identifying customer needs and providing what they need promptly.

In particular, they regularly seek advice from surgeons at ASC. All professionals actively contribute to increasing the organization’s revenue using new technology and strategies. It should also be noted that the National Medical Bill Services is committed to maximizing customer support and doing full justice to their clients.

National medical billing services are more timely. They have already put into action the new announcement recently made by the United Kingdom and the Department of Human Services regarding the warning of the Fund for the Relief of COVID-19 Providers. That is, reopening the Supplier Relief Fund reporting portal. Also, the CMS CY 2022 OPPS Final Rule was released on November 2.

The 2022 Hospital Outpatient Future Payment and Ambulance Surgery Center Payment Systems Rules relating to Medicare and Medicaid Services. Accordingly, the National Medical Bill Services immediately implemented several changes to the procedures covered by the ASC. The process for adding procedural additions to the CMS ASC has also been restored.

Excellent customer service related to the National Medical Institute. The company has won numerous national awards for being one of the best suppliers of outsourced revenue management services due to its commitment to its clients and employees.

Visit their official website for more information on National Medical Bill Services.

As we mentioned earlier, National Medical Bill Services also had a deal with Aquiline Capital Partners, a private investment firm, before acquiring mdStrategies. That is why we will briefly note it in this report.

What is Aquiline Capital Partners LLC?

In short, Aquiline is a private investment company. It provides personal capital to innovative financial services and technology leaders, especially in New York and London. Founded in 2005, Aquiline Capital Partners invests in companies through various healthcare services and industries.

They have a separate group that focuses on doing this task. They focus on companies essential to the clientele, such as different groups that have broken down more complex end markets, such as commercialized entrepreneurs. Aquiline joins them as partners in rebuilding many businesses underestimated or overlooked by the broader market.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are pleased with this partnership with Aquiline because they have the right financial results, intelligent and in-depth business experience, and an excellent partnership base. Aquiline also entered into a partnership agreement with the National Medical Service in January 2021.

At the time, Aquiline had $ 7 billion in assets under management. Ed Nunn, a former executive at Validus, signed a partnership agreement with Aquiline, commenting on his partnership. “Aquiline has made a significant contribution to building our business. Unlike other private equity firms, I felt that I was talking to my partners when dealing with them. 11 years after the IPO, I still talk regularly with Chris Watson and Jeff Greenberg”. For more information on Aquiline, visit their official website at

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