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Montana Medical Billing and Coding Schools

Trying to figure out what to do with your life? There are so many things to choose from and no matter what you think; it is not an easy decision to make. The key to finding a good career is making and informed and educated decision. If you have come to the point where you are not really sure what you want to do you should consider a career in medical billing and coding? The medical field is booming, Americans are living longer than ever and physician’s offices are constantly busy. There is a great need for educated, compassionate, dedicated people to manage and run doctor’s offices all throughout the country.

Medical billing usually comes with the stigma of being a rather boring job to hold. The truth is that most people who hold this position usually wind up being office managers and are the nuts and bolts of the doctor’s office and business if you will.

It is so important that doctor’s offices run like well oiled machines. There is no room for error when it comes to doctor’s files and insurance communications. It is the job and responsibility of the medical biller to examine the medical invoices prepared by the doctor, check that the proper codes are being used and communicate with the insurance company on behalf of the patient while they are under the care of the physician, medical professional or hospital that the biller is representing.

In the case that there is a miscommunication or improper billing it is up to the medical biller to speak on behalf of the patient and fight for the coverage that is rightfully theirs. If you are proficient on the computer, enjoy working with people and are interested in learning more about how the medical field works, then this just might be the right career move for you. Training usually takes between one to two years and can be completed in a variety of different educational settings.

Interested in exploring correspondence or online medical billing school options?

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I am a medical biller, a blogger and have 20 years of experience in medical billing, medical billing management, and medical assistant. My background includes positions as a clinical medical assistant, medical records technician, medical office manager, biller, and coder. I am certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) as a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and by the Practice Management Institute (PMI) as a Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM). As an office manager/biller/coder, I was a member of the Michigan Medical Group Managers, Michigan Medical Billers Association. I also served as a committee member of the Michigan Osteopathic Association of Practice Managers Education Committee.

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