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Minneapolis Medical Billing and Coding Schools

About Medical Billing and Coding Careers in Minneapolis

Medical billing and coding is a growing filed in just about every state in the US, including Minneapolis. Trained billing and coders know how to get the job done right, from the beginning to the end. They work with highly qualified companies that allow their workers to work from home or right from a medical office. There are many institutions that offer medical billing and coding training courses to individuals on a daily basis. You can find training online and in a regular classroom setting, you choose which one you prefer.

There has been a tremendous growth in the need for qualified medical billing and coders. The average medical billing and coder earns any around $27,000 up to 40,000 a year by working with a professional, qualified company. The medical billing and coding specialist will do a variety of task that can include accounts receivable management functions and what ever the office they work for, needs them to do. Their main priority will be to submit accurate claims patient statements to receive the proper reimbursement from the insurance companies of the patient. They will work in the shortest amount of time possible to get the reimbursement for medical procedures that were rendered and performed.

Financial Aid Available

Many of the participating institutions that offer courses for medical billing and coding do offer financial aid. There are stipulations to financial aid such as, you must be enrolled either full time or part time and maintain a certain grade average each school term. You can talk with your school’s financial aid office to see what they recommend and how to go about receiving aid for your chosen program. All schools are different as to what they offer and you will need to find out the most that you can.

Medical billing and coding is a rewarding career that offers the choice of working from home or in a physician’s office. You can make a good, honest living as a billing and coding specialist. Take your time and research the many different institutions that offer courses for medical billing and coding in Minneapolis.

Schools in Minneapolis

Everest Institute
In the Medical Insurance Billing & Coding students program will learn the basic concepts and procedures to perform the tasks involved in health insurance as well as insurance claim forms. You will also gain knowledge of basic coding definitions and how to apply those codes to medical documentation.

Argosy University
Twin Cities:
The Master of Science (MS) in Health Services Management (HSM) program provides those seeking a healthcare management degree with a comprehensive course of graduate study to prepare them for the challenges of modern health care. The program requires the satisfactory completion of 45 credit hours.

Online Schools

LA College International
Study online to earn your Associate of Arts in Health Care Administration from LA College International. Learn to Use coding conventions, terms, and abbreviations and Code procedures according to CPT and ICD-M guidelines in just 60 credit hours.

Allen School
The Allen School is one of the nation’s oldest and most respected medical billing and coding schools. Our Fast-Track to Success program lets you become a Medical Billing & Coding specialist in 9 short months versus 15 months at other schools.

Walden University
Earn your M.S. in Health Informatics with Walden University. Benefit from in-depth training on health information systems management; quality assessment and improvement; legal, regulatory, and ethical issues related to health information management systems; and the business and financial aspects of health informatics.

American InterContinental University
AIU Online offers an online Associate of Arts in Business Administration (AABA) degree with a concentration in Medical Coding and Billing to help meet the demand for healthcare professionals with industry-current skills. In addition to the broad base of fundamental business courses and general education requirements designed to foster critical thinking and communication skills, this concentration includes the study of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, legal aspects of health information, coding and abstraction of data, statistics, database management, quality improvement methods and computer science.
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