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Top Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships 2022

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The health field is a broad spectrum of studies and careers. Medical coding and billing is a career that will likely be at the top of the job market for years to come. Many students who study for that expect payment for their higher education. For students seeking credentials in medical billing and coding are not challenging to find a top-notch program. But many problems can arise when making payments for those studies. However, many institutions offer Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships for students.

We introduce to you some of the best institutes offering such scholarships starting from the lowest in terms of prices. These will provide many things like scholarships to deserving students and funding to schools for studies. Take your first step towards a medical billing and coding career without hesitation!

Portage Health Foundation Scholarship Program

Price – $500

The Portage Health Foundation (PHF) began awarding scholarships in 1990 to individuals in selected states. Accordingly, they are committed to providing these scholarships for high school graduates in Houghton, Keweenaw, Baraga, and Ontonagon counties, as well as for qualified individuals looking to start Small businesses or Home-Based Businesses as health professionals. All scholarship applicants must meet several criteria before applying.

Students applying for the Portage Health Foundation Scholarship Program must enroll in an accredited institution’s master’s degree program. Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Also, the applicant must be a resident of the above states. In addition, the student must intend to pursue a health-related occupation or career.

Waldo County General Hospital Scholarship

Amount – $600

The scholarship administered by Lauri McLean is available for further study in a healthcare-related field. For this purpose, by March 5, hospital workers, nurses, Belfast residents, etc., can submit the online application form. For that, those with financial needs and dependents should be those who are not met. The Waldo County General Hospital Scholarship is unique for many people. Among them are nursing, surgical technician, therapeutic services, laboratory technician, and medical records transcription.

This scholarship also applies to high school seniors and undergraduate students studying health services.

The opportunity is available annually if you are considering applying for this scholarship. Interested Scholarship Applicants can contact their high school guidance office. 

Or they can pick up an application at the Hospital Administration Building at the corner of Northport Avenue and Fahey Street. The opportunity is available from Monday to Friday from 8 to 4:30 PM.

Scott W. Hulstein Scholarship Fund

Amount: $750

These Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships provided by Fort Healthcare are available to those pursuing higher medical education. This scholarship is specifically for medical coding and billing majors graduating high school in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Scott W. The Hulstein Scholarship was established in his memory by his parents, Rebecca and Gerrit Hulstein. 

They have arranged to focus on students studying for a degree in health care and enrolled in a medical college or high school. There they award the Scott W. Hulstein Scholarship to a high school senior and an undergraduate. Students’ GPAs of 3.0 or better are also essential factors.

A Place for Mom’s Senior Wisdom Video Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

A place for mom awards a scholarship each year focusing on US and Canadian students. It is a Senior Care Scholarship Video Contest Scholarship. Here they arrange to present up to 5 awards to the students. Candidates applying for this should send an essay under the topics they provided. The primary purpose of A Place For Mom’s scholarship is to support the leadership and education of seniors to appreciate them further.

The applicant’s level and field of education should be nursing, medicine, social sciences, and related majors and degrees. Also, these applicants must be currently studying at an accredited university or high school in Canada or the United States. It is also essential that they have permanent residence in those areas. 

Mary Mercy Livonia Medical Scholarship

Amount – $1000

St. Mary’s Hospital Mercy Hospital understands the demanding needs of healthcare practitioners. Accordingly, many are keenly interested in the graduate medical education residency programs they have organized. The hospital has selected only a group of qualified seniors to head the Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships. They have specified that only Stevenson, Ladywood, Churchill, Clarenceville, Western Wayne, or Livonia Technical Seniors are eligible for this.

St. Mary’s Mercy is a community hospital with strong ties to the Michigan community. There are many opportunities to access the academic and clinical resources of other tertiary care centers through that hospital.

The American Health Information Management Association Merit Scholarship

Amount: $1000

Applicants for this scholarship must be American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) members. Also, those students must have completed 24 credit hours for their health-related degree. Those students must actively seek a degree while simultaneously enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours.

 In addition, it is also essential for students to have a 3.5 GPA at graduation. Other additional requirements and qualifications that applicants must have can be found online. There is a list of facts in the application. The amount of the award may vary depending on the degree level you have obtained.

Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant

Amount – $1000

The Kansas Board of Governors has selected several relevant quotas to provide Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships. Accordingly, they have launched a Vocational Technical Workforce Grant for high school graduates in Sunflower State. Therefore, they are central to scholarships covering a large field of study. You can also apply according to the qualifications for the scholarship programs awarded for four semesters in the health sector, including nursing and medicine.

Kim Fuller & Louise Bighaus Scholarship

Amount – $1000

Rogue Community College is affiliated with 5,606 students on LinkedIn. We especially mention that it is NWCCU-accredited. The institution has also launched many donation programs for students with learning needs. Most of those programs are scholarship funding programs. Accordingly, they are ranked eighth in Oregon among student aid institutions. 

Students must have at least nine credits for the Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships. Additionally, graduates with a 2.5 GPA in the Medical Coding Specialist Certificate are eligible for this scholarship.

Sharps Compliance, Inc. Scholarship Contest

Amount: $1500

Sharps Compliance, Inc. Sharps’ essay contest is presented to students as an open opportunity. Accordingly, students in a recognized university for health services-related studies can apply for the competition. Through such topics, they are making a solid effort to innovate the latest services by Sharps Compliance regulations.

Sharps Compliance is a single source contributor to regulatory compliance services for the healthcare industry. In particular, they have focused on pharmaceutical waste, hazardous waste, and medium and small generators.

Sharps Compliance, Inc. Applicants for Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships offered by That is, must be US or Canadian citizens. In addition, it is essential to be currently studying or studying full-time as an undergraduate student at an accredited university for healthcare-related studies.

Oliver Joel and Ellen Pell Denny Scholarship

Amount – $1,500

The Winston-Salem Foundation entirely administers the Oliver Joel and Ellen Denny Scholarship. Applicants must maintain a GPA of 2.5 during two or four years of health education to receive the relevant Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships. In addition, they must be North Carolina residents.

Also, the foundation stressed that applicants must be seeking a certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or diploma for the first time. Masters graduates are not eligible for this. Applicants must also demonstrate their financial means. 

The foundation gives preference to residents of various states. Among them, the counties of Davie, Surry, Davidson, Yadkin, Wilkes, and Forsyth are essential.

Melissa Anne Centrella Scholarship

Amount – $2,000

This Medical Coding and Billing Scholarship has been implemented in memory of a young man who has passed through dystonia by providing financial assistance to choose any medical science job, coding. These applicants are evaluated for academic skills, determination, and leadership skills.

It is a scholarship in honor of Melissa Anne Centrella. Also, Melissa Anne Centrella’s family and friends have established Melissa’s Hope, a scholarship foundation for the same benefit. It awards scholarships annually to New Jersey students pursuing a career in medicine, nursing, or medical technology. 

Mary Ann Stiefvater Medical Informatics Scholarship

Amount: $2,500

Conway Regional Health Foundation Mary Ann Stiefvater offers scholarships for selected medical coding and billing careers. Students can get the Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships annually, depending on how the fund is provided. Students who have started their education can apply for medical records and information. Specifically, the Conway Regional Board of Directors established this scholarship many years ago. It was organized in memory of the maid Mary Ann Stiefwetter.

Greater Illinois HIMSS Chapter Scholarship

Amount – $2,500

The Greater Illinois HIMSS Chapter Scholarship is a scholarship program based primarily in Chicago. Thus, the organizers have paid more attention to information technology related to the health sector. Accordingly, medical coding takes a central place. 

Students pursuing a degree in Medical Coding and Billing from recognized colleges and graduate students who have completed one semester or more will get more opportunities here. They consider students’ GPAs of 3.0 to be eligible when awarding the Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships. In addition, scholarship applicants may be residents of Prairie State.

NTC Workforce Development Scholarship

Amount – $2,500

NTC Foundation Scholarships are made available annually by generous donors. They allocate funds to students studying medical coding and billing so that they can further their needs. Accordingly, the NTC Foundation has given between $200 and $2000 for hundreds of thousands of scholarships such as Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships.

Many individuals, groups of individuals, and various organizations have generously dedicated themselves to this.

If you are considering applying for the NTC Workforce Development Scholarship, you should know a few things. The scholarships available here are not monetary awards. That is, scholarships are deposited into student accounts at the start of the semester.

There is an opportunity to apply for the next NTC Workforce Development Scholarship for 2022 from August 29- September 26. Also, the scholarship awards are for use in the 2023 academic session.

 NYC College Scholarship – Swedish Institute

Amount – $5,000

Swedish Institute NYC is an ACCSC-accredited School of Health Sciences. 735+ students are recruited for that. This college considers 95% exam success of students while offering Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships. They have earmarked funds for career changers with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The Swedish Institute is a place that offers several scholarships per year. Many scholarships, such as Medical Coding and Billing Scholarships, have been set aside to help specific students begin their college careers. Also, students can use these scholarships to help cover tuition and fees.

Applicants applying for medical and other scholarships offered by the Swedish Institute must meet many qualifications. The applicant must first complete a scholarship application form correctly. Students should maintain a more optimistic academic progress.

Robert D. Kruse Memorial Scholarships

Amount – $5,000

Dr. Robert D. Cruz Memorial Scholarship, Director of Cleveland Clinic’s School of Physical Therapy. Designed for Kruse. The scholarship was organized by his wife, Alice Crusoe. This scholarship goes directly to the student’s school. Thus, they can use the scholarship for the tuition and fees required for their studies. Recipients of this scholarship can also use this scholarship to apply for positions at Cleveland Clinic facilities after completing their studies.

Applicants for this must be enrolled full-time in a health professional program at an accredited academic institution. Also, the Scholarship applicant must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.


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