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Best Medical Billing Software 2022

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Top 10 Medical Billing Software 2022

Medical billing is considerably more complex, and even modest inefficiencies in your medical billing systems can result in delays, communication breakdowns, and other issues. You’ll wind up with significant additional expenses and poorer long-term consequences for your patients as a result.

With that in mind, you’ll need a platform that simplifies medical billing and verifies you’re invoicing patients and insurance companies the exact amount. In addition, the correct software allows you to maximize results and reduce the time spent on the administrative aspect of medicine.

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So, what exactly is medical billing software?

Medical billing software is a computer application that optimizes the medical billing process for healthcare professionals. This software may help the medical practitioners and billing firms significantly increase their reimbursement rates, maximize income, and maintain the financial health of their enterprises.

Medical billing software provides features covering every aspect of the medical billing business, from scheduling appointments to processing payments. As an example:

  • Front-office employees may verify a patient’s healthcare coverage when booking an appointment, then set it up automated patient reminders to decrease no-shows.
  • When a practitioner visits the patients, information from the interaction may be immediately forwarded from the EHR to the billing software, allowing front-office and healthcare employees to communicate more effectively.
  • Professionals can then enhance their claims approval rate by utilizing the billing system’s claim cleaning tools.
  • Billers can provide statistics that provide visibility into their revenue cycles when reimbursements from insurance providers and patients are handled and collected.

Medical billing software greatly simplifies practice management in a variety of ways. As an example:

  • Medical billing software and systems completely connected with EHRs reduce reworking and mistakes caused by copy-pasting across systems. In addition, they provide a single view of the patient with fewer steps.
  • Claim filtering technology increases first-pass admission standards by reviewing claims for modifications before submitting them to payers. In addition, automatically created claim worklists assist billers in staying concentrated on the task that matters most.
  • Billers may submit claims to numerous insurers through a single platform using software with interconnected processing, resulting in speedier reimbursements.
  • The capabilities of the Central Billing Office allow multi and multi-location practices to identify and manage billing operations at any level — by providers, by practice, or across the whole organization.

What is the cost of medical billing software?

A number of factors determine the cost of medical billing software. It can plan based on the number of providers and the number of encounters. A per-provider plan is typically the best option if your medical practice has a large patient volume. Practices with fewer patients and specializations such as mental health, chiropractic, and physical therapy may profit more from a per-encounter plan. Credit card processing, patient schedule appointments, extensive reporting tools, and data translation services are priced separately.

What does it mean to use cloud-based or web-based medical billing software?

The medical billing software that is cloud-based or web-based operates on a remote server and is available from any permitted computer with an internet connection.

Since healthcare providers initially began medical billing electronically, most software systems were run on pcs in their offices. While this method was preferable to manually processing claims, it had certain downsides. To keep the software working, medical practices needed to invest in qualified IT workers to maintain the servers, make periodic upgrades and resolve difficulties. In addition, as technology advanced, it became feasible to execute software programs on a distant server and give users access via a web browser. As a result, on-premise software applications are no longer required.

Maintenance and updates are completely handled by the medical billing software provider using cloud- or web-based medical billing software, allowing healthcare staff members to focus on filing clean claims and being paid. And as mobile computing is becoming more prevalent in daily life, cloud-based solutions make it simple to complete billing operations on many sorts of devices like phones and tablets.

So today, let’s see the top 10 medical billing software in 2022. Here we go! 

  1. CentralReach
  2. NueMD
  3. Epic
  4. 75health
  5. RXNT
  6. DrChrono
  7. Kareo
  8. Intelligent Medical Software
  9. NextGen
  10. ChartLogic

Let’s go discuss this medical billing software one by one. 

1. CentralReach

CentralReach is a web-based EMR that ABA treatment service providers primarily utilize. These are medical specialists who specialize in the treatment of autism and other associated health issues. This HIPAA-compliant solution is committed to continual system improvement, providing professionals with a dependable solution for particular needs. It also features a mobile app for flexibility and straightforward access. CentralReach also streamlines administrative functions in the back-office and front-desk.

Its intelligent integrations aid in improving treatment results and billing performance. It’s a critical tool for therapists who want to save time by using on-the-go mobile applications, offline and online data collecting, and spreadsheets that immediately sync with electronic program books. CentralReach cost is dependent on a quotation and the number of users. Before purchase, you may try the program for free. This approach is appropriate for all sorts of practices.

Its primary characteristics are as follows:

  • Reports on business intelligence and data warehouses
  • Data gathering and reporting
  • Claims administration
  • Monitoring of progress Integrated billing functionality
  • Work schedules appointments
  • History of invoice                        

2. NueMD

NueMD’s professionals are masters in managing medical billing complexities while providing specific medical billing services. It offers solid solutions that are backed up by trustworthy, secure technology. NueMD wants its clients to rely on a robust, simple-to-use system that reacts to changes in the medical business and public legislation.

NueMD is a company that provides a cloud-based practice management platform to smaller medical offices. They think their approach has a genuine impact on how health care is provided and reimbursed in the United States. NueMD provides small to mid-sized medical offices with configurable features and good support. Its program is simple to use, training is simple to obtain, and the software is simple to install for users of all professional talents and knowledge.

With it in mind, NueMD’s solutions are designed to provide professionals and their staff with a better awareness of and control over their practice’s financial health, allowing you to spend more time with the patients.

  • Scheduling resources
  • Scrubbing Claim
  • Patient Access Portal
  • e-Prescribing
  • Assistance with Negotiation and Credentialing
  • Mobile Compatibility                                                                                             

3. Epic 

EpicCare is an EMR created primarily for major hospitals and medical organizations. An in-house team built, installed, and supported this platform. Its dashboard aggregates and shows both financial and clinical data, and it has templates that may be customized. In addition, the program facilitates telemedicine by enabling doctors to speak with their patient populations over a video platform. This program also has smartphone and tablet features. 

Through a customized interface, patients may utilize the MyChart feature to schedule appointments, communicate with physicians, check their medical information, and manage their medical history. EpicCare EMR cost is based on a quotation, and the vendor does not provide a free trial of the program. It provides help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and frequent checkups. Customer assistance for this program is also available online.

Its primary characteristics are as follows:

  • Mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Telehealth
  • Analytics
  • Management of the revenue cycle
  • Portal for Community Health
  • Reporting on security
  • Examine the patient’s eligibility

4. 75health

75health is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) software that helps medical practitioners manage digital records and patient information in midsized health care institutions. Administrators may upload and save the patient information and practice materials such as X-rays, permission forms, test results, treatment plans, prescription paperwork, and handouts with this solution. It enables medical practitioners to produce electronic files and store them in a cloud-hosted hub, which they can access at any time via their preferred device. 75health is perfect for individual physicians, hospitals, clinics, and doctors.

75health’s primary characteristics are as follows:

  • Automated email handling
  • Vaccination monitoring
  • Controlling the drug list
  • Tracker for diagnostic tests
  • Scheduler built-in
  • E-prescription
  • Patient monitoring that is accurate and trustworthy
  • Billing is completed quickly and accurately


RXNT is medical and practices management software for medical institutions that lets users monitor patient information, scheduling, patient care, billing, and treatment monitoring. This technology enables medical practitioners to securely communicate healthcare data while also managing electronic referrals, lab tests, prescriptions, and medications, with results and data available on patients’ medical files. In addition, the Electronic Prescribing system provides reliable access to a patient’s medical information as well as Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances. 

The practice management feature of the program creates customizable reports. It allows users to monitor and analyze practice statistics and income projections and execute real-time eligibility checks for claims utilizing electronic remittance advice (ERA). Its built-in mistake identification and claims cleansing capabilities aid in identifying the root causes of refused claims and reducing claim rejections and denials.

The RXNT price model starts at $65 per month. However, the precise cost will be determined by your specific requirements. You may get a personalized price and additional information on the different packages by contacting the firm. There is also a trailer version willing to give you a taste of the software. Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • Management of records
  • Reporting that is customizable
  • Resource scheduling
  • Charge revenue reporting
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Patient engagement
  • Claims management

6. DrChrono

DrChrono is an iPhone and iPad-compatible medical billing software and EHR software. This system aids health care practitioners in the administration of billing, patient care, patient intake, revenue cycle management, and clinical charting. Users can track patient records using the platform’s fully customized form templates. Patients’ notes and paperwork can be added to the platform by healthcare practitioners. It enables prescriptions to be sent electronically through the internet. Its bespoke vitals enable the creation of baseline health data as well as the tracking of specific patients’ health metrics over time.

DrChrono provides a demonstration of this program, and the price is based on a quote. The cost is determined by how you expect to use the program, and a demo is a fantastic method to learn more about it. You can also speak with one of the company’s sales agents.

DrChrono’s main characteristics are as follows:

  • E-prescription
  • Patient access portal
  • Customizable medical forms
  • Subscriptions on autopilot
  • Change entry and coding
  • Scheduling appointments

7. Kareo

Kareo is a cloud-based practice administration and medical billing service that is utilised by a wide range of medical offices. Patients can be scheduled, patient papers can be stored, insurance can be confirmed, customised reports can be created, and collections and overdue accounts can be managed. The platform reduces the complexity of medical billing by allowing healthcare practitioners to validate patients’ insurance claims by entering their information into the system. This programme also allows for scheduling appointments and reminder, which helps to reduce no-shows.

Users may connect with patients, billers, and staff using the built-in messaging tool. If you have any questions regarding the price plan for this product, you may reach the firm’s support through email, phone, or live chat. The service provider also provides a free product demo to help prospective select the bundle that is most suited to their needs.

Kareo’s main features are as follows:

  • Analytics for billing
  • Planner of agendas
  • Claim processing in advance
  • Document administration
  • Report personalization
  • Tracking of Claims
  • Schedule/calendar

8. Intelligent Medical Software

Another top medical billing software is IMS. Intelligent Medical Software is a piece of electronic health records software that aids in the simplification of billing and practice administration. This system may be used on-premises or in the cloud. It is intended to help over 40 disciplines, including community health, immunology, and OB/GYNs. This programme includes templates and medical forms tailored to each specialization. 

Health care practitioners may use the platform to gather information about a patient’s medical history, medication history, lab test results, demographics, and allergies. It also has smart capabilities including a touch-pen and speech-to-text recognition. This software may be used for telemedicine by physicians via the patient app or chat functionalities. This software’s key features are as follows: 

  • Templates for certain industries
  • Patient administration
  • Patient access portal
  • Verification of insurance eligibility
  • Scrubbing of claims
  • 24/7 support

9. NexGen

NexGen is a another medical billing software and practise management software that includes time-saving shortcuts and customised templates to simplify billing and administration operations. It is a cloud-based EHR designed primarily for private clinics. NextGen is a fully integrated practise management system that includes a user-friendly interface, field of expertise information, and a claims clearinghouse. It is HIPAA compliant and compatible with all browsers. It may be used on a laptop or a tablet. It is meant to adapt to the user’s productivity and may be accessed from anywhere. 

Its primary characteristics are as follows:

  • Checks for insurance eligibility
  • Making appointments
  • Telehealth
  • Registry reporting automation
  • MIPS dashboards and reporting
  • Messages sent directly
  • Analytics in healthcare

10. ChartLogic

ChartLogic is an outpatient EHR suite with revenue cycle management, electronic health records, a patient portal, e-prescribing, and practise management capabilities. This programme is appropriate for general care, surgical treatment, and even advanced kinds of treatment. ChartLogic EMR is designed to track workflow, priorities, and areas of expertise. The programme has electronic charting features, allowing clinicians to access patient history, notes, diagnostic codes, referral letters, and other pertinent information on a single screen. The following are its main characteristics:

  • Complete EHR suite for ambulatory care
  • Management of Practice
  • Medical record on electronic media
  • Portal for patients
  • Processing payments
  • E-prescription
  • To-dos for physicians

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