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Global Medical Billing Outsourcing Market

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Global $25+ Bn Medical Billing Outsourcing Market to 2028 by Component 

The Global Medical Billing Outsourcing Market is estimated to achieve $24.7 billion by 2028, growing at a 13.4% CAGR during the forecast timeframe. The medical billing outsourcing market refers to the process of outsourcing the billing processes of medical facilities or organizations.

So today we are going to discuss the medical billing outsourcing market that has a high demand o the medical billing sector. Here we go! 


A considerable quantity of clinical coding descriptions for diagnosis and treatment, along with the existence of numerous payers, makes medical billing a complex element of any medical practice, creating substantial difficulties.

One of the critical factors for the medical billing outsourcing market is the rising need for error-free processes and reducing in-house processing expenses. However, healthcare professionals confront several issues in managing claims and payments, resulting in massive losses for the companies. 

As a result, in order to reduce all of these losses, companies are increasingly turning to medical billing outsourcing, which is boosting the growth of the medical billing outsourcing market. Additionally, ever-changing medical regulations and laws, as well as a government obligation to keep a record of everything, are expected to drive growth for the medical billing outsourcing industry.

The medical billing process is becoming increasingly advanced due to the rising number of mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions in the medical sector. Unfortunately, the increased commercial operations have created a disaster for healthcare professionals since patient information is largely erroneous, making it difficult to exchange with all partners, and requests are not always performed. 

Digital order management helps address this issue by providing health practitioners with automated independent clinical and financial information entry integrated into a single, easily accessible medical claims management system. As a result, the market is expected to increase significantly throughout the forecast timeframe.

Due to the mandatory execution of complicated ICD-11 coding structures, rising healthcare costs, and a national requirement to utilize Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to sustain reimbursement rates, the healthcare system is currently going to witness an increase in the outsourcing of medical services accessible by health facilities and healthcare professionals.

Additionally, health centers organizations are progressively outsourcing their revenue management in order to save money and avoid the stress of managing staff members to assure appropriate handling of in-house billing tasks. Furthermore, multi-specialty medical groups are undertaking integration, which necessitates EHR connectivity and the development of vast healthcare networks.

This integration necessitates Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), which requires extra knowledge and trained staff. As a result, one of the drivers driving market expansion is projected to be the combination of extensive healthcare practices.



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The COVID-19 impact on Global Medical Billing Outsourcing Market

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a detrimental impact on the market. However, the healthcare business has been slow to adopt new and digital technology to enhance health care. The COVID-19 scenario has placed a significant load on healthcare providers or organizations to adapt to the transition.

The COVID-19 outbreak has emphasized the importance of proactive action and the creation of a vital, scalable, collaborative, and responsive digital healthcare infrastructure. As a result, some organizations are pursuing different strategies, such as digitalization and outsourcing of all non-core aspects of their operations, such as billing and accounts, in order to promote market development. The rapid adoption of digital billing is directly proportional to the expansion of the medical billing outsourcing sector.

Furthermore, the increasing COVID-19 cases have generated a necessity for healthcare professionals to continue providing health services as their primary operations and outsource other non-core tasks in order to combat the pandemic crisis. Throughout this worldwide pandemic, this has increased the growth and demand for the medical billing outsourcing industry.

Medical Billing Outsourcing Market Report Highlights

  • The outsourced category accounted for the most significant revenue share in 2020 and is predicted to grow rapidly due to hospitals, physician offices, and startups increasingly preferring outsourced medical billing services for inconvenience claim administration at a cheap cost.
  • In 2020, the front-end services category led the market. On the other hand, the middle-end services category is predicted to increase at the fastest rate during the projection period due to rising demand for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services that provide Electronic Health Records (EHR) software.
  • With more significant claim rates, Healthcare accounted for the biggest revenue share in the market in 2020, and this dominance is expected to continue throughout the projected years.
  • North America had the highest revenue share (In 2020). It is expected to grow further as the United States’ medical system transitions with the implementation of ICD-11 coding in 2019 and government pressure to adopt the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) management system.
  • Companies such as Athenahealth, which provides medical billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), are successfully implementing EMR at the level of practice and are forecast to impact the market.

Outlook for Components

The market is divided into two components: outsourced and in-house. Healthcare practices have faced several obstacles in recent years, as reimbursements have decreased and expenditures have risen, and the introduction of numerous new rules has raised the intricacy of enterprises. As a result, it is expected to boost demand for the medical billing outsourcing market over the forecast timeframe.

Service Prospects

The market is divided into three segments based on service: front-end, back-end, and middle-end. The middle-tier services are expected to grow at the quickest rate throughout the projection period. This expansion may be ascribed to reasons such as the arrival of new market participants and increased awareness between health providers.

End-User  Outlook

The market is divided into three segments based on end-use: hospitals, clinics, and others. In terms of end-use, the hospital sector led the market in 2020, accounting for the largest market share. It is because of the fact that hospitals were the primary customers of these facilities due to the significant claim rate. In addition, hospital consolidations exacerbate the complexity of billing and reimbursement systems. As a result, the market for these medical services is projected to be significant in the following years.

Perspectives for the Region

The market is divided into four regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. In terms of region, North America will be the dominant area in the medical billing outsourcing market in 2020.

The existence of numerous medical services in the United States has grown their reliance on end-to-end outsourcing corporations to manage their billing operations. In addition, because of rising knowledge of the benefits given by outsourcing firms, many medical professionals rely on such organizations to maximize their operating efficiencies and effectively manage their high-volume activities.

Medical Billing Outsourcing Market Trends

Analysis of market drivers

  • Growing emphasis on boosting the business’s profitability and revenue.
  • Healthcare providers must comply with a federal obligation to establish digital record-keeping.
  • Healthcare rules are rapidly evolving.

Market restraint examination

  • There is a high risk of data compromise.
  • Prospect Mapping for Penetration and Growth

Penetration Analysis

Companies Mentioned

  • Experian Information Solutions, Inc.
  • GE Healthcare
  • R1 RCM, Inc. (Accretive Health)
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
  • Kareo, Inc.
  • Cerner Corporation
  • Mckesson Corporation
  • Genpact
  • eClinicalWorks, LLC

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