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7 Best Medical Billing Degree Programs Can Found in USA

Which medical billing program is best for you?

Medical Billing degree Program

7 Best Medical Billing Degree – USA

Are you interested in the health care field? Do you love to have a career in medical billing and seeking a better, demand medical billing degree program to follow? Then you are on the right site.


Medical Billing Degree program is very demanding degree program.
Medical Billing


Here I’m telling you about the best 7 medical billing degree programs in the USA.

  1. University of Alaska Fairbanks
  2. Madison Area Technical College
  3. Oconee Fall Line Technical College
  4. Ogeechee Technical College
  5. Southeastern Technical College (STC)
  6. West Georgia Technical College
  7. Great Basin College

Want to know a detailed description of the above medical billing degree programs? Here we go! At the end of the article definitely, you will select the best medical billing degree program that suits you.

1.University of Alaska Fairbanks – Medical Billing Degree program

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) offers an Occupational Endorsement in Medical Billing degree program. 

Graduates of this program qualify for entry-level billing positions in several health care settings and may be able to sit for national certification exams once they meet specified work experience requirements. Students within the 12-credit medical billing program learn about medical terms, the compensation method, and inpatient and outpatient processes.

UAF uses the Blackboard learning platform to deliver course material asynchronously, allowing students to finish assignments, view grades, and communicate with professors and classmates on their own time. UAF provides career services that include online career coaching and an assessment for college students who decide on their preferred path.

Interested applicants must have a GED or high school documentation. Prospective students have to submit an online application and connect with an academic advisor to receive guidance through the admissions method. Distance learners have access to UAF’s academic advisors, technology help, tutoring services, and library resources.

2.Madison Area Technical College – Diploma in Medical Billing Specialist

Madison Area Technical College (MATC) offers an online medical billing program: a Technical Diploma in Medical Billing Specialist. This medical billing program can be completed within one year. Within the 28-credit medical billing program, students receive instruction in keyboard skill-building, written communication, customer contact skills, and many more.

Students at MATC have to use the Blackboard learning management system to approach their online classes. Online classes may include both synchronously and asynchronously components. Students can contact the school’s financial aid office to learn more about tuition payment options. 

MATC offers advantages for active service members, veterans, military spouses and dependents. Online students can schedule phone and video appointments for career counselling services.

Interested applicants can submit their applications online. Online students at MATC can access services, including career guiding, IT support, the student success team and many more.

3.Oconee Fall Line Technical College – Certificate in Medical Billing Clerk

Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFLTC) offers an interesting online Technical Certificate in Medical Billing Clerk. 

The program typically takes two semesters to complete and needs a minimum of 20 credit hours. Students train within the skills needed for proficiency in medical insurance and compensation practices in health care, taking courses in document production, health care coding, anatomy, and medical terminology.

Using the Blackboard learning platform, students participate in classroom discussions and activities, take quizzes, communicate with instructors, and access course materials. 

OFLTC provides interested students with personalized career counselling, which incorporates advice on following other degrees in the field and help with preparing a professional resume. Georgia residents could also be permitted for education grants.

Prospective students take an entrance examination (or offer scores from previous assessments) and submit an online application with all academic documents. Applicants should be a minimum of 16 years old. Technical support is offered for online students including the resources such as tutoring, academic advising, and disability accommodations.

4.Ogeechee Technical College – Certificate in Medical Billing Clerk

The online Certificate in Medical Billing Clerk program from Ogeechee Technical College (OTC) prepares students for an entry-level medical billing career in health care. 

This syllabus includes courses in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, health care coding, and human diseases. Graduates could also be qualified to take several certification exams offered by the American Health Information Management Association. Students ordinary complete this 22-credit program within two semesters.

OTC uses Blackboard to deliver course material. This is often where students submit their assignments, take quizzes and take part in classroom discussions. Professors could offer live lectures, but will always do recording them so that students can watch those records on their own time. The career service office facilitates students to write effective CVs and search for careers as they close to graduation.

Prospective students should be a minimum of16 years old and have standardized exam marks that satisfy minimum conditions. If they meet the qualifications, students can submit an online application through the college’s website. Distance learners have access to academic resources like tutoring, career services and counselling.

5.Southeastern Technical College (STC) – Certificate in Healthcare Billing

Southeastern Technical College offers a Technical Certificate of Credit in Healthcare Billing and Compensate Assistant. 

The program needs 18-22 credits, which may be completed in four semesters. The syllabus includes foundation courses and a few elective options, with topics in health care billing, computer literacy, medical terminology, and human diseases.

Most online academic work is delivered through the Blackboard learning management software, in which students can access videos and presentations and join in discussions. Online classes can have both asynchronous and synchronous components. Online students have access to academic advisors, technical assistance, and A Lending Library for people who seeking affordable textbooks.

To apply to STC’s online certificate program, candidates should submit official high school documents (or GED equal), complete an application, and make certain placement testing standards in reading, writing, and algebra.


6.West Georgia Technical College – Certificate in Medical Billing Clerk

West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) offers both a Certificate in Medical Billing Clerk online through the School of Business and Public Services. The 22-credit hour medical billing clerk program emphasizes administrative services, billing, and anatomy.

Online coursework is available through the Blackboard learning management platform. Courses follow an asynchronous format, but students are accountable for completing assignments and exams on time. Medical billing students who live in Georgia may be able to fund their certificate with a HOPE career grant.

Interested individuals can attend a virtual open house for enrollment assistance. To apply, students should complete an online application and submit official documents and quiz scores. Online learners at WGTC have access to the library’s electronic resources, accessibility services, a technical help desk, academic advising, and free Microsoft Office software.

7.Great Basin College – Certificate in Medical Billing

Great Basin College was started in 1967 in Elko, Nevada. In fact, they initially went by the name Elko Community College, and therefore the Northern Nevada Community College, before using their current name.

Their offerings include career centred coursework, as well as a variety of technical and academic degree programs associates and bachelors level instruction.

Great Basin College is also famous for short-term training programs that can be applied to a wide range of industries and career paths.

Great Basin College offers a certification program in medical billing for students who are interested in speed up their way into a beginner position in the medical field and have a talent for numbers and accuracy. 

Students need to complete the medical billing program in a certain succession over the course of two semesters. The instruction covers the use of standard medical terms, completion of generally used health insurance forms, claims and processing for compensation, and many other coding and billing functions. Students will also need to participate in an internship in the last semester, giving them practical professional experience.

What is a medical billing degree program?

Medical billing refers to systems used by healthcare practitioners to categorize and receive payment for services. Professionals who have medical billing degree programs can work for several health care centres, including primary care facilities, clinics, hospitals and specialists. 

What does a medical biller do?

Medical billers take the codes developed by the medical coder and submit asserts to the insurance company. They then follow up with each insurance company and the patients to make sure the medical office is compensated properly, the patient is billed correctly, and timely payments are made.

Is medical billing a good career?

Medical billing had been among the most in-demand professions. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics listed medical billing & coding among the 20 fastest-growing occupations. 

Where Can I Work As a Medical Billing Specialist?

Are you new to the health care field or are you considering moving to a different section of the medical industry? Becoming a Medical Billing Specialist can help you take the first step toward a new career in the healthcare field.

Trained Medical Billing professionals find jobs in a variety of medical and healthcare environments, such as offices of physicians, hospitals, insurance and administrative companies, and skilled nursing facilities.

Do medical billers have a good salary?

Medical billers use medical codes to bill and collect cash for healthcare organizations from patients and insurance suppliers. According to PayScale, medical billers earn an average salary of $39,980.


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