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11 Best Medical Billing Companies in 2022

Medical Billing Companies

The 11 Best Medical Billing Companies of 2022

All billing functions, from billing insurance to collecting payments, are made simple and easy to manage by the top medical billing services. Any program you use must have a medical billing solution.

Here I mention the 11 best medical billing companies that provide the best service.

  1. AdvancedMD
  2. Kareo
  3. athenaCollector
  4. Cure MD
  5. CareCloud
  6. DrChrono
  7. Human Medical Billing
  8. Cerner
  9. ClaimCare
  10. Helpware
  11. eClinical works

Every society needs the healthcare sector as a vital, indispensable tool.

Each software platform should be comprehensive, simple to use, and include numerous charts for medical billing.

In addition to permitting the top medical billing system solution leaders who help make your decisions conceivable, this article assists you in locating the ideal medical billing software for your particular business needs.


Medical billing services are made affordable and adaptable by AdvancedMD.

A reputable supplier of medical billing services since 1999 is AdvancedMD medical billing organization. It is a comprehensive solution that combines many components of your business for the best possible outcome.

For small to large industries like physical therapy, mental health, group offices, and independent billing consultants, AdvancedMD offers additional goods and services.

Therefore, billing consultants or larger businesses that deal with various clients might use AdvancedMD software to streamline their tasks.

Concerning practice management, scheduling, billing, electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR), telemedicine, patient relationship management, and RCM services, AdvancedMD provides both basic packages and customized solutions. The EMR system of AdvancedMDs aids with billing authority.

This platform runs in the cloud and is compatible with web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari. There is no support for Internet Explorer. The iOS software is not designed for Android hardware but can be used on iPads and iPhones.


  • search claims for coding mistakes
  • Especially high first-pass success rate
  • Works with rejected claims
  • Works with all types of practices


  • Doesn’t code claims
  • Extra fees for after-hours emergency support



Another significant player in the medical billing services sector is Kareo, which was founded in 2004.

Many healthcare providers use Kareo’s EHR, marketing services, and robust billing systems. It is comparable to AdvancedMD in that it provides various solutions and ancillary goods, including telemedicine and patient engagement apps. For instance, scheduling patient appointments is automated.

It provides both software and outsourced billing, similar to AdvancedMD. Clients can outsource their billing process to Kareo’s managed billing team if they don’t want to drive it themselves. Professionals with experience in various medical billing specialties, including mental health and chiropractic medicine, make up the managed billing team.


  •       Competitive pricing
  •       Handles all aspects of medical billing if desired
  •       Works with resubmissions
  •       Nice level of training options
  •       Includes practice management software
  •       No contracts
  •       Success coach
  •       Have solutions for over 30+ specialties


  •       Must use Kareo’s EMR and practice management software
  •       Some questions about its customer service reliability
  •       Managed billing is a separate service
  •       No claims follow-up on essential billing software

A practice receives assistance from the corporation in managing patient statements. If necessary, it sends patient reports by mail or email. It also handles any billing-related customer service issues. The medical billing service from Kareo has a solid point here. 

3.athenaCollector (BEST FOR HOSPITALS)

One of the oldest and most significant medical billing businesses is Athena. It prevents any step in the billing process from becoming complicated and deploys quickly.

The user-friendly athenaCollector medical billing technology relies primarily on automation to ensure that payments are created, processed, and paid. Including billing, coding, scrubbing, and tracking down outstanding claims comes closer to being a revenue cycle management (RCM) solution.

Not least through checking against its information on insurance rules and eligibility standards that it performs before a patient is even booked in, its rules engine provides an accessible way to detect faults or prospective processing issues.
The information is accessible, and the system is simple to utilize, making it simple to comprehend how to use it.



  •       Extremely easy to use
  •       Designed to help your in-house billing
  •       Shorter than average minimum contract length
  •     The price point is a bit below average
  •       Includes claim management
  •       Robust reporting features for enterprises


  •       Not made for those who want a complete third-party billing service
  •     The first-pass success rate in claims is a bit lower than others
  •       May charge fees for denied claims
  •       Complicated for solo users

In general, choosing Athena as a billing firm and medical billing software provider is a wise decision.


Software for practice management and billing in the cloud is available from CureMD. EHR, e-prescribing, and patient communication portals are features of its practice management system.

Denial management systems, AR management, and insurance eligibility are part of its comprehensive medical billing platform.

It helps suppliers adjust to changes in healthcare, including MACRA like other medical billing service companies do. MACRA is a sophisticated collection of regulations that rewards doctors for providing high-quality care instead of treating many patients.

Their solution is specialty-specific and gives enough customization for a practice to change following its size and workflow. Their EHR and vaccine administration management system is pretty simple to use.

Comprehensive medical billing software from CureMD enables the generation of valuable financial reports. It also includes a vital performance dashboard with current data on A/R periods, revenue collection, and typical payer rejection factors.

These choices make it easier for a doctor to keep track of his practice’s performance without becoming bogged down in intricate financial minutiae.

Other services offered by CureMD include:

      • Advanced claim cleaning.
      • Decoding ruthless rejection letters.
      • Assisting clients in resolving rejections even if they don’t outsource their billing to CureMD.


  • Low initial price for basic service
  • No minimum contract requirement
  • Very high first-pass success rate on claims
  • EHR software designed for specialties
  • Billing services include an all-in-one system
  • Free onboarding


  • Has multiple add-on fees, depending on the level of service you need
  • Does not support some uncommon specialty areas
  • Doesn’t work on Android phones
  • Fees for more than five users



To meet all needs for medical billing services, CareCloud offers managed revenue cycle management (RCM). It combines intelligence, analytics, and back-office personnel to ensure efficient and adequate payment procedures and reduce employee stress.

To submit claims to payers and pay for the printing and distribution of patient statements, they can accept paper or electronic claim submissions.

Another vendor that appears to have gotten many things right in their approach to EHR and PM is CareCloud. With a straightforward interface, they also make things simple and manageable. Additionally, it integrates with their patient portal and EHR software. Even better, you just have to pay for your service because pricing is so competitive.
CareCloud is a well-known provider that offers full-service solutions to various practices while avoiding the complications, costs, and demands that well-known providers sometimes feel entitled to. CloudCare is probably one of the better options to consider if you want to keep your invoicing straightforward to manage.


  •       Multiple pricing tiers with overall competitive pricing
  •       Has a strong matching EMR system
  •       Offers a minimum contract length of one year
  •       Excellent coding results
  •       User-friendly interface
  •       Includes consulting services
  •       Customizable billing options


  •       Startup fees are high for new clients
  •       Requires a minimum monthly guarantee
  •       Only offers an iOS app


Medical billing software, patient portals, outsourced billing, and an EMR system are offered by DrChrono, a provider of medical billing services.

Anywhere with Wi-Fi can access Drchrono’s EMR. So, medical practitioners can check patients’ medical histories and files from a PC, tablet, or mobile phone. It includes various features, including custom charts, laboratory orders, online prescribing, and medical dictation.
These charts can be customized for different medical sub-specialties like physical therapy or mental health.

Due to its claim cleansing, rejection resolution, and clearinghouse submission features, its medical billing platform is essential.

Our billing platform decreases patient communication and paperwork through automatic billing reminders and customized forms. The text and email notifications in specific automated patient contacts remind patients of scheduled visits and past-due invoices.
Overall, DrChrono is a stable and user-friendly platform.


  •       Geared toward both general practices and speciality providers
  •       Works with small practices with no minimum monthly guarantee
  •       Will handle the claims submission process from start to finish
  •       Offers a high percentage of success on the first pass of insurance claims


  •       Must be a DrChrono EMR software client
  •       May does not work as well for larger practices

7.Human Medical Billing Company

A member of the American Medical Billing Association, Human Medical Billing has been in business for over 20 years and has the best BBB rating. Instead of only providing the software, they mainly outsource medical billing.

Working with some insurance companies, Human Medical Billing creates unique solutions to their clients’ needs. Due to automatic reporting for denials and the reasoning behind each, their denial system is quite natural.

A complete revenue cycle management (RCM) solution is offered by Human Medical Billing on a cloud-based platform that may be integrated with their EHR software.

Human Medical works through the billing process with software and human oversight to ensure billing problems are found and fixed before entry. A portion of the stress and discomfort that may otherwise be time-wasting for practice personnel could be alleviated by looking up claims with insurance companies, not least denied and incorrectly adjudicated claims.


  • Provide a flexible billing solution


  • Do not offer a Practice Management (PM) platform


Despite being rather costly, Cerner is another well-known billing company in the industry. Cerner most likely offers the best functionality in the sector.

They offer a thorough revenue cycle management service on the billing side, just like Kareo. In addition to posting your charges and dropping your claims, they follow up on your denials and submit them through a clearinghouse. Patient collections are also covered.

The product from Cerner is good. To make the product screens less cluttered, they should enhance the user experience.


  •       Multiple advanced features for large practices
  •       Handles all aspects of billing
  •       Will manage patient account collections for you
  •       Once you figure out how to use it efficiently, this is an impressive service


  •       Higher than average pricing
  •     The training process is long and involved
  •       Customer service has hit and miss results


Clients can get their invoicing done by ClaimCare, and they can also get analytics and an EMR system. It assists clients with automating appointment reminders and verifying insurance, much like some of its rivals.

With its patient checkout tool, Claim Care stands apart from the competition. The typical office visit is organized by the patient checkout tool, allowing medical providers to collect copayments and coinsurance at the end of each visit.

Another method ClaimCare adapts is assembling a diverse staff that includes medical billers, physicians, process engineers, and IT specialists. Additionally, it enables all medical professionals to access essential reports like AP, the average balance per patient, and AR overview.

With ClaimCare, you can examine information about your claims, unpaid A/R, and other revenue cycle management activities from anywhere, unlike other antiquated systems. Because these dashboards are cloud-based, you can access them from anywhere.


  • Instant Payment Program
  • Professional medical billing experts
  • Easy implementation


  • No mobile app
  • No add-on services like telemedicine


10.P3 Healthcare Solutions

P3 Healthcare Solutions specializes in working with medical practices and offers RCM services and HIPAA-compliant medical billing.

Software as a service, coding and billing are all included in medical billing services. Pathology, clinical lab, credentialing, AR management, and auditing are all included in the RCM services.

The full range of medical billing services offered by P3 Healthcare Solutions includes insurance verification, coding, charge entry, payment posting, clearing rejected claims, denial management, AR recovery, and patient statements.

Additionally, this business has made an effort to become an expert in telehealth service billing.


  • Comprehensive services
  • Organized and efficient workflow
  • HIPAA-compliant


  • May is not suitable for smaller practices


11. eClinicalWorks Medical Billing Company

This business focuses on software services to assist practices in managing front- and back-office duties and coordinating patient care.

This provides solutions for things like telemedicine, patient interaction through portals, population health management, including care coordination, and revenue cycle management. This platform has features for handling scheduling, lab orders and reviews, documentation, claims billings, and patient follow-up and is intended for independent ambulatory offices.

A virtual assistant for short learning curves, dashboards for patient compliance, and the ability to access data from many devices and places are some features of the program.

The solutions for revenue cycle management support monitoring KPIs and estimating claims and billing procedures. Thanks to an alerts dashboard, you maintain control over lawsuits to reduce AR days and trouble spots like timely filing denials.


  •       Flexible service and software options
  •       Affordable RCM as a service
  •       Integrates with other programs such as Scribe


  •       Customer support is not all U.S.-based

FAQ on Medical Billing Companies

  • What is RCM in medical billing?

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the financial process, and use of medical billing software, that healthcare facilities use to record patient care details from registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment of a balance. 

  • What is the most popular company among medical billing companies?

Medical billing software helps clinics get paid more quickly, increase workflow efficiencies, maintain patient information up-to-date, and reduce paperwork while establishing efficient digital workflows for crucial activities.
Drchrono is the best overall medical billing software in 2022.

  • What is the price of medical billing software?

Expectedly, the cost of cloud-based and hosted medical billing software differs significantly. This is mainly because hosted software requires a more significant initial financial outlay. On the other hand, cloud-based software only needs you to sign up for a subscription and make monthly or yearly payments.

In general, hosted software will cost more than cloud-based medical billing software. Numerous software vendors impose a set monthly cost.


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