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5 Best Medical Billing and Coding Schools

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Best Medical Billing and Coding Schools

Medical billing and coding is an important part of the medical care system which helps with record-keeping and information management. You can be a professional in medical billing and coding by having a good education from the best medical billing and coding school.

Medical billing and coding programs train students how to assign numerical codes to medical diagnoses and procedures. Best medical billing and coding schools offer a very flexible schedule, high-quality education and professional training.

Medical Billing and Coding Schools

Here I mention the 5 best medical billing and coding schools that provide the opportunity for the very first step of your medical billing and coding career.

  • Davenport University – Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Labouré College – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Minnesota West Community and Technical College
  • South Hills School of Business and Technology 
  • Alexandria Technical and Community College – Alexandria, Minnesota ( Medical Coding and Billing Schools)

 As you search for different opportunities in higher education, this article will provide guidance in choosing the best medical billing and coding school. I hope this school of medical billing and coding list has helped you in your search. 

1. Davenport University – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Tuition Per Credit: $450-$707

 You can have the education, skills, and real-world experience you need, by enrolling in career-focused and flexible degree programs offered by Davenport University.

 At Davenport University, they don’t just concerned about helping to earn a degree, also concerned with helping to gain a career. That’s why they are more concerned about the activity-based and practical training sessions of the degree.

 Davenport University’s medical billing and coding degree program help students to grow the necessary skills and understanding that requires to face the CPC certification examination and to have an amateur position in the medical care field.

 This course takes 80 credits to fulfil, the volume vital by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Higher Learning Commission approved the Davenport University and has a solid course work to make sure that students are prepared to get a career as a medical coder after they successfully completed their degree.

This course work will help students to acknowledge the significance of coding, explain and decide the levels of E/M services and describe the official ICD-10-CM coding principles.

Davenport students have the opportunity to work with new technologies and software designed for accessing, managing, and saving medical records and healthcare details. This experience helps students to obtain much-required practical training in the medical care field and code training.

Davenport offering its students to participate online in the Health Information Technology program. It means, Davenport’s medical billing and coding program can be completed entirely online. Davenport is known as one of the best online medical billing and coding schools.

2. Labouré College – Boston, Massachusetts

 Tuition Per Credit: about $485

 Labouré College has been educating medical care professionals for 124 years as long as the best supplier in Boston. It is a private and incredible medical billing and coding school, have specialized in nursing and medical care education.

Labouré College offers different nursing programs and healthcare career fields that challenge and motivate students.

 Labouré College provides an incredible medical coding certification. It has a better knowledge of the splendid growth of the medical billing field and the increased availability of talented professionals.

 The medical billing and coding program of Laboure College admits students to make ready for certification examinations within three semesters. Their course work includes things in coding, healthcare delivery, health information management and technology, and advanced coding.

 Labouré College offers not only full-time students but also part-time and online students who are willing to have a certification in medical billing and coding.

3. Minnesota West Community and Technical College – Worthington, Minnesota

Tuition Per Credit: $184.03

Minnesota West is another best medical billing and coding school.

Minnesota West Community & Technical College offers an associate degree, diploma or certification in more than 60 courses. They provide an opportunity for students to do the learning process within the campus or through the online process.

They provide a few amounts of students per class, personalized attention for all students and focused practical learning. Students can have better practical knowledge with the help of their technical programs, which helps students to become successful careers in various medical care industries soon after their graduation.

Within a year, a student can complete the Medical Coding Specialist diploma online from MWCTC. This coding program consists of 34 credits and is divided into 3 semesters. Students have to take 12 credits for their first semester, 15 credits for the second semester, and 7 credits for the third and last semester.

 MWCTC checks the student’s previous experience or knowledge about the basic aspects of word processing, excel works, database and document combination, broadcasting, and the internet. Their course work includes classes on medical insurance and reimbursement, microcomputers, disease conditions, and coding.

But, if the students haven’t any previous knowledge of spreadsheets, databases, and word processing software, there are options for them who have difficulties in these areas.

As an example, there are program courses like “Introduction to Microcomputers” which can help students to learn these skills quickly and efficiently. MWCTC also offers a free and non-credit course named “Introduction to Online Learning” which helps students to get familiar with the online learning system and see if it’s the correct selection for them.

MWCTC is also named a “military-friendly school.”

4. South Hills School of Business and Technology

 Tuition Per Credit: $687.50

This school is a post-secondary career school with two campus locations located in Pennsylvania. It is one of the schools that has authorization from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)

South Hills School of Business & Technology prepares students for their first profession and all of their courses include professional advancement. They offer various types of programs like specialized associate degrees, diplomas, certificates, continuing education, and professional development programs in business, technology, healthcare, criminal justice, and graphic arts.

This school was established in 1970 for expanding more specialized skills training in Central Pennsylvania. And also South Hills school has two branch campuses located in State College and Altoona. They offer courses for students and adults looking to add skills to their CV for new career opportunities.

South Hills School of Business and Technology is a perfect selection for anyone who looking for the best medical billing and coding school.

This certified two-year associate degree in Health Information Technology gives students the invaluable experience of practical training, code training, keeping necessary electronic health records, and medical care quality improvement.

South Hills School of Business and technology is a leading school in business and technology education for the medical care field. And also this school offers the opportunity for drone-flying instruction and drone-racing.

Additionally, the certain Health Information Technology degree program provides students with a priceless education and also good training for being leaders in their workplace and developers in the industry.

5. Alexandria Technical and Community College – Alexandria, Minnesota (Medical Billing and Coding Schools)

Tuition Per Credit: $199

Alexandria Technical & Community College provides high-quality education for students who are planning to start a career in medical billing and coding path. It offers the best possession and career positioning programs among all of the Minnesota public colleges.

Alexandria Technical & Community College is not only textbooks, classes, labs, and studying. There is a number of organizations, sports, and student activities to keep students much active and fresh. Alexandria is a fun and safe community including restaurants, shops, theatres, and various outdoor recreational activities.

A student can have their diploma and also the internship in medical coding at Alexandria Technical and Community College, within just 5 semesters. They offer classes on human anatomy and medical reimbursement, and also career-seeking skills as part of their diploma program.

This diploma program may consist of 45 credits. In the first year, students have to learn fundamental knowledge and skills, of entry-level coursework in pharmacology, medical reception, pathology, and anatomy and physiology.

In the second year, students have to learn about the CPT code, ICD coding, medical law and ethics, and other specialized areas of the job. At the end of the program, students are required to complete a two-credit internship which helps students get much-needed practical experience.

This diploma program is available online but it does not include above mentioned two-credit internship program. The best part of this diploma is that they offer a $200 scholarship to students who keep a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Is it a good idea for going to medical billing and coding schools, rather than studying online?

Of course yes. You can defeat the challenges of medical billing and coding, with the right training and a little bit of hard work. It will help you to get a great job at a critical time in the field. By enrolling in the right program you can become a medical coder very easily.

How long do I need to wait to become a certified medical coder?

You can complete medical billing and coding certifications within as four months as fifteen months. The training period may depend on the field experts and the period that you take part in classes and practicals each week.

What types of certifications are needed for today’s medical coders?

Below three are the best certifications allowed by the government and the industry.

  •       Certified Professional Coder (CPC) recommend by the AAPC.
  •       Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) recommend from the AHIMA.
  •       Physician-based – Certified Coding Specialist (CCS-P).

What is the daily work period of a medical coder?

Medical coders normally work 40 hours per week. Depending on the work environment, you can also work more hours and manage your schedule to align with what your employer is looking for.

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