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Medical Billing And Coding Salary According To The State – 2021

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Medical Billing & Coding Salary According To The State

If you’re looking for a medical care career with a short pathway from program to the profession and many career opportunities, look no better than medical billing and coding. 

There are various paths in the medical billing and coding field. However, they all involve work with medical records and make sure they do the billing process inaccurately. As the role of medical care grows, trained professionals who perform these tasks will become increasingly important. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) calculates 8% growth over the next ten years, much faster than the average for all careers. With nearly 30,000 new jobs expected by 2029, now is an excellent time to seeking a medical billing and coding career. 

medical billing and coding salary

When you think about a new career, the salary of the particular job is an important part. When considering the medical billing and coding salary, the state can be critical rather than others. Hawaii, Washington, California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey provide the highest medical billing and coding salary.

What can be the Average Medical billing and coding salary?

In the united states, The general salary for medical specialists—a category that includes medical billing and coding salary—is more than $40,000 a year, $18.00 per hour. However, in different circumstances, medical billers and coders without certification earn roughly $41,540 annually.

In comparison, accredited medical coding and billing specialists earn around $57,646 annually, 39% higher than the non-certified ones.

The 2020 Healthcare Salary Survey again shows that medical billing and coding credential pays. Salaries for health information technicians with two certifications ascend to more than $63,000. Medical billing and coding specialists with three or more certifications earn about $68,590 per year.

It can differ from career to career. This range depends on an employee’s living place and workplace, qualifications, and certifications that have the experience in the working and working areas of the medical care field.

Where You Live?

Do you know that real estate saying, “Location is everything”? But, unfortunately, when it comes to salaries for medical billers and coders, where you live and work isn’t everything, but it does affect.

There are many reasons for the medical billing, and coding salary can depend on the location. First is the cost of living depends on where you live. Second, population—and therefore the concentration of people who need medical care—can also impact healthcare organizations’ pay.

According to BLS data, the West Coast (including Hawaii and Alaska) offers medical specialists the highest median medical billing and coding salary. Conversely, the region consists of Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee have the lowest median wages for these positions. You will have a better knowledge about this by looking at the below table. It includes medical billing and coding salary description according to the state.

How Much Money Do Medical billers and Coders earn?

Medical coding salaries can differ throughout the U.S. based on the state’s employment cost index and consumer price index according to the location of employing organization. For example, the average salary received in California and the minimum wage in North Carolina.

On a median, a medical billing and coding employee in California makes $5.43 per hour more than a medical billing and coding employee working in North Carolina. But, again, the difference in average state salaries mainly accounts for the costs of living in the state. A similar gap has between city and countryside in the U.S.

From the table below, you can pick out your state to see an overview of salary details for your area. Each state computes elements average annual salaries by certifications, education level, and work experience of the healthcare field. In addition, you can use the Medical Billing and Coding Salary Calculator if you’d like to apply your filters to find specific medical coder salary information.

Name of the state Average Hourly Salary Average Annual Salary
California $30.98 $64,437
Massachusetts $30.90 $64,262
New Jersey $29.42 $61,201
Hawaii $29.24 $60,824
Connecticut $29.02 $60,360
New York $28.70 $59,695
Colorado $28.20 $58,648
Maryland $28.17 $58,590
New Hampshire $27.83 $57,877
Alaska $27.78 $57,778
Rodhe Island $27.72 $57,651
Wyoming  $27.68 $57,577
Washington  $27.10 $56,371
Oregon $27.01 $56,174
Texas $26.92 $56,001
Minnesota $26.91 $55,983
District of Columbia $26.28 $54,667
Wisconsin $26.25 $54,601
Pennsylvania $26.20 $54,492
Florida $26.19 $54,469
Delaware $25.91 $53,885
New Mexico $25.78 $53,616
Ohio $25.77 $53,593
Illinois $25.65 $53,362
North Carolina $25.55 $53,141


With these 25 states paying above the national average, the opportunities for economic development by changing locations as a Medical biller and Coder appear to be highly beneficial.  However, medical billing and coding salary can depend on several points. These points include specialization, credentials, living area, workplace, and career experience.

By considering all the above points, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) discovered that the average salary in 2021 for medical billing and coding specialists was $44,090 per year or $21.20 per hour.

Certificates adding an extra value for your medical billing and coding Salary

According to the AAPC, a non-certified one’s annual medical billing and coding salary are $42,000, while a certified one is $55,920. If you have two certifications, it increases the wages up to $64,900. Therefore, having more credentials helps to have a better salary for medical billing and coding specialists. 

Each of the United States has its economy, cost of living, and average salary. Therefore, the state is one of the most critical factors in determining medical billing and coding salaries. 

Health information technicians, a profession that encloses medical billing and coding, have a wide range of job opportunities, a better career future, and a balanced work-life.

However, the salary scope is aggressive and far overran the economic and time investment needed to become a medical billing and coding expert. Likewise, working with medical care providers in the medical field offers a career path rich in personal rewards.

Who gets paid more medical billers or coders?

When it comes to medical billing and medical coding salary, medical coders generally make more than medical billers. Medical coders make an average annual salary of about $43,250, according to PayScale data from June 2021.

Which three coding specialties have the highest salary?

  1. Certified Radiology Coder has the highest average salary of $49,328. 
  2. Certified Rheumatology Coder has the second-highest average salary of $48,501.
  3. Certified Cardiovascular and Thoracic Coder has the third-highest average salary, $48,145.

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