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Medical Billing and Coding Professional Development Courses

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University of Phoenix Launches Medical Billing and Coding Professional Development Courses

This week, the University of Phoenix debuted professional development courses in the high-demand sector of medical billing and coding. The University’s professional development courses are intended to facilitate ambitious individuals build career-ready work skills in developing industries in a short period of time.

In our previous articles, we discussed high school diploma in medical billing and coding. Not only that but also here have another chance to buildup your career in medical billing and coding sector. That is the University of Phoenix launches medical billing and coding professional development courses. Let’s see how it is worth us to improve our knowledge and skills to be a professional medical biller or coder. So here we go!


Consider a career as a medical coder if you are detail-oriented and enjoy arranging and classifying. Becoming a medical billing and coding professional entails turning medical procedures and descriptions of physical ailments into numbers or alphanumeric codes. Appropriate coding is critical for timely reimbursements and effective treatment options in a medical institution or profession, particularly when many professionals are involved.

Medical billing and coding is an important element of healthcare operations, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 9% increase in employment of health records and healthcare information experts from 2020 to 2030. According to the Emsi Burning Glass, an employment market research firm, there were approximately 12,500 distinct job vacancies for Medical Billing and Coding associated professions between November 2020 and November 2021. It is including Medical Coders, Certified Medical Coders, and Inpatient Coding Specialists. This is a 42 percent increase over the previous year.

The medical billing and coding path teaches learners vital skills that will allow individuals to compete in today’s modern developing medical job market,” says Mukund Sudarsan, vice president and general manager of Professional Development at the University of Phoenix.

Emsi Burning Glass recognized the new Medical Billing and Coding track courses as being linked to in-demand skills businesses typically publish in job descriptions. Acknowledging electronic medical records, billing and coding foundations, and anatomical and physiology coding systems are among the key abilities required. The six-course program was created to prepare students for the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) certification test. Noncredit professional development courses at the University are entirely online, self-directed, and normally take around 30 hours to finish, allowing students to do them on their own time.

Students may go over and over the exams as many times as they like to verify they understand the main ideas and are exhibiting the new ability. Participants who successfully complete a course may also demonstrate their improved abilities to employers by sharing a certificate of accomplishment. The professional development curriculum is expanding, with courses in social media marketing, non-clinical healthcare, information technology, and virtual teaching. The University keeps expanding its course catalogue for today’s highly competitive individuals who really need to learn new skills fast and inexpensively in a changing competitive environment. 

Medical Billing and Coding program

The Medical Billing and Coding program will prepare students for this critical function as a medical coder at a doctor’s office, hospital, or basic healthcare facilities, such as a surgical centre or health centre. In addition to understanding code correctly, students are becoming acquainted with health information technology and regulatory requirements. Students will also study anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and medical terminology as they relate to medical billing and coding. While completing the program, students will be able to sit for a national certification test.

The demand for qualified medical coders is increasing. Register in the Medical Billing and Coding program to take the initiative toward a successful and fulfilling profession as a coding specialist.

The University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is always experimenting to assist older professionals to advance their careers in a rapidly moving environment. Flexible scheduling, appropriate courses, and interactive learning enable students to pursue professional and personal goals more successfully while managing their busy lifestyles. For further information, go to

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