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Low-Cost Medical Coding And Billing Online Program 2023

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The importance of medical coding and billing in the healthcare industry

Medical coding and billing are crucial components of the healthcare system because they allow healthcare practitioners to appropriately bill insurance companies and collect insightful information about patient experiences and treatments. A care facility’s decision-makers can use this information to guide their resource allocation decisions, ultimately improving the caliber of patient care.

The critical role of the healthcare sector is paperwork. Accurately completing and storing medical records and health information is crucial. That’s when medical coding and billing enter the picture.

Flexible training and job possibilities in medical billing and coding are available to fit a range of demands. Busy adults will value the associate in the medical billing and coding program’s 24/7 access to classes and support services. In essence, the classification of patient information and other medical paperwork using a system of codes is the responsibility of medical billers and coders. These programs serve as the translator between insurance and medical professionals. The billing portion of the industry focuses on appropriately submitting claims to the relevant insurance.

Both procedures ensure that patients are charged relatively, hospitals are reimbursed fairly, and insurance continues to be compliant and accountable.

Although billers and coders can occupy separate responsibilities, particularly in more effective health systems, it is typical for students in the industry to complete training in both before taking tests to become certified in each. The AAPC is the main body in the US that administers certification exams.

An employment firm that matches medical billers and coders with jobs claims that those with an associate degree in the industry have the most options for full- or part-time work, contract work, and remote work.

While obtaining a degree is not a requirement to pass the exam and become a certified biller and coder, it might give you the edge over competitors when applying for fantastic billing or coding jobs and impress employers.

Additionally, some programs lead to certification exams, so graduates are well-prepared to use for billing and coding positions.

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In-person vs. online medical coding and billing programs

Thanks to online programs, students can attend lessons whenever most convenient. Students typically have 24/7 access to their courses. This enables people with demanding schedules, such as parents, full-time jobs, and armed forces members, to obtain a college degree or certificate.

Online courses enable students to withhold the price of housing and board, meal plans, transportation, parking, or childcare costs and are frequently more economical than on-campus alternatives. Instead, tuition, technology, and fees for specialty courses like labs make up the only costs of an online program.

While there are numerous advantages to online learning, there are frequently more requirements for online programs than for on-campus courses. Students require discipline to attend classes on time, communicate with classmates and teachers and do work on time. The secret to succeeding in online learning is self-motivation.

Your overall program costs are impacted by the delivery modality you choose—online or on campus. Online associate degrees can cost between $6,000 and $13,000, while one can obtain medical billing and coding certificates for as little as $2,000 online. Associate degrees earned on-campus range in price from $10,000 to $24,000, including room and board.

Online courses frequently cost less than their on-campus equivalents, and online students may also be eligible for additional financial aid to cut costs further. Additionally, online students are spared the extra fees to attend on-campus classes. Students who study online save money by not having to pay for lodging, meals, or transportation. By taking online programs, parents can eliminate or lower daycare costs.

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Low-Cost Online Certification Programs for Medical Billing and Coding

It takes work to enter medical information into software for electronic health records. The industry uses classification and coding systems to keep track of this data.

Every diagnosis and treatment has a unique code. An intimate knowledge of these codes is necessary for maintaining accurate records and processing billing data.

It is wise to begin with formal training if you want to work in the medical records industry. You may spend between four months and one and a half years getting ready for this career in a college credential program. Then, you might be prepared to enter the field as a knowledgeable, competent professional.

Your studies could include the following:

  • Invoicing and payment
  • ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding systems
  • Digital health records
  • Sections of the body
  • Health privacy laws
  • Illnesses and remedies
  • Specialized language
  • Healthcare delivery strategies
  • Communications in Healthcare

There will be lab components in many courses. These certificate programs frequently consist of an externship. You would spend some time working for a healthcare company during that encounter. You may hone your abilities and pick up new knowledge at work.

You would have a skilled medical coder and biller overseeing your job. The externship may be completed online or in person. Because certificate programs are shorter than full degrees, many students choose them. In 4 months or up to 2  years, you can complete a medical coding and billing certificate program.

Because a certificate program requires a few credits, it may be less expensive than pursuing a degree.

Following your training, you may apply for national certification from a reputable healthcare organization to demonstrate your expertise in this area. An online program’s courses could prepare you to pass a professional exam.

As medical coders or billers, graduates can frequently have a career as medical records specialists. Some go on to work as managers of healthcare services or health information technicians.

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Curriculum & Courses for Medical Billing & Coding Certificates

All the classes in a medical billing and coding certificate program help prepare you for your desired career.

You could enroll in classes like these:

Medical Billing Coding: This lesson will teach you the importance of correct codes for reimbursement purposes.

Diagnostic Coding: This course will emphasize the use of the ICD-10-CM to categorize medical diagnoses.

Electronic Health Records: You can research the systems now in use for documenting and organizing patients’ medical histories and other healthcare information.

Healthcare Systems: This course will explore the groups, divisions, and individuals responsible for delivering healthcare services and funding patient care.

Health Policy: In this class, you may also discuss ethics and learn about the laws and norms governing how healthcare is provided.

Human Anatomy and Physiology: An A&P course will teach you about the components of the human body, their functions, and how they interact.

Medical Terminology: You will become familiar with medical jargon as you study the names of organ systems, diagnostic procedures, and drugs.

Pathophysiology and Pharmacology: You will study diseases, drugs, and other therapies as you need to work in the healthcare industry.

Procedural Coding: In a class on procedural coding, you’ll learn about ICD-10-PCS.

Review: If you want to prepare for industry certification tests, you can complete your program with a review course.

You may need to complete a local or online externship in addition to these classes.

Below are some low-cost medical coding and online billing programs you can consider when finding the best program.

Low-Cost Medical Coding and online billing programs

South Arkansas Community College Medical Coding and Billing Certificate


In-state – $2,328

Out-of-state – $4,128

An online path to medical coding instruction is offered via South Arkansas Community College’s flexible medical coding certificate. The public university supports remote learners from its main campus in El Dorado by providing 32 certificate programs.

The medical coding curriculum includes industry-specific classes that offer a thorough understanding of the field. Those looking for certificates can also get practical training and develop their abilities through workshops, events, and internships. Students can alter their course of study and educational path to fit their timetable. The medical coding certificate program includes classes that both full-time and part-time students take. This flexibility enables busy students and working adults to juggle school and other commitments.

Students can contact the financial assistance office for information on financial aid and certificate program requirements. The college provides various internal and external funding opportunities, including federal financial aid, fellowships, and scholarships. According to the university, 94% of students receive financial assistance, while the graduation rate is 34%.

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West Georgia Technical College Medical Coding and Billing Certificate


In-state – $2,400

Out-of-state – $4,800

The low cost online certificate in medical coding offered by West Georgia Technical College is an appealing choice for students looking for flexible training related to the medical coding sector.

The medical coding program participants gain from classes specialized in the industry, expanding their understanding of the discipline while giving them insight into industry professionals. By participating in workshops, events, and other experiential learning activities, certificate seekers can also prepare for the workforce. Students select classes based on their schedules, requirements, and professional objectives. The online medical coding program offers full-time and part-time enrollment options. This flexibility makes it simpler for busy students to juggle studying with jobs or other responsibilities.

Distance learners can contact the financial aid office for further information on whether they qualify for certificate programs. Students who meet the requirements and are enrolled in certificate programs can submit the FAFSA and use the Pell Grant to pay for school. The institution reports that 30% of students graduate in less than six years, and 87% of the student body receives financial help.

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Barton County Community College Medical Coding and Billing Certificate


In-state – $2,368

Out-of-state – $3,008

The Barton County Community College’s low cost medical coding certificate exposes students to career-focused subjects in a flexible learning environment. This university offers 38 different credential choices for students.

The medical coding curriculum covers areas critical to the industry while giving students a thorough understanding of the field. Certificate candidates can also take advantage of experiential learning opportunities to further their professional goals. According to their schedules, students select flexible enrollment options.

Distance learners can enroll in the medical coding program complete- or part-time. Because of this flexibility, it is simpler for working adults and busy students to enroll in the program.

Learners should speak with the financial aid office to establish their eligibility for assistance while budgeting for educational costs. The college provides various internal and external funding opportunities, including federal financial aid, fellowships, and scholarships. Currently, 31% of students graduate from the institution, and 96% of enrolled students receive financial aid.

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Hutchinson Community College Medical Coding and Billing Certificate


In-state – $2,730

Out-of-state – $3,660

Hutchinson Community College’s low-cost online medical coding certificate program is one of the best. This university offers 37 certificate programs for students to choose from.

Through classes specific to the sector, participants in the medical coding program expand their understanding of the subject. Participants in opportunities for practical learning relevant to the profession can also pursue certificates. Flexible course options make it simpler for students to fit classes around their other duties. Students can register in the online healthcare coding program either full-time or part-time. This flexibility is necessary for both busy students and working people.

The financial aid division works with online students to identify grants, scholarships, and other funding options. Students who meet the criteria can use funding options like the Pell Grant to pay for their certificate program. The institution reports that 92% of enrolled students receive financial aid, and the graduation rate is only 42%.

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Lamar Institute of Technology Medical Coding and Billing Certificate


In-state – $2,280

Out-of-state – $12,408

Lamar Institute of Technology offers flexible medical coding training through its online medical coding specialist certificate program. The Lamar Institute of Technology offers 23 certificate programs.

Participants in the medical coding program can enhance their understanding of the subject while getting industry insights, thanks to classes specifically designed for the industry. Certificate candidates can also take advantage of experiential learning opportunities to further their professional goals. Thanks to flexible alternatives, learners can choose a format for their coursework that matches their schedule. Students from full-time and part-time programs can enroll in the online medical coding program. This flexibility is necessary for both busy students and working people.

Students can contact the financial aid office to discover more ways to pay for a certificate.

Students who meet the requirements and are enrolled in certificate programs can submit the FAFSA and use the Pell Grant to pay for school. Currently, 33% of students graduate from the institution, while 65% of the student body is supported financially in some way.

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Central Texas University Medical Coding and Billing Certificate

Cost – $3100

Medical Billing and Coding Online Certification is available through Central Texas College. The fundamentals of healthcare law, medical language, phrases used in health insurance, electronic claims, and electronic health records are covered in classes. The entire program is online. Students can finish the 384 class hours at their own pace and have access to their courses for six months.

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New York City University Medical Coding and Billing Certificate

Cost – $2995

The University of New York offers a Certified Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Certificate. Students can finish the program in an average of one year, at which point they can pursue higher education or jobs requiring an entry-level degree. Anatomy and physiology, diagnostics and procedures, medical coding, and insurance reimbursement are topics covered in the program, which meets online.

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DeVry University Medical Coding and Billing Certificate

Cost – $3000

A certificate in medical billing and coding is available from DeVry University. Core concepts from the natural sciences, anatomy, health information technology, and communications disciplines are a few areas covering this course. The course makes use of an entirely online learning environment. Classes begin every eight weeks, allowing students to move forward with their academic and professional careers at their earliest convenience.

The Higher Learning Commission has granted DeVry University its accreditation.

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Drexel College Medical Coding and Billing Certificate

Cost – $3200

The Medical Billing and Coding online certificate program are available at Drexel University. The curriculum aims to equip students with the abilities to succeed in the increasingly important technology jobs in the healthcare industry. To graduate, students must complete a minimum of 30 credits. For relevant professional or academic experiences, the program may award transfer credits.

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Great Basin University Medical Coding and Billing Certificate

Cost – $2900

A certificate in medical billing and coding is available from Great Basin College. Courses like Diagnostic Coding, Healthcare Structure, Medical Record Content, and Medical Terminology and the Healthcare Environment are possible options. Every class meets entirely online. Students can often finish the 34 credits necessary for the degree in one year of full-time study.

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Tips for finding and choosing a reputable and affordable online medical billing and coding program

The program that best serves your individual needs is the finest. This can entail a quicker curriculum, one that is less expensive, or one with a flexible timetable. You can assess programs using the following subjective standards:

Cost of the program: The price of a program has an impact on your future. It’s essential to pick a program that offers the degree of quality you need at a price you can afford. You may be eligible for scholarships as a student pursuing an undergraduate medical coding and billing certificate. These financial aid opportunities could help you cover the cost of your education.

Flexibility in the curriculum should be a top priority in your search if you need to keep working while enrolled in an online medical coding and billing program since you have a job. You can go at your own pace with some programs. Other programs are stricter, requiring you to adhere to a fixed class attendance schedule to receive your credential.

Program length: You may need to look for a program that can be finished more quickly, depending on why you’re enrolling in a medical coding and billing course. Check the institution you are studying to see how long the program lasts.


Requirements for a Common Online Medical Billing and Coding Degree

Students can prepare for a future as medical records technicians with an online diploma in medical coding and billing. Students can learn about maintaining health information through standardized billing and coding procedures.

Whether they are delivered online or in the classroom, medical billing and coding programs are often offered through for-profit vocational schools or community colleges and take about a year to complete. Students typically complete on-the-job training under the supervision of a working professional in addition to the training classes.

Even though a bachelor’s degree is not mandatory for employment in this field, many employers prefer candidates with an associate’s or certification. Students who want to expand their career options may choose to complete a fully online degree in medical care administration or health information management. Both programs will give students a foundation in medical coding and billing and a broader perspective on healthcare administration.

If you need to have a profession that will allow you to advance, it is better to take this route.

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Obtaining a Medical Billing and Coding Online Certificate

Do you want to be a qualified person in the healthcare industry? If you’re adept with numbers and technology, you might be a good fit for a medical coder or biller career. An online medical billing and coding certification could help you prepare for the position.

You could even be able to finish an online externship in addition to taking your classes online—numerous academic medical billing and coding certificate programs aid in preparing students for national billing and code certification.

If you have enough qualifications, look into approved colleges offering online medical billing and coding courses immediately.


How long does it take to get an online billing and coding certificate?

Online medical billing and coding certificate programs typically take between 8 and 15 months. Some full-time students could complete it in as little as four months. Some people might take closer to 18 months to complete.

You might be prepared for national certification exams before completing the entire degree, depending on the curriculum at your college. That might enable you to become eligible for a position in medical coding sooner than you would have anticipated.

It can take roughly two years of full-time study to complete a medical coding associate degree if you decide against enrolling in a certificate program.

After completing your medical coding and billing degree, your ultimate objective is to get a job in the industry. Fortunately, the field is expanding considerably more quickly than the average growth rate for all American industries.

Additionally, there is tremendous growth in the healthcare sector as a whole. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, it is anticipated to grow its employment by 17% between 2020 and 2030, creating 2.6 million new jobs nationwide.

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