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Home-Based Medical Billing and Coding Salary : How Much Can I Make?

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The advantages of working from home can seem endless. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you can drop the kids off at school, work for six hours, and then resume your role as a parent after they get home. You might also prosper if you set your hours. Although there are many advantages, can you genuinely earn as much money working from home as you could in an office setting? That depends partly on you, and partly on the network of people you know who require medical billing services, is the reply.

If you’re interested in performing medical billing and coding at home, there are a few things to consider. Remember that even medical coders who work in the healthcare field need roughly five years of experience to earn decent pay, especially if you’re getting trained and certified. Finding clients will be challenging if you have little to no coding experience or have only worked for a few years. Additionally, remember that because they have access to a broader clientele than you do, your rivals’ outsourcing medical coding companies can typically provide lower prices. You might be unable to offer similar rates.

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To put it mildly, finding success in home-based medical billing is challenging. Consider the danger of becoming self-employed before quitting your employment. They won’t come to you anymore. Therefore you’ll need to find your customers. This implies that having a solid client base built over time is crucial. The initial investment required to launch your firm poses another danger. You will have to pay more in taxes because you won’t have a corporation paying a portion of your social security; you will also have overhead costs related to opening an office, marketing your services, and finding customers.

Additionally, you will be held entirely responsible if any coding or billing is incorrect. You can face legal action if the errors lead to a significant issue.

Healthcare providers must be insured to safeguard themselves from these types of litigation, but insurance is quite expensive. This implies that even if you’re ready to take on the expenditures and dangers, it can take a little longer before you start seeing a return. When assessing your options, ask yourself if you can afford to wait that long.


According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical records and health information technicians made an average salary of $41,460 per year as of May 2016. This is primarily based on employees’ wages in medical practices, nursing homes, outpatient care facilities, and other businesses.

The amount of time and effort you are willing to invest in your work will significantly determine how much money you will make from home-based medical billing.

The American Medical Billing Association offers a Medical Billing Starter Program to assist those starting in home-based medical billing. To launch your own consulting business, you need more than just medical billing expertise. You must put in the time to ensure your business will be successful if you want to make a living working from home. This calls for professional networking, placing your name in front of potential customers, and ensuring you keep up with industry changes.

To ensure that you always know how to give customers the most excellent product possible, you should keep up your training. If you work from home billing medical records, you are your boss, so arm yourself with the resources you need to be the best worker you can be.

There is still another choice for working from home. Large outsourcing corporations that operate for healthcare facilities are the main competitors for independent medical billing and coding professionals. 

Still, these same companies also employ contract workers who work from home. An illustration of a healthcare information and technology company that uses industry experts to work remotely is Aviacode. But remember that you are a contract worker and are not entitled to any perks.

Additionally, watch out for dishonest businesses that aim to take advantage of people looking for jobs from home. The Bureau of Consumer Protection provides some tips on how to stay away from fraud.


Your hourly fee for medical billing and coding as a contractual employee will typically be higher than the rate paid by a hospital or other healthcare facility for salaried, on-site employment. But will working from home genuinely increase your income? In all likelihood, no. While you can earn less per hour in an on-site job, you will receive valuable extra advantages if you work full-time. These may consist of:

  • health protection
  • 401k or 401b savings programs 
  • long- and short-term disability insurance
  • a sick day and vacation allowance
  • discounts for childcare, gyms, and other services

You might find that working in an office environment pays more than working from home if you multiply these perks by the hourly wage and make the necessary adjustments. Furthermore, unlike if you were self-employed, you won’t be held accountable for any mistakes.

Your judgment regarding whether working from home is the best option for you may be influenced by your circumstances. For instance, it might make sense for the other parent to work from home in two-income families where the primary wage earner has a job that offers healthcare and additional benefits, especially if doing so saves money on daycare. However, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of working from home is practical. You can use this to guide your decision-making.

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The Top 5 Highest Paying Home-Based Jobs for Medical Coders in the U.S.

According to our research, at least five positions in the Work From Home Medical Coder job category pay more annually than the average Work From Home Medical Coder wage. These roles include Remote Physician Coder, Remote Emergency Room Coder, and Emergency Room Coder as prime examples.

Notably, the salaries for each position range from $36,655 (73.8%) to $67,090 (135.0%), higher than the Work From Home Medical Coder salary average of $49,699. If you’re qualified, you might be able to earn more money than the typical Work From Home Medical Coder work by being hired for one of these related positions.

Job Title

Job Title Annual Salary
Remote Emergency Room Coder $116,789
Emergency Room Coder $111,443
Remote Physician Coder $89,833
Travel Coder $88,998
Emergency Room Medical Coder $86,354


Top 5 Cities with the Highest Paying Medical Coding Jobs for Remote Workers

The average pay for a Work From Home Medical Coder position is higher than the national average in five cities we’ve examined. Atkinson, Nebraska, takes the top spot on the list, followed closely by Bridgehampton, New York, and New York City. By an additional $17,003 (34.2%) above the $49,699 norm, Atkinson, NE, continues the trend started by Bridgehampton, NY, which surpasses the national average by $7,869 (15.8%).

The average salary in these ten places is higher than the national average. Therefore there are many options for Work From Home Medical Coders to develop financially by moving.

Although low, the average pay in these top ten cities differs by 19% between Atkinson, Nebraska, and Queens, New York, indicating that it would be challenging to experience significant wage growth. The possibility of a lower cost of living may aid in deciding how location and pay for a Work From Home Medical Coder employment should be balanced.

City Annual Salary
Atkinson, NE $66,702
New York City, NY $58,811
Bridgehampton, NY $57,568
Great Neck Gardens, NY $56,160
Boston, MA $55,885

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