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Georgia Medical Billing and Coding Schools

Medical billing and coding is one of the most vital aspects of the health care industry, and one of the most secure and stable career choices you can make. Medical billing and coding is the backbone of the industry, with out skilled personnel to accurately record changes in patient records, reliable treatment would nearly impossible. Any time a medical service is rendered, the billing and coding specialists are the ones who record it, bill the appropriate parties, and make sure the records are accurate.

What Is Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing is much the same as other billing positions with major exception of the medical terminology. Medical billing specialists will be responsible for updating records and issuing billing statements, as well as working with patients, insurance providers, and Medicare. Medical coders are responsible for updating patient records with treatment, disease, and diagnosis information through an established set of medical codes.


Medical billing and coding education requirements will vary depending on where you work. There are degrees, diplomas, and certificates of completion for both career fields. While degrees and certifications are not required, there are you best bet for advancement and higher pay. Medical billing careers require very good accounting skills, computer skills, customer service skills, and familiarity with medical and clinical terminology. Medical coders will need a more in depth knowledge of the medical terms and codes. Medical coders will need extensive knowledge of the over ten thousand codes, in addition to treatments, diseases and diagnosis information.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that the need for medical billing and coding personnel will increase dramatically over the next five to six years. An increase of eighteen to twenty percent is expected, meaning that tens of thousands of new jobs in medical billing and coding will become available over the next ten years. The average salary of medical billing specialist in Georgia is $30,270 per year. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.) As with any salary range, these values will vary widely from location to location.

Interested in exploring correspondence or online medical billing school options?

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