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EpicCare EMR Software Features, Pricing and Reviews 2021

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EpicCare EMR overview

EpicCare EMR is medical billing software that can provide a more efficient service to physicians and help increase overall revenue while improving productivity. EpicCare EMR will undoubtedly assist in correctly managing the physician’s administrative functions without compromising the quality of the patient’s treatment. EpicCare has several specialized care modules to ensure patient comfort and care. In addition, EpicCare performs several functions such as scheduling, bill payment, insurance claims, and continuous technical updates.

This software, called Ambulance Solution, belongs to the category of electronic medical recording. From clinical trials to mobile app analysis, the EpicCare system can be used by any physician. When the medical billing software market proliferates, EpicCare satisfaction is 85% ​​of the accepted medical billing software according to user ratings.

EpicCare makes it easy to navigate through the system with several shortcut options. In addition, this medical software makes it easier for hosts at various other facilities to access patient reports. In addition to physicians, over 4 million patients worldwide have medical records in EpicCare.

Key Features

  • Revenue cycle management
  • Regularization of bill payment processes
  • Preparation and submission of claims
  • Insurance Operations Management
  • Patient Awareness
  • Automatic messaging and reminder
  • Schedule
  • Care Management
  • More secure data transfer
  • Schedule of appointments

Why is EpicCare EMR more suitable for new applications?

Flawless transactions

Before using medical billing software, billing deals with patients were done by a separate administrative staff, and there was a high risk of error when writing medical information on paper. In some cases, May not be able to identify the handwriting of the doctor correctly. And may even prescribe the wrong medication to the patient.

But with EpicCare, patient information and medical records are recorded electronically, which eliminates many of the mistakes that can be made manually. In addition, the ability to record financial statements electronically in bill transactions also allows customers to make error-free and more valid transactions.

Access to data

Epic care allows doctors and accessible paramedics to access patient history and medical records quickly. The physician has the opportunity to carefully examine the patient for pre-prescribed medications and their allergies and prescribe medication. EpicCare will also help identify the demographics of the patient. EpicCare’s health analysis to identify different healing patterns is of more value for the doctor. It can support quick prescribing of the treatment that is most appropriate for the patient.

More systematic management of insurance claims

EpicCare’s Host Management Tools System offers various features, including claims processing, submission claims, and error-free claims. As a result, insurance companies, merchants, and customers will be able to share their financial records more securely through EpicCare. EpicCare EMR is also committed to rectifying errors two or three times before a claim is made.

Being a secure database

Information written on paper can be misplaced and blurred over time. However, EpicCare’s extensive database makes it easy for customers to store data at any time, regardless of the patient’s size. EpicCare electronically stores patient data as a solution to physicians’ data storage. Data security is 100%. No one has the opportunity to steal or distort data through this.

Specialized patient portal

EpicCare has a MyChart portal that works differently from other medical billing software. Through this, patients will be able to share their data safely and efficiently with doctors. In addition, EpicCare’s MyChart allows you to book appointments, make appointments, seek medical help, and obtain clinical reports.

It also helps doctors maintain valuable relationships with patients online. Patients can be scheduled to join e-trips with a stay in hospitals. My Chart of EpicCare has created a valuable opportunity. The use of mobile devices, in particular, allows patients access to all medical information at their fingertips.

Valuable tools

When you write information in documents, there may be several paper files on your shelf. But EpicCare has dashboards with the ability to integrate any report you need into a single system, such as harassment reports, clinical operations, financial data, insurance data, and office worker records. In addition, EpicCare has several valuable tools with specialized applications, workflows, and decision aids for users to incorporate their findings and clinical practice.


The ability to connect with other software is excellent. EpicCare allows users to connect, exchange and integrate graphics with any other standardized health organization, whether EMR or EHR. In addition, EpicCare will enable users to expand their EMR / EHR system to independent practice, billing, hospitals, and other advanced facilities.

Reporting of EpicCare affiliates, the software has several modules to integrate with several unique affiliates. As a result, physicians don’t have the hassle of using different modules for different needs. These modules are,

ENT, Genetics, Home Health, Endoscopy, Dermatology, Dentistry, Heart Disease, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Radiology, Kidney, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Injury Care.

Increasing patient satisfaction

There was a time when patients faced many problems, such as dealing with paper and not getting the messages they needed on time. EpicCare Bills can be more convenient, pre-registration and medical appointments can be more efficient, patients can be more satisfied with appointment schedules, and build authentic and secure relationships. In addition, with the physician’s release from the administration of EpicCare, there is time to focus on the patient. Accordingly, the patient has more confidence in the doctor.

Ease of use

Not only physicians but also patients can use the phone or tablet to access the EpicCare EMR. They have access to this system, even though the Apple Watch. It allows doctors to send automated messages, notifications as well as monitor patients’ treatment remotely. In addition, EpicCare has custom template systems that will enable the user to enter the required data accurately.

Telehealth convenience

The telehealth feature of EpicCare EMR has many benefits. Through any telehealth facility, the doctor can communicate with patients even when they are away. With the Covid-19 situation, the need for telehealth has become acute, and EpicCare has taken steps to develop other trends here. The uses of the telehealth feature of EpicCare EMR are,

  • Teledermatology, telepsychiatry, teleradiology, Tele stroke, and telecardiology
  • Counseling
  • ICU monitoring
  • Tele emergency
  • Chronic disease monitoring
  • Abuse assessment
  • School nursing counseling
  • Prison video counseling
  • Virtual hospitals
  • Financial counseling
  • Postoperative


You do not have to be afraid to use epic care in any way. Epic care has been able to ensure more secure compliance on all sides. EpicCare placement regulators are,

  • ACOS – Accountable Care.
  • PI      – Promoting interactions.
  • MIPS  – Merit-Based Incentive Payments.
  • MU     – meaningful use

Limitations of EpicCare

  • Poor technical support
  • Customer service sector irregularity,
  • Data handling, somewhat challenging to print.
  • Difficulty in navigating to obtain clinical reports.
  • Features are a bit complicated to handle

Customer support

You can access EpicCare’s customer service at any time by using email or phone. You can even contact their international office numbers for customer support by visiting EpicCare’s official website. EpicCare also offers school and office-level customer service. They are also committed to providing institutional support along with guidelines for the implementation of the EMR framework.

EpicCare pricing

Prices at EpicCare start at $ 1,200 for independent medical offices. Fees range up to $ 500,000 for health organizations, large hospitals, and clinics. EpicCare pricing can vary in several cases. For example, installation costs can be paid only once per month as pre-cost per user.

Maintenance costs are not included in its license fee, but users must sign an annual maintenance agreement. Prices may vary for other collection modules and data transfers. The complexity of their combined data determines the cost according to clinical rules. EpicCare can be paid as a monthly subscription fee based on recurring expenses, the number of users, and add-on costs.

Supported operations –

Windows XP, Windows Vista, HP- UX Unix, IBM OS / 400, AIX, Linux, Web Browser ( OS agnostic), Solaris

User review of EpicCare usage

The following summarizes public opinion on the use of EpicCare in considering three recognized software review websites.

(, ,

Total use of EpicCare

Pros –  Ideal for travel medicine services. Graphing can be done more efficiently and faster to use. Receiving lab results is also fantastic, and Clinical supervision can be improved.

Cons – Features are complicated, and it is a bit difficult to get to the right place quickly to find information. Some orders can also be challenging to read. Even with advanced facilities, it will not be practically good.

User interface

Pros – EpicCare shortcuts give users quick access to everyday tasks. The patient portal called my chart provides excellent local support with a more user-friendly interface. The update is significant.

Cons – It can sometimes be difficult to send messages to the doctor. There can be intense learning cycles using the user interface.

Customer support

Pros  – EpicCare’s customer support has a wide range of contacts. There are several representative centers. The company usually responds to most requests. In addition, there is school training and office-grade support.

Cons – They get more time to respond to requests. Sometimes there is a lack of formality in the customer service sector.

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