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eClinicalWorks EHR Medical Billing Software Features, pricing, and Reviews 2021. 

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Overview of eClinicalWorks. 

EClinicalWorks is an EHR system with a wide range of solutions suitable for a high-quality medical billing service. It’s one of the most popular medical billing software, with over 90,000 health workers worldwide. EClinicalWorks software is in demand by many because of its ease of access to patient data, it’s more straightforward process for office and independent businesses, and its flexible layout.

EClinicalWorks provides appointments, billing reports, charts and progress notes, and kiosk usage. Many doctors, independent entrepreneurs, clinics, and health organizations use this software to make it easier for healthcare organizations to get quality treatment services and increase revenue. Due to the growing demand for eClinicalWorks in the medical billing software market, companies have taken steps to further improve the software by incorporating several new features.

eClinicalWorks EHR Medical Billing Software Features, pricing, and Reviews 2021. 
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Key Features.

  • Efficient billing
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Online payment facilitation
  • Message automation
  • Patient results tracking
  • Systematic calendar layout
  • Review update
  • Secure database

Why is eClinicalWorks better suited for newer applications?

Flawless reporting

On paper, transactions with large staff are more prone to errors. Physical reporting involves several troublesome situations, such as difficulty recognizing handwriting in specific reports and giving incorrect prescriptions. The electronic reporting available at eClinicalWorks allows the user to perform more than 80% of the manual tasks more accurately.

After entering the data correctly, verifying the accuracy is done faster and more efficiently through eClinicalWorks. This software has a high probability of delivering successful results for the first time and quickly identifying healing patterns. EClinicalWorks specializes in low time and simplicity of graphing and editing.

Efficient billing

eClinicalWorks has the fastest billing process in EHR. In addition, it offers several features such as repayment of unpaid bills, correction of erroneous statements, and re-notification of rejected bills. Through more quality service, the user is free from administrative problems, saves time, and provides real-time analytics, making billing transactions more secure.


With a customizable scheduling tool, the user has the opportunity to schedule patient appointments, re-appointments, medical procedure information, etc. It also makes it easier for the patient. Due to the systematic layout, errors in schedules are minimized, and demand management is improved. Finding appointments, such as viewing existing patients, is accessible through eClinicalWorks.

Revenue cycle management

Claiming through eClinicalWorks takes less than 8 seconds. Tasks like credentials, claims, expedited payments, insurance verification, etc., are done faster and more efficiently. Through eClinicalWorks, the user has access to several alternative features for RCM. Errors in a claim can lead to preconceived notions of confusion. Pays within three working days.

Integrated systems

eClinicalWorks has more convenience in device integrated system configuration. The software can quickly integrate EEG and ECG devices in the web browser. These systems are also configured to be tailored to the needs of the user. These structures are even more helpful in capturing the latest results in data and creating streaming sheets. There is no need to use several different software for multiple devices. Efficiently perform tasks across a platform on a single system in eClinicalWorks.

Patient portal

 eClinicalWorks Patient Portal is more user-friendly. It is also HIPAA compliant. It allows a patient to book a doctor’s appointment from anywhere as well as EClinicalWorks offers a wide range of laboratory result validation, progress log monitoring, and account balance monitoring. In addition, the software specializes in more secure communication with physicians as well as efficient virtual support.


One of the problems that many people face when using software in medical offices is interacting. eClinicalWorks enables interaction between hospital departments as well as multiple clinics. Accordingly, the software supports the user to transfer data more efficiently and securely. In addition, eClinicalWorks supports communications, including sending information with a RIS system and an HL7 radio transmitter.

The experience of telemedicine

eClinicalWorks’ HealowVirtual Room specializes in patients. It means that patients can quickly seek medical advice from anywhere in the world. In addition, telemedicine is helpful for patients seeking medical treatment at home, communicating more closely with physicians, and monitoring disease. With the recent epidemic, eClinicalWorks has improved this feature and kept it updated with the latest technology.

eClinicalWorks EHR Medical Billing Software Features, pricing, and Reviews 2021. 
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Agreeing to conformities

eClinicalWorks Medical billing software is compatible with a wide range of compatibility. Other compliant, including HIPAA, MACRA, including the latest compatibility nominated by the World Health Organization. It is a valuable guarantee that customer data will be more secure, avoid penalties, and improve service quality.

Information security

eClinicalWorks uses encryption for its information. Data is recorded using a bank-level encryption algorithm using ICD and CPT codes. EClinicalWorks has an extensive database. There is no such thing as a paper loss, no loss of information, no confusion, no theft. Data access to eClinicalWorks is not available to anyone. Only an authorized group can do that. EClinicalWorks guarantees the security of that database.

Improving patient relationships

eClinicalWorks has a self-service module for patients. Accordingly, the ability to improve patient relationships online and the involvement of patients throughout the treatment process also takes place. Through eClinicalWorks, it is possible to learn the patient’s activity and the planned video exercises from home. In addition, it increases the efficiency of the patient’s relationship by seeing the doctor live.

Increase in revenue

eClinicalWorks’s sophisticated interface allows the user to perform many tasks quickly and accurately, including automation. It will enable the physician to focus more on patient care. Accordingly, eClinicalWorks is committed to making a valuable income with a small staff. They increase the number of users by building more trusting relationships with clients such as insurance companies and clients.

eClinicalWorks Specialties

  • Medical Offices
  • Independent businesses
  • Ambulance practices
  • Emergency care
  • Small and medium-sized health clinics

Supported operations

Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8, Mac OS

eClinicalWorks Restrictions

  • Implementing mergers is a bit difficult.
  • Administrative records are difficult to obtain.
  • Updates take time.
  • Customer support is weak.

eClinicalWorks Pricing

The pricing models of eClinicalWorks vary by person size and business size. However, there are three packages for this. The package for EHR is $ 499 per month. $ 599 per month for training management systems. Overall software usage includes pricing, such as additional monthly support, maintenance costs, and recurring subscription fees. Learn more.

eClinicalWorks Customer Service

eClinicalWorks offers several options for customer service. If there is any error or inconvenience, the user can get customer support by emailing a message. It is open during business hours. Telephone lines are also separated during working hours. In addition, eClinicalWorks webinars are available for school training. Learn more.

We examined several customer feedback on the use of eClinicalWorks by examining two reputable software websites. Accordingly, a general overview of those views is given below as pros and cons.

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The whole process

Pros:  It’s more straightforward to use in offices. There is an alert mechanism for errors in inpatient data. Easier to create charts and progress notes. Patient appointments can be better monitored by scheduling and regular calendars as well as the printing is much smoother. It Has several subtleties.

Cons: There may be some confusion in entering the information. There is a learning cycle. Healthcare maintenance checks are sometimes in short supply as well as E-recommendations can be confusing.


Pros:  It is helpful to have structured notes. Schedule lists and blocks are easy to set up. Basic billing and scheduling features are excellent. The telemedicine hosting feature is more advanced.

Cons: There are too many clicks. System updates may take longer, and Usage is complicated. System features may even crash over time.


Pros: It is a more straightforward purchase for smaller practices. Custom templates justify additional privacy from Spiriva. Low cost for proper implementation.

Cons: Some clicks are charged. Several external fees are added to the total pricing. Another payment will be charged for the integrated training management module.

Customer support

Pros: Answers whenever spoken to for troubleshooting. 24/7 support is available. It Supports school training as well as learning cycles.

Cons: It is difficult to find answers to somewhat complex issues for users. Sometimes system errors are ignored. Unexpected updates will be made—most of the day, you have to set aside time with customer service calls to fix the mistakes.

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