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DrChrono Review 2021 | Best Medical Billing Services

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DrChrono – Best Medical Billing Services

DrChrono Overview

DrChrono is a medical billing service and medical care IT organization that offers a low-cost patient care platform that makes it easy for new practices to get started with billing services and software. It also includes scheduling, billing, and patient reminders. As a result, the company has a first-pass claims rate of 96%, which means faster collections for new practices that need to build cash flow immediately to maintain their investment.

DrChrono’s medical billing services cover charge entry and coding, claim cleaning, monitoring, and denied-claim management. However, unlike almost all other revenue cycle management services, DrChrono needs you to use its electronic medical record system, not only its medical practice management software.


New practices usually need to withdraw high upfront costs while setting their cash flow, but they also don’t want to negotiate quality, especially when it comes to billing. Therefore, the early days of a practice’s collections are crucial, helping create a financially steady business to assist its patients better.

DrChrono’s iPad and iPhone medical billing platform allow medical applications and providers to handle patient intake, patient care, billing, and RCM. It includes customizable medical forms, e-prescribing, scheduling tools, real-time patient acceptability checks, and a patient entrance. The DrChrono App Directory also offers several apps and a medical API for healthcare app developers.

DrChrono’s EHR functionality offers prebuilt forms to help users trace patient data. Medical specialists can also add patient documentation to a medical note to connect to a particular patient encounter. Any medicine, including Electronic Prescribing Controlled Substances, can be sent electronically on iPhone, iPad, or the Internet. Lab orders can submit electronically to over 35,000 laboratories around the US, and results can then be directly uploaded into the patient’s chart. System vitals allow providers to create baseline health data and monitor each patient’s health measurements over time.

Providers can use the Free Draw function to comment on diagrams, x-rays, or other documents; they can also use the iPad’s built-in cameras to take photos and insert them into the patient’s record. In addition, the system comes pre-populated with billing codes and combines with Box, a HIPAA-compliant cloud storage system.

Why DrChrono Is Best for New Practices?

DrChrono’s user-friendly and low price experience make it an excellent fit for new practices that need to start with excellent medical software and an experienced billing partner. With multiple pricing ranges, DrChrono has a plan for even the most fixed budgets. In addition, DrChrono’s medical software is simple to use, meaning your staff will need minimal training. 

DrChrono manages the whole revenue cycle management (RCM) process, unlike some other medical billing services. For these reasons, we can pick DrChrono as the best medical billing service for new practices.


When you choose DrChrono’s (RCM) services, it’s mandatory to use its EMR system and practice management software (PMS), both of which are highly user-friendly. The tabs arrange in an order that follows the logical flow of a patient appointment.

On the reporting side, it is incredibly impressed with DrChrono’s customizability. For example, you can create and order reports by collections per payer and time frame, individual or bulk claim volume or value, denied and decided charges, and more. 


Here are some of DrChrono’s most compelling RCM features that can improve your medical billing:

Charge Entry and Coding

DrChrono manages the practice’s revenue cycle from start to end, including medical coding. That means it enters and codes all the charges, so there is no need to handle these tasks in-house. This perspective of DrChrono’s managed billing services separates it from other providers that start working the revenue only after entering and coding charges.

Claim Cleaning and Monitoring

Every time DrChrono generates a medical claim for practice, it cleans the claim to free it of errors that would result in payer denial. When DrChrono identifies these errors, its medical billing and coding team sets claims properly to maximize the chances of approval. 

Additionally, DrChrono widely monitors all claims it submits. DrChrono’s billing team will trace all the claims until the payment is complete and follow up on approved claims that are unpaid. As a result, DrChrono’s first-pass approval rate (FPAR) is 97%, meaning only 3% of parts DrChrono submits on the side of practice are rejected or need extra work before resubmission. This approval rate is well within the range of DrChrono’s competitors. 

Denied-Claim Management

While denied claims are rare with DrChrono, a few denials are necessary. When these denials happen, DrChrono will handle them on your side. DrChrono’s billers will take all available data about the claim in the problem and use it to develop it. 

To manage denied claims, DrChrono will access EMR to collect crucial clinical documentation. Then, DrChrono will review and refile the claim or submit an appeal based on the documentation. In all cases, DrChrono attempts to resubmit denied claims no later than 25 days after the payer rejects them.

EMR and PMS Access

DrChrono’s RCM platform comes with its EMR system and PMS, and the company expects its medical billing clients to use both of those platforms. This rule is essential; most medical billing services only claim that clients use their PMS. 

However, this EMR requirement doesn’t have to be negative, especially thinking we chose DrChrono’s medical software as our best pick for new practices. 

Flexible Solutions

DrChrono’s RCM services satisfy practices of many sizes and claim amounts, but the company specializes in small practices. A company representative shows that most DrChrono clients submit between 20 and 1,000 claims per month and have one to 25 providers.

However, DrChrono doesn’t rule out larger clients; company representatives told that practices of any size could sign up for DrChrono’s medical billing services and quickly begin filing claims.

No Clearinghouse Charges

DrChrono’s clearinghouse is not combining with its platform as it is with some other RCM services. However, in DrChrono’s case, this shortage of integration allows no severe consequences for the operations or budget. As well, because DrChrono has a partnership with the TriZetto clearinghouse, it receives the payments other non-integrated providers may charge you.

In other words, the clearinghouse charges are familiar with some other billing services included in DrChrono’s pricing. The result is that DrChrono’s clearinghouse is effectively combined (and thus cost-free) even if this isn’t truly the case.


DrChrono charges a monthly percentage of your collections. This structure persists in opposition to medical software, for which you typically pay per provider per month. In some states, you have to pay per encounter, but DrChrono is open to allocating a low fee per month.

The percentage of collections your practice pays ranges from 4% to 8%. The exact rate is based on the number of patients your practice sees per month, your number of providers, and your specialty. The last element may have the heaviest impact on your rate, as some specialties’ billing processes are far more complicated than others. 


DrChrono does not charge setup, implementation, and clearinghouse fees. Therefore, you will catch no extra costs to get your software and services in place, with one limitation if you’re shifting to DrChrono’s EMR from another platform. Otherwise, training and implementation are included. Additionally, DrChrono will pair you with a dedicated contact for your performance and training. You will also get videos customized for your practice.

Customer Service

Always DrChrono pairs you with a dedicated account manager. So you can contact for all customer service requests well after implementation. This contact can also provide any state reports you request. You can also file help tickets for technical problems.

Should you have any concerns, you think you can resolve yourself, and you can search the self-guided training tools and videos available on DrChrono’s website. These resources focus primarily on care regarding navigation, customizability, and troubleshooting. And also, you will find guides to the mobile app of DrChrono’s.


DrChrono’s RCM services are perfect for small practices, but there are some possible drawbacks. First, DrChrono needs you to use its EMR platform, which wasn’t the case for most RCM services. So, if you’ve already worked with another EMR, this requirement may be a problem. Second, moving to DrChrono’s EMR may also result in data migration fees, while they are almost low.

Another limitation is that this medical software is better for small practices. If your new practice meets its goals and grows, it may ultimately need more powerful medical software than DrChrono offers. That means a data movement could be a few years down the line. If your practice is extensive or rising and you need a more comprehensive medical software platform. 

This review will be helpful for medical practice owners who are thinking DrChrono for their outsourced medical billing needs.

  1. Dr. Baden P.

Owner / Primary Chiropractic Physician at Fit 4 Life Chiropractic


Used the software for 2+ years

“Save thousands in upfront expenses.”

Dr. Baden saved thousands of dollars in upfront costs from other EHR organizations and paid update fees every year.

Pros: They keep current payers at the monthly price they started when tasing new customers’ expenses. I have been with and using DrChrono for about six years now. They are regularly updated. It is a social system that can use multi-disciplinary. I am a chiropractor, and I used it with a medical Nurse Practitioner. What initially interested me is there was no multi-thousand dollar upfront software like many other EHR companies want to charge you, along with yearly upgrade fees. None of that here, so you start off saving thousands.

Cons: The Price keeps growing every year for new accounts. Customer service fails, and there is no direct phone number to call to have the problem solved right away. Instead, you have to email them and wait for them to get back to you.

2. Dr. John Z.

San Francisco Non-Force Chiropractor

Hospital & Health Care, Self-employed

Used the software for 2+ years

The latest software partner for your Mac computer office!

Patients save me time and planning by communicating through the patient portal. As a result, I can run reports, have an immediate idea of what symptoms and frequency my patients present, and develop instructional elements that support that diagnosis. In addition, I stay on top of my day by way of a daily schedule emailed to me every morning.


Seamless alliance with my MacBook, iMac, and iPhone. Fast, proficient support. The unlimited strength to customize for my practitioner non-force chiropractic practice. Easy to understand video tutorials that answer most questions without having to contact support. Solid and integrated systems, like the ability to provide credit card processing. I know that DrChrono is a leader and partner with Apple Health.


I get annoyed when I am on a learning curve with a new part of the software. But that’s my problem!

Reasons for Switching to DrChrono

Fundamentally because I am a long-time Apple device user, the integration with DrChrono attracted me was also interested in how DrChrono is part of Apple Health and wanted to be part of that growth. In addition, many of my patients have Apple devices and wanted to bring a more comfortable, available platform for them to engage.

3. Shikha A.

Practice Manager

Medical practice, 11-50 employees

Used the software for 2+ years


Overall: I am switching to eClinicalWorks because this software cost me a lot of money, disappointment, and time. I disapprove of it for groups with more than 5 PCPs.

Pros: It looks attractive, has lovely coloring, iPad application is not too bad. Cheap. It means you get what according to your payment.

Cons: 1) Two people cannot be in the same account. If so, ALL of your notes will delete. 

2) The speech-to-text feature is useless 

3) The reporting function is non-active. It malfunctions if the report is too big. 

4) Their online support is A JOKE. Unfortunately, DrChrono cannot help you 50% of the time from the start. 

5) The whole platform constantly crashes without any warning. DrChrono left you abandoned without prior notice. 

6) They need to market to small PCP groups only. This software cannot use for other specialties 

7) Their training is a waste of time. Trainers have no clue what the provider does daily. 

8) They only do API interphase, and they don’t do it themselves. So you have to go through a 3rd party and pay more money for it. 

9) Their template construction is too cumbersome. It takes you less time to free type than follow DrChrono’s note template 

10) Everything is done based on appointments. So, it would help if you documented outside of that, you cannot.


4. Norman J.


Mental Health Care, 1-10 employees

Used the software for 2+ years

“Product is “Good,” Service is “Outstanding”

Overall: Dr. Chorono is excellent for our practice, easy to customize templates, and always has fast and practical support.

Pros: Can quickly implement the software. Provide excellent support and ease of use.

Cons: Some of the features don’t function as well as advertised

Motivations for Engaging DrChrono: I had experience with Dr. Chorono from a previous career and chose to work with it

5. Laura B.


Medical practice, 1-10 employees

Used the software for 2+ years


Overall: We used them for several years, used to have excellent customer service and communication, and it’s pretty apparent they are going under, and we were overpaying for years!

Pros: Customization of templates and scheduling calendar.

Cons: Many systems crashes over the last year. We decided to switch to a different EHR system that was more user-friendly, better online booking system. But our account manager will NOT get back to us after WEEKS of sending emails and phone calls to get notes imported to the new system and cancel the account.

Reasons for Choosing DrChrono: Customization of templates and could make notes from home (web-based)

Reasons for Switching to DrChrono: Interface was way more user friendly, more integrative, and the customer service is exceptional


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