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DoctorsManagement, LLC Announces Strategic Integration With Hawaii-Based Healthcare Coding Consultants of Hawaii (HCCH)

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DoctorsManagement is a preeminent physician practice. In addition, the healthcare consultancy stated its vital alliance with Healthcare Coding Consultants of Hawaii (HCCH), an excellent audit, coding, learning, and training firm based in Kauai, Hawaii.

Most owners Rileene Waalani, CPC, CPMA, and HCCH, are joining DoctorsManagement through diplomatic integration, which has created excitement for the additional service solutions available to their clients and the advanced training and development chances of their team members.

HCCH specializes in medical coding, auditing, agreement, and physician practice support. The financial terms of the partnership are not published.

Gene Good, Chief Executive Officer of DoctorsManagement, said that the strategic alliance with HCCH will help to more extend their growing business within the Hawaiian, American Samoa, and West Coast markets.

And also, this integration is a positive move for HCCH as it offers support solutions that will empower current and future actions. 

About HCCH

More than 30 years as a well-known and honored company, Healthcare Coding Consultants of Hawaii is a preeminent provider of customized procedural and diagnostic coding support services, medical claims auditing, and learning and training for physicians and staff throughout Hawaii the South Pacific, and the U.S. region.

Medical Billing and Coding Online named HCCH as one of the top medical coding organizations of 2014 & 2015, in addition to being a six-time award winner in the United States Commerce Association’s Best of Honolulu’s Health and Allied Services category. HCCH’s professional coders are certified through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and hold the qualifications of CPC, COC, or CPMA.

HCCH founder and former owner Jeri Leong is a healthcare industry expert with more than three decades of experience assisting healthcare providers in integrated delivery systems, multi-specialty physician practices, community hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and management services industries. Under Jeri’s guidance, current owner Rileene Waalani has developed consulting services to cover risk analysis, revenue integrity, coding and billing compliance, coding education and professional development, and clinical documentation improvement.

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About DoctorsManagement

DoctorsManagement, founded in 1956, is a full-service medical care consultancy supporting medical organizations of all sizes and specialties in all 56 States and Regions of The United States. DoctorsManagement specializes in mitigating financial loss and compliance risk(s), increasing patient engagement and satisfaction, and reducing the overall stress of running a healthcare organization. Clients support all aspects of healthcare operations through a collaborative approach with our team of healthcare professionals who possess niche expertise in management/operations, regulatory compliance, data analytics, coding/billing, auditing services, and strategic litigation defense services.


DoctorsManagement helps large and small healthcare organizations reduce compliance risks, increase practice profits, improve patient satisfaction and employee morale, and reduce stress for physicians and staff. 

The organization has more than 55 years of proven progress. It hires nationally-known industry specialists in every area of medical practice management, including agreement, coding, auditing, financial services, patient satisfaction and maintenance, human resources, and more.

DoctorsManagement simplifies physicians’ jobs, and medical care professionals can focus on patients caring and managing the future of their company.



  • Practice Startup
  • Practice Assessment
  • Practice Management
  • Practice Transition
  • Strategic Planning


  • Accounting
  • Credentialing
  • Human Resources
  • Process Improvement
  • PowerBuying


  • Risk Mitigation
  • Coding & Billing
  • Provider Education
  • Healthcare Analytics

Practice Assessment

The first step in developing a successful practice is an in-depth assessment of the practice’s current operations and financial health. DoctorsManagement’s experienced consultants examine every aspect of the current operations, finances, patient volume, flow, satisfaction, and the management and placement of employees. Clients receive a detailed report of the findings and a strategic plan designed to improve each area.  

Clients who follow the recommendations experience tremendous success in increased profits and improved satisfaction from patients, providers, and practice staff.  

Management Consulting

Medical practice management should plan, implement, and manage to support your goals and undertake those challenges precisely to your practice. 

After a practice assessment, you have the option to engage DoctorsManagement to perform ongoing management consulting. The relationship begins here with the implementation of the plan. 

Feasibility Study

DoctorsManagement’s consulting team works with providers in any stage of practice development to help determine the feasibility of a new practice, location, service offering, or any other type of expansion. A feasibility study in the early stages of your attempt gives you a greater understanding of critical elements to your success. Are there sufficient patients? Is this a possible location? How are they doing? These and more are answered through a D.M. feasibility study, putting you in a more knowledgeable place to start your new investment.

Practice Startup 

DoctorsManagement has helped hundreds of providers across the country start a medical practice. It’s charming to try and save a few dollars by providing yourself with a checklist and a do-it-yourself strategy. Unfortunately, the savings on the initial costs often cost tens of thousands of dollars in revenue over the next few years. The critical factor in a successful startup is the flow. Knowing the order in which each task must perform can help assure patients show up on an opening day and help you reach profitability within a short period. 

Power Buying Program

The Power Buying program is one of the most comprehensive discount purchase programs available to providers. Working with a great team of suppliers, DoctorsManagement can lower your operating charge on clinical supplies, office supplies, medicine investments, and more – can cover virtually every item for which you will typically write a check.  

Customized Provider Training and Education

For more than 56 years, DoctorsManagement has worked cooperatively with medical groups of all extents to ensure proper training and learning gives providers and staff. 

Outsourced Coding Services

Regardless of your size or specialty, if you’re struggling to find and keep competent certified coders or if your coders can’t keep up with the claims volume, DoctorsManagement has an affordable service for you. 

Medical Necessity Reviews 

Usually, clients will engage the services of DoctorsManagement to resolve inside disagreements between auditors, coders, and providers of pharmaceutical care. In addition, DoctorsManagement employs clinical professionals in various specialties to provide independent and unbiased reviews of provider documentation, ensuring that “medical necessity” is the overarching element used to select the appropriate level of service. 

Customize Compliance Program

If you want to implement a comprehensive compliance program or bring your current compliance program into the 21st century, DoctorsManagement can help. DoctorsManagement team of administrative and compliance executives has an extensive understanding of state and governmental rules and laws to ensure your practice is covered. Depending on your organization’s size, compliance policies can be anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred pages long. 

Having an effective compliance program in place proves a “good faith” effort to comply with state and government guidelines that will help protect you from disciplinary action. While generic compliance plans can be a starting point, they are often incomplete and require extensive modification to cover your specific organization effectively. 

Reference and Educational Materials 

Whether you need coding books, webinars, or software clarifications, DoctorsManagement has the resources your group wants to ensure compliance and maximize revenue. DoctorsManagement has one of the most excellent libraries for coding, compliance, and practice management resources.

Compliance and Auditing Certification 

Whether you’re looking to get certified as an auditor or a compliance professional, DoctorsManagement offers Auditing Boot Camps to fit your needs and location via the National Alliance of Medical and Auditing Specialists (NAMAS). So whether you need to visit a live training in a city near you or online during the evenings, you pick the solution that works best for you.

Doctors Management Employee Reviews

  1. productive and fun workplace

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) – Jacksonville, FL – June 27, 2018

Fun workplace and very motivating employees. Many philanthropic activities, including children’s Christmas parties and numerous activities with other coworkers outside the office.

2. Productive and reliable work

Full-time employment coding medical charts remote (Current Employee) – Tennessee – March 31, 2019

I love working for Dr’s Management, and they are a great employee. I always have work, and they are accommodating with whatever I need. I would highly recommend Dr’s Management as a great place to work.


Working from home



3. Busy yet relaxing environment

Medical Billing Specialist (Current Employee) – Bridgewater, MA – July 24, 2021

There is regularly some work to do at the office, and you never run out of work. It is also a laid-back environment with little stress. The people are like a family.




Timely reviews

4. Trevor Benoit

Local Guide

Four years ago

We used Doctors Management to start a new practice three years ago. We are continually thankful for their help in getting started and now as reliable consultants when needed. I can’t tell more good things about our consultant, Valora Gurganious, and her team. We highly recommend without reservation.

5. Ida Learsy

Local Guide

Four years ago

The worst. I was a sheep to the slaughter. These people took advantage of me in every way. Now that I am two years out of the experience and found my practice legs, I can honestly say these people hindered me, not helped. Almost everything my consultant had me do, I had to undo. 

Every provider was awful, and I had since they were getting kickbacks. Even when D.M. did background checks, they were faulty and had to fire someone who passed their background check when they noticed they lied about being licensed. Not hard to check. 

I found our consultant device and disrespectful and unwilling to work. She felt put upon when she asked to do some of the damage she had pushed/consulted on. These take your money, try to sign you up to high-priced uneasy services. They are rude and disrespectful and create middle management chaos so they can feel important. Things have been so much since they are long gone.

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