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CureMD Software Features, Pricing and Reviews 2021

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CureMD Software Overview

CureMD is the cloud-based software most suitable for anyone looking for billing software with an intelligent interface for billing. CureMD makes it easy to perform many tasks such as billing, office administration, scheduling, and financial management. With software for medical bill payment, it is best suited for small, medium, and large hospitals or clinics. With the recent boom in the medical billing software market, the demand for CureMD has increased.

The company has taken steps to modernize the software by adding several new features. Users can quickly establish trusted relationships with the patient through CureMD and perform many tasks automatically. It can also be considered a medical billing software that has attracted the attention of over 80% of the people in clinical institutions and hospitals.

CureMD Software Features, Pricing and Reviews 2021

The software has an electronic tab dedicated to receiving EOB and ERA reports. CureMD also specializes in incompatibility with the WH organization. CureMD is also constantly updating to the latest standards. Although the services range from a small healthcare center to a significant health department, this software is mainly used in independent doctor offices.

Key Features

  • Bill management
  • Schedule appointments
  • Schedule
  • Correction of billing errors
  • Tracking rights
  • Facilitate relationships with insurance companies
  • Message automation
  • Secure storage of data
  • Calendar update
  • Analysis of results

Why is CureMD better suited for a new choice?

The most effective and efficient service

There is no need to do much paperwork now, such as paying medical bills or monitoring patients’ data. CureMD’s unique tools make it easy and productive for customers to perform paperwork-related services. Providing more accurate treatment, managing data electronically rather than on paper increases patient confidence and the efficiency of the user’s work.

CureMD is built on various functions, including encryption, clearance payments, submissions, and more. CureMD allows you to perform most manual tasks faster with just one click. The ease of access to patient data is very high. CureMD can be described as the best choice for the most accurate treatments.

Error minimization

The number of errors you can make on a piece of paper during a bill payment or diagnosis is high. But what happens in CureMD without a physical registry is electronic recording. This software will help you avoid many errors, such as difficulty recognizing letters and sometimes giving incorrect prescriptions. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to double-check for rejected payments or erroneous payments. More than 75% of most manual workers are automated by the software, allowing you to identify errors.

Formal calendar

There are several different aspects to the appointment schedule. CureMD can manage appointments anytime, anywhere. It also has several tools for that, and Meeting scheduling is done automatically in conjunction with several other functions. CureMD has a formal calendar designed to facilitate any scheduled tasks, such as notifying patients of reunions, automatic reminders, and enforcing treatment dates.

It has a custom template, and the user can customize it according to their location and service sector. Special color coding is also used in scheduling appointments—CureMD’s core functions such as scheduling processes and messaging.

Revenue cycle management

It takes as little as 10 seconds to grab all the claims via CureMD. The most systematic preparation of shares, the submission of all claims in a brief period, and the expedited payment are all made through CureMD. Those payments are made electronically within less than three working days or on the same day.

CureMD offers a more transparent review to verify the accuracy of a customer’s co-payment or to review a default. The software also allows the customer to consider refunds if a claim is denied when submitting a formal review of payments. CureMD also uses ICD and CPT codes.

E Recommendations

Electronic prescriptions are provided primarily under e-recommendations. Relevant healthcare providers will be able to connect with the pharmacy through CureMD easily. It gives the user the ability to perform several tasks, such as drug reconstitution and process repetition. As well as CureMD enables you to work closely with several pharmacies across the United States. It is unique because it makes it easier for the user to access the adverse effects of prescriptions and other benefits.

Integration Platforms 

There is no need to use multiple records for different types of data recorded at different times. CureMD also allows you to add other patient reports to the data you want in the information. This medical software has a unique EKG management system for that. It is a feature of the EHR software system related to cardiology. Accordingly, It enables the user to enumerate attributes for storing relevant records.

Information is more secure.

A separate administrative team is responsible for the security of paper transactions and data entry. In addition, the data recorded in the documents is more likely to be stolen or distorted. Therefore, it is essential to be more secure when retrieving a patient’s data. Furthermore, recording manual information can sometimes go awry over time. However, there is no such risk in CureMD.

All the user needs to do is position the relevant information more accurately. But, of course, not everyone will be able to access those records. Access to data is permitted under CureMD’s special security commands only for those who have access to it. In addition, users can use the Avalon EHR app for iOS to securely collect information such as specific diagnoses, disease data, and lab orders. You can also use the existing CPOE in the iPad EHR to securely review, sign, and accept scientific information.

Having customized templates

CureMD has customized template systems for workflows such as schedules, travel data, calendars, and more. That way, you can easily change the data according to the place, time, and process you want. CureMD also allows the user to generate notes through a configurable process editor automatically. In addition, there is an opportunity to manipulate paragraphs, sentence formatting when recording as needed.


CureMD also gives the user the ability to process discrete reports in clinical record reporting. The software has a faster report copying service to reduce the cost of documentation. The CureMD user is also allowed to format some of the required documents. It is done by the software directly capturing and scanning the relevant notes. There is an opportunity to attach charts, photographs, medical pictures, x-ray notes, etc., to the relevant information. Alternatively, the user can use a PACS system.

User-friendly interface

 CureMD’s user interface allows you to obtain clinical results electronically, assign various tasks, and update them. The user also can view patient history information, identify specific allergies, and enforce prescription dates. In addition, by comparing current and past patient data records, the physician can make conclusions and warn of any abnormal results.

The more formal patient portal

Excellent service to make online payments more efficient is done through the patient portal in the software. CureMD patient portal is HIPAA compliant. The patient portal allows a patient to make an appointment to visit the doctor at any time, monitor laboratory results, request prescription refills and receive medical messages from the desired device.

Agreeing to conformities

CureMD medical billing software meets a wide range of compatibility. It allows the user to secure customer data and avoid penalties. Those security compliances are the latest standards, HIPAA, MIPS, MACRA.


The problem many users have when using medical billing software is the inability to connect to a third party through the software. But through CureMD, the user will be able to communicate with several parties more securely. In addition, it is possible to exchange information formally with other stakeholders. For example, connect with other customers, such as bill payers and pharmacies.

Increased patient satisfaction

The doctor’s departure from his administration means that he has more time to focus on the patient. It further enhances the patient’s confidence in the doctor. In addition, satisfaction increases as all the patient’s transactions are more reliable. CureMD facilitates doctor appointments, strengthens relationships, and increases the number of patients visiting the doctor. It will increase the income of the doctor very quickly.

CureMD Specialties

  • Behavioral health
  • Heart disease
  • Endocrinology
  • Allergies
  • Ambulance surgery
  • Skin diseases

Supported Operations – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Web browser (OS agnostic) Windows 700

CureMD Restrictions

  • It is difficult to determine the patient’s balance
  • Customer service is not so happy contributor
  • Medical appointments are sometimes not easy
  • There are no handwriting recognition features

CureMD Pricing

Pricing for the software starts at $ 195. As it goes up, it may vary in size and features as well as usage. Unfortunately, CureMD does not have any free versions. It also does not offer free trials. As well as their system pricing includes minimum and user commitment terms. Learn more.

Customer service

Several telephone lines are open during working hours when accessing CureMD’s customer service. But electronic messaging services are not functional as well as those telephone lines are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. If the user has any questions or concerns regarding CureMD, they can be contacted at 212-852-0279 or (718) 684- 9298.

CureMD also has a live chat option that is available 24/7. There is exceptional customer support for school training. Cure wiki for that the service is open. Also, it provides instant answers to your questions. Software support also includes an e-learning portal. CureMDalso has WebNar available to keep you updated. Learn more.

We studied many customer reviews about CureMD by testing two websites of reputable medical billing software. The following is a summary of their views on CureMD.

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Pros: We can get customer feedback in very little time. I have a well-organized EMR setting. It saves time on filing bill payments.

Cons– Delaying cloud clients. Customer data may sometimes disappear. Sometimes the billing platform is dangerous because of the lack of a strong word. EOB reconciliation has been disrupted.


Pros– storage profile is more extensive, and there is a price tag to suit so many features—a full-featured software with a moderate price.  

Cons: Activation will initially cost a separate Rs 500,000—unaffordable pricing for minor uses. Sales policy enforcement is weak. Write down the pricing bill separately.

Customer Service.  

Pros-School training has good customer service. It’s easy to get instant answers as soon as a call is made. Staff support is excellent. 

Cons: Sometimes, the implementation staff is ruder. Their staff support is confusing when dealing with an IT professional other than a doctor.

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