Correspondence Medical Billing Schools

Correspondence Medical Billing Schools

While online medical billing schools continue to grow in popularity, another distance-learning alternative is catching on as well. Medical billing and coding correspondence schools provide the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of online programs and take them offline for those who prefer not to learn on a computer.

How Correspondence Schools Work

Correspondence medical billing and coding schools provide medical billing and coding training through paper materials sent back and forth between student and school by mail. Rather than reading and completing assignments online, students of medical billing and coding correspondence programs receive “learning packets” consisting of textbooks and paper assignments. Students have a certain time period, usually a few weeks, to complete reading and assignments and mail them back.

This learning alternative works best for those without regular access to a computer or those who simply prefer a more hands-on approach to their education. As with other distance learning options, correspondence learning is also a great option for students with families or military commitments.

Another benefit to this style of learning is that students may keep their learning materials on hand while pursuing externships and employment. This reinforces training and improves career potential.

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