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Columbus Medical Billing and Coding Schools

About Medical Billing and Coding Careers in Columbus

If you are already in the field of medicine but wish to take things a step further, you may try out the field of medical administration, and use a medical coding career as a stepping stone.

The Columbus medical coding profession requires keen observation on details and excellence in numbers. The job requires processing, evaluating, assessing and completing medical claims provided by the patients. They assist both the hospitals and physicians in getting the necessary reimbursements from insurance companies for the services which they have offered to their members. Anyone who has the dedication and commitment to learn this are free to join. Many schools are now offering online courses or even evening classes just to cater to the needs of the students who want to have a more fulfilling career in the future. Successful students who will meet the qualifications of hospitals will soon receive an annual salary of $30,000 to $40,000.


Enrollment in such programs may last from 40 weeks to two years, or it can simply consist of ten days to a twenty night session, composed of lectures and discussions, depending on the school where you will enroll. It is a must have for the students to learn ICD9 and CPT-4 coding procedures as well as Microsoft Office and a couple of medical terminologies which will aid you to pass certain certifications that will certainly prove your worth in the field of medical coding. Some schools even offer familiarization with the HCFA claim forms used by hospitals to get their fees for the services provided to the members of insurance companies while others even go to the extent of studying the principles evolved in insurance companies especially that which pertains to regulations and guidelines. Some schools on the other hand offer online certifications so you will not have to find another school where you can do your certifications.

Schools in and near Columbus

Strayer University
The Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) program prepares graduates to manage and direct the business aspects of today’s health services organizations in just 54 credit hours of graduate-level course work. Many graduates of this program work as hospital administrators, healthcare managers, managed healthcare plan coordinators, short and long-term residential facilities managers, and medical records and health information technicians. A bachelor’s degree or U.S. equivalent is required to enroll in this program.

Everest Institute
In the Medical Insurance Billing & Coding students program will learn the basic concepts and procedures to perform the tasks involved in health insurance as well as insurance claim forms. You will also gain knowledge of basic coding definitions and how to apply those codes to medical documentation.

National College
Medical Billing and Coding offers career opportunities in physicians’ offices, outpatient facilities, and hospitals. Medical Billing and Coding specialists are the lifeline for a facility’s financial well-being and make a difference in the office reimbursement practice. Take a step up to the Health Information Technology program and become the expert on patient data on which doctors, nurses, and other providers rely on to perform their jobs.

Online Schools

LA College International
Study online to earn your Associate of Arts in Health Care Administration from LA College International. Learn to Use coding conventions, terms, and abbreviations and Code procedures according to CPT and ICD-M guidelines in just 60 credit hours.

American InterContinental University
AIU Online offers an online Associate of Arts in Business Administration (AABA) degree with a concentration in Medical Coding and Billing to help meet the demand for healthcare professionals with industry-current skills. In addition to the broad base of fundamental business courses and general education requirements designed to foster critical thinking and communication skills, this concentration includes the study of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, legal aspects of health information, coding and abstraction of data, statistics, database management, quality improvement methods and computer science.

University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix offers an Associate of Arts degree in Health Care Administration/Medical Records. Nine weeks in length, the course offers students a basic overview of medical records management practices. It also lays a foundation for further study in health care at the bachelor’s degree level.
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