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Best Medical Billing Clearinghouse Companies in 2022

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A medical clearinghouse must intervene for the medical billing process to occur correctly. How do you choose the right Medical Billing Clearinghouse? In the year 2022, we can find more refineries. But it would be best if you found an agency that offers you flawless work out of them. The primary purpose of any alternative healthcare clearinghouse is to act as an intermediary between the healthcare provider & the insurance payer.

Medical Billing Clearinghouses are organizations that check medical claims for errors and ensure that the claimant can act correctly. You know, many cases where claims are rejected due to human error. Insurance companies return claims with one or more errors to billers. One of the functions of a clearinghouse is to ensure that such a claim is not denied.

Process of an accurate Medical Billing Clearinghouse

Any business needs medical billing software to improve medical services. When we install applicable medical billing software, the relevant claim becomes a file named ANSI-X12-837. The medical billing software uploads the claim file to your Medical Billing Clearinghouse.

 In such cases, the Clearinghouse will electronically transmit the claim, error-checked, and forward it to the concerned claimant. All such transmissions are made by HIPAA compliance. Regular updates will come to the correct Clearinghouse of your choice. They also get added to your machine’s control panel.

Choosing the right clearing house

We came up with five crucial characteristics to consider to help you choose the best clearinghouse for your company.

1. Educated and prompt customer service

Choosing a clearinghouse that allows you to submit an inquiry any time of the day or night and that will react to you within 24 hours is important because waiting several days for a problem to be handled can cause a delay in payment. How can we be sure that a clearinghouse provides top-notch customer service? “In general, if we get prompt responses to our questions and acknowledgments while studying a clearinghouse, we’ll probably get the same treatment as a client.

Examine the clearinghouse’s contract for details regarding its commitment to customer service hours and responses. These performance requirements, frequently subject to fines, are referred to in contracts as Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

2. Speedy Claim Reactions

We should discover within minutes after submitting claims to the clearinghouse which claims were approved and which ones required correction and resubmission. The time it takes to fix any mistakes increases as we wait longer for claim responses. This slows down our and our client’s cash flow and can result in lost money.

You will save time during submission by using clearinghouses that link claim status to specific claims.

3. Accountability and Reliability 

We can post and reconcile our payments promptly with 835s because we always get an 835 and cost on time. Weeks or even months after receiving the funds, clearinghouses have received 835s. There needed to be coherence. We will only spend time searching for delayed 835s or payments for posting and reconciliation if we know we will get revenues and 835s within a day or two.

To reconcile the payments more quickly, the payment trace numbers or check numbers should reassociate with the 835s.

4. Effective Claim Data

More than having all of the claim data in the system is required. We must utilize the knowledge effectively across several staff members at once. Our employees can decide which payments to post and which claims to reprocess if, for instance, we can display an overview of all claim statuses on an 835. To avoid duplicating any work done on the 835, our personnel should also be able to change the claim statuses as they reprocess claims or submit payments. As a result, we can monitor all claim activity from a dashboard or summary report without wasting time on individual claims.

5. Usability

Training your personnel on utilizing your system is essential if your staff changes or grows. Pick a clearinghouse with simple features, such as 835s and claim responses that humans can read, and extensive reports that can be customized and located in a secure private cloud. A system that requires the fewest clicks possible. The procedures needed to handle claims should make sense. Your system will only help if you can easily teach your staff to use it.

Choosing a clearinghouse that the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission has approved is also crucial (EHNAC). It would be best if you used an EHNAC-accredited clearinghouse by some jurisdictions and many payers.

Be sure to speak with current clients when researching clearinghouses so that you can get their opinions on each of these attributes. Saving time and money is crucial for your company as the market strives for better efficiency. Working with a clearinghouse that possesses all five facts will enable you to streamline daily operations, improve cash flow, and support the expansion of your firm.


Best Medical Billing Clearinghouse 

1. Emdeon

You can choose Emdeon as one of the largest clearing houses for healthcare services. In particular, it provides revenue and payment cycle management, clinical information exchange solutions, etc. They connect payers, providers, and patients across the US healthcare system to make your work easier. Emdeon also integrates its payers and providers’ critical business and administrative functions across patient encounters.

Customers can complete their tasks with Emdeon without any difficulty. With the proper technical infrastructure in place, you can rapidly integrate. Emdeon allows customers to improve their billing transactions’ efficiency and cash flow and perform complex revenue payments and data transfers efficiently.

2. TriZetto Provider Solutions

It is an ideal health clearinghouse to maximize revenue, get you the proper reimbursements and reduce claim denials. One of the unique tactics they use to increase your revenue through their system is to improve the turnaround time for patient payments. Trice to provider solutions helps any healthcare provider make a difference in their industry.

Apart from this, among the main benefits you will get from this Medical Billing Clearinghouse you will be able to process compensation claims professionally. And this gives you access to direct payer connections and electronic transactions. 

The unique thing here is that there are many payment links like primary, secondary and ERA, dental, and work comps. With such facilities, you also can integrate electronic health records with more than 650 practice management solutions.

You have several more features under TriZetto Provider Solutions. These features include denial analysis, error tracking, appeals process automation, and all types of claim forms accepted.

3. EDI Insight by Waystar

Better used by over 450,000 people to simplify revenue cycle management in healthcare organizations.

We can introduce this as a Medical Billing Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse has a user-friendly platform that minimizes claim denials. With the key features here, you get a chance to focus better on your essential expenses, claims, data management, and compliance. 

It is an excellent opportunity for you to save money and time from any healthcare provider. EDI Insight by Gangster offers you more services than most other clearinghouses. You can quickly achieve many technical services like full service, in-house customer support, etc.

4. Top-Notch Medical Billing Clearinghouse

We can introduce this Clearinghouse as part of the AdvancedMD billing software that provides the best support in your doctor’s office. Top-Notch contributes best to provide the most excellent service to maximize revenue in your business. 

This system includes a separate A/R control center, built-in payment processing, and more. In its basic functionality, claims are automatically deleted for accuracy within seconds when you post a fee. 

You won’t find it testing to use this at all. That means you can submit claims to the carrier network of the system through a single portal. You also can track related claims with the combined claims adjudication log. No problem if you have multiple payers. Here you have a single page to complete payment for all of them.

5. Office Ally

Office Ally supports providing free web-based services to healthcare providers. 

It is, in particular, a HIPAA-compliant medical billing clearinghouse. It provides 24/7 customer service, free setup, and training. Through Office Ally, any medical practice provides you with the software-related facility to create insurance claims electronically. 

Another benefit of using this health clearinghouse is that you get updates quickly after submitting any claims. Any claims you upload are scrubbed for errors and submitted to payers within minutes. In such cases, you should know whether to accept or correct the shares.

6. Alveo Healthcare Technologies

It is a national full-service healthcare clearinghouse. Alvo Healthcare is also capable of providing you with fully configurable, reporting, and process-driven revenue cycle management solutions. Using this is possible with a team of experts who know your needs well. 

Using a valuable medical clearinghouse allows your organization access to highly accurate data. The system supports you in managing electronic claims from a single location. Also, you can make exact revenue forecasts faster with shorter payment cycles.

7. eMed Clearinghouse

eMed Clearinghouse enables you to achieve high performance by seamlessly integrating electronic claims and remittance processes with revenue cycle management software. The main advantage is that you can submit e-claims for thousands of payers. Also, you can quickly get claim processing reports along with status updates on claims.

Also, through eMed you can effortlessly search claims by date, service dates, patient and claim date, and many more. You also can track the respective claim and get its status within 12 hours. Here you have several quality filters. It allows you to easily view rejected claims, resolve issues, and retrieve them. It is extraordinary that you can get the whole reason for the respective rejection along with an explanation.

8. Navicure

When talking about Navicure medical Clearinghouse, we have to mention ZirMed recently. That is, these two brands are now serving you together. Atuta also offers a revenue cycle management cloud-based software solution. 

Thus, you can get excellent assistance in initial claim submission, claim preservation, denial, and appeal management. By using the Navicure /ZirMed Clearinghouse, you stand a better chance of reducing error rates, saving time, and increasing revenue. Also, this allows you to send claims to an entire group instead of submitting them once.

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FAQs on Medical Billing Clearinghouse Companies

Q– What are the disadvantages of using a clearinghouse?

A– When you use a clearinghouse, you have to pay for it. There may be HIPAA compliance issues. Juggling multiple refineries is also a disadvantage.

Q- Is a billing clearinghouse the same as a billing company?

A- Yes

 A clearinghouse specializes in insurance billing. You can send your claim through a service that only works on insurance bills.

Q– What are Clearinghouse Fees?

A fee assessed on securities transactions by a clearing house to complete transactions using its facilities is called Clearinghouse Fee.

Q– How many refineries are there?

A– There are mainly two refineries in the US. NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Q- What are the types of laboratories?

A– There are two main types. They are indistinguishable from the exchange they own and independent of their sponsored trade. They are called horizontal or vertical silos, respectively.


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