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Cerner vs. Epic: which is the best EHR software for your company?

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Cerner vs. Epic: which is the best EHR software for your company?

You probably know that the medical billing software industry is the highest paid industry in the world today. However, is it still a challenge for you to find the right EHR software for your healthcare company? Although there are many EHR medical software, the wrong choice for your hospital healthcare can get you in trouble.

Select the right medical billing software for your company. We offer you two of the most comprehensive EHR solutions for this. Namely, Cerner EHR and Epic EHR software.

What is the Cerner EHR software system?

Cerner EHR software is entirely cloud-based medical software. Employees use this software to facilitate any level of health care, such as expanding healthcare organizations and personal use. Cerner EHR is best suited for diagnostics, Medical reporting, and clinical operations.

Cerner Corporation is located in North Kansas City. This software provides technical support for reporting various health information, from all mobile devices to hardware.
Key features of the Cerner EHR software include charting, appointment scheduling, specialized integration, patient seasons, patient education features, clinical reports, and automated notifications.

What is the Epic EHR software system?

Epic EHR is a complete cloud-based medical software with several features. The software is primarily used by healthcare companies and large hospitals in the United States. Their primary purpose in using Epic EHR medical software is to obtain, store, and organize electronic medical records. This medical software is best suited for a wide range of companies worldwide, from independent medical practices to multidisciplinary healthcare companies and various care organizations. Epic has focused more on facilitating patients’ remote treatment.

Considering both the Cerner EHR medical software and the Epic EHR medical software, both options have their own set of features. Sometimes we find that these two solution systems are somewhat similar. Both EHR systems provide population health management, mobile phone access, revenue cycle management, and artificial intelligence. However, Cerner software is best suited for small habits. Epic EHR is best suited for large hospitals and healthcare companies. we discuss some of the differences and features that exist in both software

Cerner vs. Epic: which is the best EHR software for your company?

1. Support for interactions

When choosing the right software system for your company, be sure to look at how the interaction works. Once the method is selected, it will be a big hassle if you cannot integrate it with other software systems. Can this medical software integrate with other software, primarily inpatient data exchange?

Cerner EHR

Cerner has three technological platforms for integration with other external software systems. In addition, Cerner has one outlet for successful operations management and two other media dealing with financial matters and clinical reporting. The primary purpose of integrating their systems is to exchange any medical information through specialized healthcare IT system.

For that, the Cerner software has an exceptional interactive capability that helps users. In addition, they are currently working on a solution that enhances third-party integration through their EHR system. “Basic interaction” is established in the Cerner medical software system, and a program to implement a more compelling perspective is implemented. This perspective helps ensure patient care through the program and gives clients an idea of ​​accurate clinical data.

For this, Cerner EHR software provides long-term patient reports. In addition, Cerner EHR has a feature called “Interactive Ticker” that supports monitoring drug and clinical information and exchanging hospital staff and patient data. Cerner’s features in the EHR software industry have improved, with one common language being used to securely share any health data around the world more securely and freely.

Epic EHR

Compared to Cerner EHR software, Epic EHR integration is a bit more complicated. Market collaboration is a bit lackluster, but Epic EHR competitors are improving on this, and they have come up with a few other relevant features. In addition, epic EHR has a direct protocol to strengthen the connection with software other than Cerner.

As another added feature, they offer happiness together. In addition to medical units, Epic EHR Software supports communicating with multiple software from multiple sources, accessing medical information across other systems, direct messaging, appointment scheduling, laboratory data retrieval, and re-reporting.

2. Ease of use

Choosing the right EHR software for your healthcare company should make it easier for you to use. Your main goal is to make your handwritten paperwork more convenient with the technology, saving time. So, how easy is it to use Cerner and Epic EHR software systems?

Cerner EHR

Many users worldwide believe that the Cerner EHR software should record a long-term supply for even the simplest tasks. Many people think that it is not wise to use this. However, Cerner EHR offers you a graphical user interface. To make this software easier to use, It needs to have some good training.

Epic EHR

Although the front interface is not as fancy as Cerner, consumers at medical companies worldwide say that Epic EHR is easier to use. This software is more intelligent than Cerner. The records are more apparent. For medical companies of any size, it is easier for hospital staff to use without any specialized training. At first glance, it may seem that you have a lot of work in the software, and they are challenging, but over time you will learn how to do them yourself with small tasks.

3. Ability to install

Installing a new EHR software system in your medical company can be a bit daunting. Therefore, it is often best to get the job done by experienced software service providers. In addition, it is vital to know the financial cost, time, and effort required to install and operate the EHR software system.

Cerner EHR

Installing a Cerner EHR software in your medical company is a bit harder than you think. However, they provide a list of guides for the convenience of the user. Therefore, it’s a bit easier to design it the way you want it. Here you will be able to document every action in a more timely and accurate manner. However, they have not made much difference to customers about installing or activating EHR.

Epic EHR

With the Cerner EHR software installation capability, the Epic installation will be a bit easier for you. However, a significant problem faced by users here has not yet been resolved. That is, the Epic EHR software is more expensive to install.

You may have to pay more than a million dollars for the installation part, and in some cases, you may have to pay even more. You also have the opportunity to enlist the help of the technical staff when installing the software system in your company. But it is also costly. However, activation is easier in Epic software than in Cerner.

4. User – Patient Portal

Scheduling patient appointments in your medical office or healthcare company can be more difficult due to factors such as increased patient size, reduced staffing or their vacation, or inefficiency. For this reason alone, there was a need for more friendly patient portals for medical clinics or healthcare companies. The apparent purpose of having a patient portal is to allow patients to schedule their virtual appointments.

Cerner EHR

The patient portal that Cerner EHR software has is more secure. This system allows you to successfully perform prescription refills and perform the primary purpose of scheduling patients’ virtual encounters. In addition, a HIPAA-compliant messaging application is active here. It will enable patients to make an appointment to see a doctor, know prescriptions and clinical outcomes, and have more secure communication with the doctor.

Epic EHR

Epic EHR Software User-Patient Portal provides you with an extra service beyond Cerner. The Epic software system allows patients to see doctors, securely exchange data, and inform you about the costs involved for certain operations. As with Cerner EHR, virtual consulting services are more efficient here.

5. Workload and response to innovations

A medical company of any size expects an outsourced medical software service to perform its functions more successfully through new technology. There have also been several innovations in EHR software systems worldwide, along with the Covid-19 environment. We identify the workload and unique features of Epic and Cerner EHR systems.

Cerner EHR

The Cerner EHR software system allows you to make successful bill claims. They have the most efficient communication between billing groups. With the active AI technology, you can efficiently perform all paperwork such as charting, billing, and credit processing through Cerner. In addition, the telehealth service has been introduced, making it easy for patients to see a doctor online to receive treatment from their own homes quickly. It allows doctors to examine their patients more securely.

Through Amwell, Cerner’s specialized telehealth company, you will have the opportunity to more efficiently schedule, chart, and schedule your telehealth appointments. Cerner EHR Software has also introduced a digital care plan that allows patients to self-study their health status without medical intervention.

Epic EHR

With the Epic EHR software system, you can easily make active bill transactions, including all bill payments and claims. In addition, this system includes notification of rejected requests, alerts, and automated messaging services.

Their technology aims to allow the doctor to spend more time with the patient. Considering the Epic EHR software innovations, patients also can see the doctor directly through the telehealth service here. In addition, doctors have the opportunity to check patient history and symptoms and interact with patients via video chat.

6. Prices and suitable conditions

You should be aware that the cost of software, including installation activation and maintenance and all hardware upgrades, can be pretty expensive. Still, any EHR software can be pretty expensive.

Cerner EHR

Prices for the Cerner EHR software system start at $ 25 per year. Unfortunately, this system company has no free trial or version. Therefore, Cerner is best suited for a private medical company or small hospital with financial constraints. In addition, Cerner EHR is an excellent choice for those of you with more effective population health management needs.

Epic EHR

Prices for the Epic EHR software system start at $ 1200. Of course, the cost of the Epic is a bit high. However, this software is suitable for hospitals with significant staff and affiliated wealthy clients. In addition, if you are looking for an intelligent interface to make daily activities more efficient and automated, Epic EHR is best suited for that.

The above comparison will make it easier for you to choose the software system that best suits your medical company’s actual needs between Cerner EHR and Epic EHR. Choose the option that saves you time, effort, and resources.

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