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Athenahealth medical billing software Features, pricing & Overview

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Athenahealth medical billing software Features, pricing & Overview

Athenahealth is a software that comes with a wide range of billing tools to make medical practice management easier. Athena Healthcare has introduced you to several modules. Like all other medical billing software worldwide, Athenahealth provides billing features such as graphing disease data and scheduling. This software is the best option for managing all data with a prime performance indicator for medical practices.

What is Athenahealth Medical Billing Software?

Athenahealth is a cloud-based clinical solution designed to streamline medical practice management and to report. The primary purpose of Athena Health is to relieve you of all administrative duties other than the patient’s work in the medical office and to save you time to pay full attention to the patient. With a host of features such as e-appointments, telehealth services, patient portals, and appointment schedules, Athenahealth is more uniquely designing like other medical billing services.

Industry stability

The medical billing software industry is now successfully reaping the benefits around the world. As a result, healthcare professionals worldwide have used Athenahealth medical billing software for more than 20 years. As a result, Athenahealth is one of the ten most sought-after software for medical training in the United States.

common benefits of Athenahealth

  1. Time management
  2. Increased revenue
  3. Bill management
  4. Quality service
  5. Compliance with laws and regulations
  6. Increased patient satisfaction

Key Features Review

• Customizable templates

Athenahealth Medical Software has a custom template system that allows you to manage your bills that are adding daily, weekly, or monthly. Those systems are unlimited to each record. When much patient data is being collected, There is a filter to extract only the information you need.

You may have recurring reports that you need to apply monthly or weekly on bills and medical claims. In managing such records, Athenahealth’s customized template system is even more critical to make it easier to track your total income or recurring expenses and days.

• Reporting Dashboard

The Athenahealth Medical Software Reporting Dashboard represents the criteria for accounts. They are the collection of time and payments in the accounts receivable. The unique function of the bulletin board is to report rejections or canceled bill reports so that you do not miss them. In addition, the Athenahealth Dashboard also provides medical billing reports on your regular customer payments or full payment.

Athenahealth gives you an idea of ​​the essential quality by automatically comparing it with the average measurements of the Athena Net. It allows you to identify non-promotional aspects and gain an understanding of the areas that are coming down. Athenahealth offers you the opportunity to join a series of consultations and contact the company if the standard falls short.

• Scheduler and Appointment Calendar

We mentioned earlier that Athenahealth had introduced several modules. First, it offers a precious calendar by Athena Clinical. It allows you to monitor the training schedule of the medical office staff easily, whether weekly, daily, or monthly. As the main point of the appointment calendar, every other appointment in the medical office per day is shown with information. In addition, The calendar displays the type of appointment, attendance status, patient personal data, etc., with a photo of the patient.

In medical practice, you need to manage patient appointments. To help with that, Athenahealth has introduced a timekeeping tool. The software has an easy-to-use tool to track the number of patients at a given time. In addition, It could make it easier for you to book new appointments through it.

Athenahealth Medical Software allows you to monitor scheduled appointments along with patient-related bills. The timetable also allows patients to update their data and present their needs before making an appointment. Finally, you can use patient A / B testing tools to drive patient appointment reminders. Use telephone lines, emails, or text messages.

• Claims

Athenahealth manages E&M codes through medical bills and displays the charge to you. In short, Athena Health offers an accurate overview of ICD-10 and CPT codes. This medical software captures all of your billing rights in as little as eight seconds. Athena Health also pays for these rights in less than three working days.

In addition, Athenahealth offers a clear review to verify the accuracy or omissions of the payers concerned. For example, if 95% of the requests are completed within three working days. Meanwhile, the software also allows you to get a full refund if certain rights are denied.

• Patient portal


Athenahealth medical billing software Features pricing & Overview
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First of all, the patient portal of Athena health medical software is HIPAA compliant. Any patient can contact the medical staff at any time using that messaging tool. You can task such as notifying patients of payments and meeting appointments quickly through the patient portal. The patient portal is more critical for the patient to make an appointment to see the doctor, receive medication, know the laboratory results, and communicate safely.

Patients also can use the patient portal for tasks such as obtaining and completing bill payment forms. Through the patient portal, physicians or healthcare professionals also have the opportunity to launch an institutional vocabulary with their logo. Connect with the patient quickly and online through the Athena Health portal.

• Recording

There is no need for office staff to type patient data separately.
With Athenahealth, you will soon have access to patient data and historical information, demographics, and whenever you want to know. This software can organize and store all data on a customizable template system. In addition, Athenahealth provides voice recording information. This system allows you to detect the previous diagnoses easily, complete prescriptions and allergies.

• E – Recommendations

We introduce you to Athena Clinics as Athenahealth Recording Tool. You can place your orders electronically at Athena Clinical. There is an opportunity to make things like medicine or lab orders through e-recommendations. The ios mobile app gives you the chance to manage any hospital activity you want from anywhere in the world.

• Telehealth convenience

Athenahealth’s telehealth feature has been upgraded to Covid-19 status. In that EMR tool, patients can easily make medical appointments through technology. Patients do not need to connect to other software for this. Telehealth makes it easier to see a doctor using any device. In Athenahealth, telehealth has created opportunities for the patient to observe the disease, self-monitor the patient, and facilitate communication with the physician.

• Interaction

Athenahealth’s interactive tools allow you to transfer patient data to other providers quickly. There are a large number of interactive tools in medical software. It also allows you to add new data to patient data records without any hassle. In addition, these tools in Athena Medical Software are more relevant to the standards and regulations set by programs such as Medicaid EHR and Medicare.

Therefore, it will be quiet for you to make transfers and patient transactions without hassle as per the rules and regulations like the prescribed MACRA and MIPS. In addition, you can integrate with the public well to access websites such as Epic and Cerner.

• Customer service and support

Customer service and support of Athenahealth medical billing software are available to you at any time by phone or email. Contact the Account Manager at 1-800-981-5084 to discuss your issue. You can also arrange a direct appointment with him. In addition, Athena Health has an email box open for live chat or support requests, unlike other medical software.


Overall, the cost of Athena’s health software is $ 140 per month for Athena clinics EMR. If you want a complete healthcare technology kit, you must sign up for a medical billing service. Monthly savings prices can vary from 4% – 8%, depending on revenue cycle management. Athena Health’s pricing is based on document management, patient contact platform, and revenue management.

Establishment and process

As with most medical billing software, Athenahealth does not charge a fee for primary health care. Therefore, it does not take more than a month to implement. But if you get reports on an external platform, it may take you a while longer. However, you have the opportunity to pair with an account agent without any problems while installing the software. In addition, you can contact your agent to help you succeed throughout the process.

Athenahealth Limitations and Disadvantages

Athenahealth customer support can sometimes be a bit weak. External revenue cycle management is not allowed here. Access to the tools of this medical software can be a bit troublesome.

When it comes to the interface, the interface is not as intelligent as other medical software. The user also feels that it is a bit difficult to enter their data into the platform. In addition, nearly 70 percent of consumers say the language is a bit difficult to interpret for a claim.


Who is best suited to use Athenahealth?

Athenahealth medical software is especially suitable for medical training of 10 to 50 employees. These mediocre practices earn between one and ten million dollars a year using the software.

Does Athenahealth have an EHR?

Athenahealth EHR offers organizations that want to increase revenue through medical practice and provide the highest level of health care. You can choose the EHR as an option to improve revenue management and patient satisfaction in the course.

Which clearance housing does Athenahealth use?

Athena EDI solves all payment problems before they arise. In addition, Athena ED Clearance Center is fully integrated with Athenaidx.

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