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Accredited medical coding and billing schools online with financial aid

Anyone looking to earn a medical billing and coding certification should have no problem finding an excellent program. However, the main problem that many students face is paying for those programs. However, fortunately for students, many accredited medical coding and billing schools are online with financial aid worldwide.

Schools like these will help bridge any funding gaps that students may face. For that, you should pay more attention to programs that receive federal aid, from direct scholarships to payment plans that provide significant funding. This report will walk you through several alternative scenarios that may be essential for you.

For your convenience, we have focused more attention on some popular schools and their financial aid that can contribute more to you. Meanwhile, we have listed only a few accredited schools for you.  Read about accredited medical billing and coding schools online with financial Aid.

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Overview of online medical billing and coding schools

Medical billers and coders work together for various functions in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and many other healthcare facilities. Medical billing and coding are both mechanical disciplines. It is why online medical billing and coding schools have increased these days. Many of these schools have potent programs. 

It is also extraordinary that most of them can be completed by anyone within four weeks. At any online medical billing and coding school, students can learn how to perform medical research treatments and diagnosis, identify procedures in clinical data, and complete billing for medical reimbursement.

Best Financially Aided Accredited Medical Coding and Billing Schools Online

Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology

This college offers an online program that you can complete in as little as nine months. We can introduce the Diploma in Medical Billing and Coding offered by Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology as the most valuable opportunity for students.

It contains many subjects anyone looking for accredited medical coding and billing schools online with financial aid can focus on. ICD-9 and ICD-10, medical office procedures, anatomy, record management, etc., are among them. Students who graduate from this college can prepare for the Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist exam.

In addition, as a significant college among accredited medical coding and billing schools online with financial aid, Cambridge College can qualify students for federal and state funding. The school provides various other forms of assistance to students who complete the relevant qualifications. Students can take help from school staff to get applicable services. 

Cambridge College staff provide assistance packages, including financial aid, loan provision, interest rates, and repayments.

Berkeley College

Berkeley College’s full curriculum trains students to manage billing information, handle medical insurance, and more. Currently, the percentage of students receiving financial aid from students studying at Berkeley College is 70%. After students complete their degree or related certificate, they will have the necessary knowledge and skills to become nationally certified.

For anyone looking for accredited medical coding and billing schools online with financial aid, Berkeley College is an alternative opportunity that provides valuable experience and skills. Also, this college conducts its classes online on New York and New Jersey campuses. This school currently has an enrollment of 3,505 students.

Central Maine Community College

We can introduce this as a college where students looking for accredited medical coding and billing schools online with financial aid can get more unique opportunities. Also, Central Maine Community College has planned its online medical coding and health records studies in a way that is more beneficial to students. That is, students can quickly start their careers after graduation here.

Also, this college will provide the foundation you need to become proficient in the coding formats used in the medical billing and coding industry. 

In addition, students can acquire the skills required for many professions, such as hospitals, insurance companies, and clinics. About 87% of students receive financial aid at Central Maine Community College. It also has about 2178 students; its main campuses are Auburn and Maine.

Northwestern College

We present Northwest College as another excellent choice for online accredited medical coding and billing schools with financial aid. They lay the groundwork for students to enter the medical coding industry through various courses, including financial procedures, competency seminars, communications, insurance, and documentation. 

Their entire program is divided into about eight modules. It also takes students about 40 weeks to complete this graduate certificate, with 29.5 credits. 

The total cost to students is approximately $18,491. Also, students from Northwestern College are eligible for federal financial aid such as Stafford and Pell Grant. 

Additionally, Northwestern College has several forms of financial assistance available to them. They include personal student loans, interest-free payment plans, and more. Contact the Financial Aid Office to obtain more information for students.

Milwaukee Area Technical College

It is a hybrid program for medical billing. Students living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, can acquire the necessary knowledge, primarily through the college’s medical billing and coding diploma. They can also get the opportunity to work for government institutions and other health services very quickly, according to the education pattern here.

The Milwaukee Area Technical College program consists of 10 courses covering the basic anatomy, medical office terminology, computerized medical billing, medical claims reimbursement, and more. 

Also, they have included a series of traditional class instructions related to each other. It is extraordinary that graduates who complete the program here also hold a medical billing technical diploma.

Also, there is an opportunity to earn an associate degree in medical administration specialist through a technical college in Milwaukee. Medical billing diploma programs at this college can cost $161.25 for residents and $232.98 for non-resident students. Students can also qualify for other funding resources, including scholarships, loans, and grants.

Bryant & Stratton College

This college’s medical billing coding program specializes in students who want to work with computers. It is more technically inclined. Throughout the program, students will be able to study the use of current classification systems, key medical terminology, standard coding patterns, the overall structure of the healthcare industry, and code-related laws and regulations. 

Students also receive a recognized certification at the end of the program, and coders typically earn 20% more than non-certified farmers.

At Bryant & Stratton College, the percentage of students receiving financial aid is approximately 82.00%. Also, the number of students is 4,436, and the main campuses are in Buffalo and NY.

Harsin University

This college offers students a completely online degree. It contributes more benefits to the students and is also a good choice for anyone looking for accredited medical coding and billing schools online with financial aid. 

Students are free to complete study assignments from home or any convenient location. Also, another specialty of Harsin College is that there are two fields of study that students can choose to pursue a career.

Also, if students are thinking of entering the job market more quickly, they can join within a brief period, i.e., within 12 months. Alternatively, students looking for a longer course can complete an associate and graduate program from the college.

 Currently, the number of students receiving financial assistance is 100%, and the number of undergraduate students is 514. Also, Hersin University’s main campuses are in Minneapolis, MN.

Sullivan University

If students want to complete medical coding in a brief period, i.e., nine months, then Sullivan University is a good choice. Students looking for accredited medical coding and billing schools online with financial aid can enter this if they want a career-oriented curriculum. Its studies are entirely online, and students can only cover subjects relevant to their job.

During the program, students can accurately convert medical documents into codes using complementary techniques. Sullivan University currently has 2,618 students, with an enrollment rate of 83%. Also, the campuses are in Louisville, KY. 

Cowley Community College

We can introduce Kawali community college as another top choice for those who focus on online accredited medical coding and billing schools with financial aid. It offers online study facilities to quickly complete your studies from home. Also, students have the opportunity to attend classes according to their schedules. 

Apart from that, students need not worry about the semester start dates. The entire program here is skill-based. In other words, it is only considered that the graduates have the skills to succeed in the healthcare industry.

You can pursue certificate or degree opportunities at Cowley College as you wish. The percentage of students receiving financial aid is 40%. Also, the number of students is 1958, and the main campuses are in KS and Arkansas.

Wake Technical Community College

Wake Technical Community College is a college located in North Carolina with medical billing and coding programs. We can also introduce this as an excellent choice for accredited medical coding and billing schools online with financial aid. 

Also, among the types of curriculum that students can choose from, English, Science and Social Studies, Mathematics, etc., are exceptional. All these programs are designed to be completed in two years.

They also plan to offer all types of medical billing and coding programs online. After completing the first semester of those programs, students are eligible for the Medical Office Professional Certificate. Also, they qualify for the Medical Office Professional Diploma Certificate after completing all five semesters with the AAS degree.

Also, Wake Technical Community College’s loan tuition fee for North Carolina residents is $76. Also, for those who do not reside in the state, the value is $268.00. Students who qualify for aid can avail of many alternative aid opportunities, such as various scholarships. Lenovo Technology Leadership Scholarships and EwingCole Design Endowed Scholarships are special.

Drexel University

At this university, students are given two career paths to choose the relevant certification in coding. As the highest-quality coding training program in the country, this program has been among the best practices in the industry for a long time. Students cover an in-depth scope of core coding during the certificate and degree programs available here.

 Additionally, they can gain a broader understanding of the terminology and software associated with the medical billing and coding industry. After completion of the relevant certification, students can appear for the national certification exam of 3 other institutes.

Drexel University currently has 61% of students receiving financial aid. It also has 15,557 students; the main campuses are PA and Philadelphia.

DeVry University

DeVry University takes a special place as another more suitable alternative opportunity for accredited medical coding and billing schools online with financial aid. Online classes with brand-new school sessions every eight weeks are the perk of getting the programs here.

It is also extraordinary that this university’s medical billing and coding degree certificate is included in the CCS certification exam syllabus in AHIMA. During the program, students can gain hands-on experience in virtual lab practices. 

Also, the relevant certificate can be used as a first foundation for them to get their degree. DeVry University has a student enrollment rate of 91% and 12,743. Its main campuses are in Naperville, IL.

Scholarships for medical billing and coding students

As you have studied accredited medical coding and billing schools online with the financial aid above, you should also have understood the scholarships offered by them. Students may need financial assistance for many things, such as tuition fees for a certificate or diploma program. 

Scholarships are a perfect way for them to cover the financial gap. Since scholarships and grants are non-repayable, they can also be considered an ideal way for students to pay for a program. Let us explore some examples of such scholarships.

California Health Information Association Student Scholarship

It is a 6-award process for emerging professional members to complete their CAHIIM-accredited Health Information Administration program. They are valued at $750 each. Also, by the deadline of March 1 of the year, students must have completed 50% of their program curriculum online.

Allied Health Professions Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship is available to students pursuing a bachelor’s degree at any level at an ASAHP member school. It is also a special requirement that they have completed at least one term. Students who qualify may receive $1,000 in private scholarships. You can check with the school to determine the deadline for accepting nominations and expressions of interest.

American Health Information Management Association Merit Scholarships

Eligible for this scholarship program are those pursuing Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. degrees in health informatics-related fields from a CAHIIM-accredited program. They are also expected to have completed at least 30 hours of coursework with a minimum GPA of 3.5.

HIMSS Alabama Chapter Student Merit Scholarship

Applicants related to healthcare information management systems are fully eligible for this scholarship. Or they must join National HIMSS or Alabama HIMSS. Also, the fact that HIMSS teams have demonstrated commitment to various committees and conferences may be a significant factor.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System Svetcha Forum Scholarships

To be eligible for this scholarship program, students must be enrolled in a degree certificate program at an accredited school. Also, they must be permanent residents of any of the 10 Illinois counties with Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Care. The study program they get can be somewhere other than Illinois. In addition, students must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

The Abbot and Fenner Scholarship

Abbott and Fenner Business Advisors Real Estate currently host this scholarship. They donate this scholarship to high school students attending an approved post-secondary school. 

Also unique is that they award the scholarship based on the essays submitted by the students via email. Applicants can find the relevant title and email address on the respective websites. Its cash value is a recurring value of $1,000 per year.

The Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is offered by grasshopper organization, an online organization. It is an association that helps business owners run their businesses through mobile phones. Also, undergraduate and graduate students studying at a US university can apply for this. 

Also, students should provide their contact information to submit the application form. The unique thing here is that students should also write an essay of 500-700 words on a topic on the respective website.

Health Professions Scholarship Program

Scholarship programs typically available to allied health students are also available to medical billing and coding students. Also, students can avail a wide range of scholarship options related to degree programs without industry-based requirements. It is also notable that many of these scholarship programs are open to US residents. 

It is also essential for those concerned students to have a good GPA. Students should also submit other awards and additional information along with the application. Among allied health and related scholarships, Allied Health Graduate Scholarship, The Aiea General Hospital Association Scholarship, ASAHP Excellence Scholarship are the main ones.

AvaCare Medical Scholarship

The scholarship is worth $1,000 and is sponsored by AvaCare Medical. Also, this is a scholarship for applicants selected by judges. They make their selection based on factors like submissions, car quality, creativity, etc., of the respective applicant. In addition, it is considered necessary for the applicant to pursue a degree in medicine and have a GPA of more than 3.0.

Donald and Barbara Williams Scholarship Program

Employees of For Healthcare and students in the healthcare field can apply for this medical billing and coding scholarship. The scholarship amount is up to $3,000. Also, they determine the relevant value based on the total number of scholarship winners selected.

 When submitting applications, students must include two reference letters, information about extracurricular activities, a short essay, etc.

How to Get Financial Aid for Online Medical Billing and Coding Schools?

You may be thinking about how to apply for online medical billing and coding schools with financial aid. It is a much cheaper option than paying out of pocket all the time. Let’s discuss some tips to help you get financing that way.

Get updated about school details.

Be very careful about the application process of each school you wish to apply to. The method may vary from school to school. However, you may have to fill out several applications in most cases.

Be aware of the type of financing available to you.

Consider what financial aid options are available to you at your school of choice. Also, any financial assistance department has rules and regulations for completing an application. You can contact the financial aid office of the respective college to learn about the financial assistance available to you

Study the types of financing

Four types of financial aid are available to you from online medical billing and coding schools. These include grants, student loans, scholarships, and work-study. There you should first know about the sources of financing. 

The primary and familiar sources that apply are federal aid, school aid, privately funded scholarships, and state financial aid. See if the support offered by the school of your choice is proper for you.

Get access to financing.

You will have to check with the financial aid office for that. Also, in most schools, you must fill out an application to get relevant access to financial aid. That is, you should speak with a member of the office of financial assistance. 

Choose the school that suits you best.

There are a lot of online medical billing and coding schools with financial aid. But ensure that the schools meet the standards of excellence required by the accrediting authorities to provide the appropriate assistance. Also, schools need to be accredited through the Accreditation Commission for health informatics & information management education.

Qualifications You Must Have to Become a Medical Billing and Coding Professional

The employment opportunities available in this profession may vary depending on the needs of the employers. Also, some employers expect prior education requirements. Otherwise, another group of employers is looking for a diploma, degree, or training related to medical billing and coding. 

Or they consider it a requirement that you have industry certification. According to the BLS, medical coding and billing professionals must possess several important qualities.

  • Good communication skills
  • Organizational skills required for accurate data reporting
  • Decision-making skills for diagnosis and analysis of medical records
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Technical skills
  • Among the technical components needed by medical billing and coding professionals are the following:
    • Medical procedure coding software
    • Accounting software
    • Medical Quality Coding Software Electronic Health Record Programs
    • Word processing software
    • Database user query software
  • Medical billing and coding profession Requirements: step by step
    • Research the job opportunities available in your area.
    • Choose a medical billing and coding diploma or degree program to meet education requirements.
    • Explore your financial aid options.
    • Enroll in a program at a school that’s right for you.
    • Complete the degree and take the certification exam.
    • Find a job using career resources.
    • Prepare your resume.
    • Attend job interviews.
    • Get a job and start a career.

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Final thoughts

Schools have introduced many grant and loan schemes as an excellent opportunity to complete your studies. Complete your studies online with financial aid through our guide to accredited medical coding and billing schools.


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