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Why Should You Go with Medical Billing and Coding Programs in 2021?

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Nowadays job market is very dynamic. People tend to search for high-paying, innovative, and can work from home jobs. Medical billing and coding play a significant role here and satisfies the above criteria.

This is a kind of data entering process, which the medical coder does. For example, when a patient consults a doctor or visits after the hospital, the coder takes patient information records either written or typed form. Then, the coder will transfer those records into numeric or alphanumeric codes. These unique codes are sent to insurance companies to create patient bills and payment histories using specific software.

Objectives of the medical billing and coding are,

  • identify diagnoses
  • assess medical tests and treatments
  • find procedures in clinical documentation
  • convert data into codes (which help to bill government and a private party for doctor remuneration)

In this new decade, job growth of all industries will be doubled (predicted by The United States BLS). In 2020, the coder’s annual payment was $44,090 approximately. According to the US News and World Report 2021, medical billing and coding are ranked 24th among the best jobs you can obtain without a degree. But we encourage you to get well educated in this field and demand yourself for a much higher salary.

According to the school you choose, many states’ colleges currently conduct online medical billing and coding courses and have several benefits.

Let’s have some idea about 7 top schools which provide the online medical billing and coding course,

American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)

If you are looking for the world’s recognized largest healthcare training Organization, the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) is the best place for you. They have been maintaining a good impression of them since 1990. The Affordable prices, the enormous range of classes, and tremendous knowledge provided with many resources through their website help students to be successful. Two hundred thousand members are the witnesses for that.

Students are encouraged to engage at any level because AAPC offers different courses at different prices. In addition, you can take the selection test to enroll in various specialties’ complete medical billing and coding system.

Following are the additional benefits you can get with AAPC,

  1. Online apprenticeship and mentorship
  2. Networking and practical experience

This certificate program mainly focuses on doctors and outpatient departments and fits with clinics, the physician’s office, etc.

American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

You expect to study your medical billing and coding 2021 in the best among the best; American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is suitable for you. They are responsible for setting the standards for medical recordings.

American Health Information Management Association
Information Management Association

The main focus of the AHIMA is inpatient and outpatient coding, which is better to fit with hospital and inpatient facilities. Altogether eight certificate programs are conducted by AHIMA in medical record management. If you are a health professional with tremendous experience, you can apply for the higher-level certification of AHIMA, which will help you earn more. (The Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) each will cost around $299).

Florida A&M University

You plan to join a public university; Florida states the capital of Tallahassee has Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. It’s very well known as FAMU or Florida A&M. You can complete the course on your timetable because they have already enabled the asynchronous format for students. The medical coding program is offered by the Department of Continuing Education of the university.

The program is conducted on a module basis. One module consists of three courses, and altogether nine courses are there. The duration of a module is less than 15 weeks. After the successful completion of all three modules, you will receive a Certificate of Medical Coding.

By choosing FAMU, you would be able to sit for the national certification exams such, AAPC, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), Certified Coding Associate (CCA), Certified Professional Coder (CPC). Total registration is around $2000 for all three modules, and you can pay individually for the three modules, but the total cost will be increased.

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Your wish is to do a remote medical coding certificate course under the Purdue University and Indiana universities; IUPUI is the best place to accomplish that. Under asynchronous format, they will offer a completely online program which is the value of 28 credit hours. At the end of the successful completion of this certificate program, you will get a chance to face the CCA examination.

Before register for the IUPUI medical coding certificate program, you have to fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Anatomy for Health Care Management
  2. Physiology for Health Care Management
  3. Computer Concepts for Health Information
  4. Medical Terminology

You can upgrade your certificate program to a Bachelor of Health Information Management degree at the IUPUI by earning credits throughout the medical coding program.

Due to the accommodation and other variable factors cost of living will be much higher than others, and you are expected to pay around $300 per credit hour for the tuition. If you are out of state, the tuition fee might be higher than $300.

Hutchinson Community College

Do you worry about your low budget? to enroll with the online medical billing and coding program. You don’t need to worry; Hutchinson Community College will help you do that even with your low budget. Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas, conducts Certificate of Healthcare Coding Specialist program. The duration, of course, is three semesters and consists of a total of 45 credit hours.

At IUPUI, If you are willing to continue your studies further, the highest credit owned students are eligible for applying for the Applied Science degree known as Health Information Management. As a pre-requirement to join this program, you should have a cumulative GPA of 2.0/4.0 for the final six semesters of high school, A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0/4.0 for the minimum 12 semester hours of the college, or a minimum GED of 58.

As we mentioned earlier, this is affordable. If you are an in-state student, you will cost only around $115 per credit hour, and it will be about $145 for an out-state student. Total tuition costs will be varied around $5200, $6600 in and out-state students, respectively.

Northwest Technical College

You can search for the fully online and certified medical coding program at Northwest Technical College, available in an asynchronous format. You can complete that in two ways.

  1. One year Certificate Program for Medical Coding
  2. Two years Associated of Applied Science degree in Medical Coding

Accurate processing, handling of sensitive medical information, coordination of daily medical office functions, and other required knowledge you can obtain with this program. Northwest Technical College has enough capacity to produce highly-trained specialists in medical billing and coding through their institute. The tuition fee is around $250 for all.

University of Cincinnati (UC)

Are you looking for an asynchronous and fully remote course for medical billing and coding? The UC should be your first choice. Unlike FAMU, you can’t complete the coursework according to your timetable. However, they are providing an entire-time certificate program which you can complete within one year. Completed students can sit for the CCA, CPC, or switch to the Health Information System degree program.

If you have a high school diploma or equivalent, you can apply to UC’s medical coding program. The cost for an in-state student is around $3200, and for an out-state student, it may be about $3400 per semester. The part-time resident student will expect to pay $270 per credit hour, and for the non-resident student, it will be around $280.

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