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7 Best Medical Coding Degrees

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7 Best Medical Coding Degree –USA

There are many career paths that people do know and don’t know in today’s world. This article is about a subject that people are very interested in and have many career changes and demands. Love to know about the best medical coding degrees in the USA? Here we go!

Medical Coding offers many more job opportunities in the health and clinical side.

More than 20 different colleges/universities offer several degree programs about medical coding. Here I mention the best 7-degree programs for medical coding degree programs in the USA.

  1. Hutchinson Community College
  2. Indiana University – Indianapolis
  3. Northwest Technical College
  4. Highland Community College
  5. Cowley County Community College
  6. Alexandria Technical & Community College
  7. Albany State University

Each of the programs that have different unique facts but overall all these 7 programs are the best for medical coding.  You will have a better idea about all these 7 medical degree programs and what program would be the most suitable one for you by the end of this article. 

1.Hutchinson community college (BEST BUDGET Medical Coding Degree)

Founded in 1928 with the name Hutchinson Junior College. Cooperatively, they continued a few name changes before they come to this one, Hutchinson Community College, in 1980.

Hutchinson Community College is located in Hutchinson, Kansas. It offers the Health Coding Specialist Certificate, for students who have an interest in a career path in medical coding. The online program of medical coding has 45 credit hours and can be completed only from three semesters.

For students who need to further advance their education, most credits earned in this medical degree program apply to the Health Information Management Associate in Applied Science degree. Students will gain practical experience by following this program. Therefore that can be applied to the field in many of their classes, including the Coding Lab, as well as Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare. In the 3rd semester, students will take an internship called Health Record Coding Practicum. 

This is the best medical coding program for students to have a quick path to gain the skills for an entry-level position in the field of healthcare.

The only condition to apply in this medical coding degree program is previous academic act as a high school graduate. Though it needs a minimum growing grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale for the final 6 semesters of high school. Additionally, a minimum growing grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale for a minimum of 12 semester hours of college, or a minimum GED average standard score of 58.


Founded in 1969. The Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis is part of the Purdue University system and the Indiana University system. It offers a certificate program in Medical Coding that is carried fully online through Indiana University’s School of Information and Computing. 

The medical Coding program which has 28-credits consists of a variety of disciplines and is designed with the exams in mind that students are going to be needed to sit before entering the field. 

IUPUI Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Coding program has many conditions like this. Before you sign up for the course, you should have completed Physiology for Health Care Management, Anatomy for Health Care Management, Computer Concepts for Health Information, and Medical Terminology.

Credits earned through this medical coding program are qualified to be applied to a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management, also offered at IUPUI. The work of the Medical Coding field n a superb level of skill, and in this program, students will be trained in the best practices. 

3.Northwest technical college – Bemidji, Minnesota

One of the best medical billing and coding-approved schools in the country is Northwest Technical College. It offers different types of online programs, including an associate of applied science in Medical Coding. 

This medical coding degree program consists of 60 credits. And it trains students completely, to use overall recognized coding systems to arrange medical diagnoses and methods. This program teaches the topics like pharmacology, pathophysiology, and the U.S. healthcare system in detail.

This program needs several categories. Include anatomy and physiology, bioethical problems in current society, medical languages applications, and introduction to computers and medical applications. 

In addition to courses, students should complete an internship, gaining practical experience within the field. 

Graduates of this degree qualify for entry-level jobs in clinics, insurance companies, hospitals, long-term care facilities and government agencies. NTC offers financial opportunities for students like scholarships, for further studying. 

In addition to covering medical terms and pharmacology concepts, the syllabus examines bioethical is in current society, general psychology, public speaking, business communications, and patient account management.

NTC doesn’t need standardized test scores. However, students might have to complete the ACCUPLACER exam to determine college readiness. NTC maintains a transfer agreement with Mayville State University that permits students to transfer all sixty credits toward an online bachelor of applied science in business administration.

Students develop basic knowledge of the medical field and train in medical coding. Courses in bioethical problems, psychology, and communication offer a complete context to complement students’ developing technical skills.

4.Highland Community College

Highland Community College started in 1858 and was the very first college in Kansas. Now the HCC teaches over 3,000 students annually at the main campus or through online programs. 

HCC students will earn a Medical Coding degree online that teaches them how to assign codes to medical diagnoses and methods for insurance and billing tasks.

The fully online program of Medical Coding is 65-credit 16-week semesters or quicken eight-week sessions. This medical coding program has main types like introduction to health information, legal and ethical problems in healthcare, healthcare computer applications and electronic encoders, and international classing of disease coding. 

This medical coding degree prepares graduates for the Certified Coding Specialist and Certified Coding Associate exams offered by the America Health Information Management Association. These professional certificates show competence in clinical classification, payment methodology, health records, and compliance.

To graduate, students should additionally complete a coding internship, which needs clinical hours at an approved healthcare facility. 

This program includes 41 major credits. Students have to study medical terminology, insurance compliance procedures, medical ethics, and legal needs. This program also teaches the International Classification of Disease coding system that is used to bill for medical procedures.

 A high school diploma or something that is equally valued as a diploma is needed to take admissions for this degree program. The college welcomes transfer students and accepts up to 47 credits toward a degree. Students can also earn credit for previous learning or through competency exams. Students interact in clinical training at an approved coding facility for the internship.

HCC is regionally licensed by the Higher Learning Commission.

5.Cowley County Community College

Students will earn a career-relevant Medical Coding degree online from Cowley College. The AAS in medical coding prepares students for medical coding positions in physicians’ offices, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. The program additionally prepares students to follow specialized national certification through the American Academy of Professional Coders.

In this program, students find out how to correctly assign codes to medical diagnoses and systems. Required courses include an introduction to health information, current standard terms coding, compensation methods, and international classification sickness coding. The program offers smooth online classes that follow a related co-work format.

Applicants should submit proof of a high-school diploma or GED, ACT scores (if have), and tests scores. Transfer students should submit official records from all previously attended colleges. 

There are a small number of scholarships for the program offered every year, so students may qualify for the need for help. The program is an open entrance, though students should still apply if they’re seeking a certificate or degree.

6.Alexandria Technical & Community College – Alexandria, Minnesota

The Alexandria Technical & Community College (ATCC) offers a well-defined Medical Coding Specialist Program. 

ATCC offers an online Certificate in Medical Coding Specialist and an online Diploma in Medical Coding Specialist. Each contains a Medical Coding Specialist program and students following one of two chances will learn real medical terms and records. Other class topics include anatomy, pharmacological medicine, finance, and coding. 

Graduates from either program are allowed to call for the American Health Information Management Association’s Certified Coding Associate exam or the American Academy of Professional Coders exam. The certificate needs 3 semesters and a total of nineteen credit hours since the diploma program needs 4 semesters and forty-five credit hours to complete.

As a medical coder, graduates can study medical documentation. And also match up the diagnosis and process into numerical codes for insurance firms, hospitals, and other settings as coding specialists, auditors, data quality supervisors, or coding research managers.

To apply, students should have a high school diploma or GED similar. Applicants fill out a series of online forms after first creating a Minnesota State Star ID. Online learners work with an advisor to develop their graduation plan and have access to technical support, services for veterans, online tutoring, and resources from the school’s library.

7.Albany State University

Albany State University offers an online Certificate in Medical Coding. This program is designed for students who are interested in entering the medical field with an entry-level position. 

The 27-credit medical coding program prepares students to study and understand patient records. And also assign numeric codes for every medical procedure and diagnosis. Students will learn a lot of details of the International Classification of Disease and Current Procedural Terminology Coding Systems. Those who complete the program will be prepared and allow to take the national diploma exam for CCA (Certified Coding Associate).

The syllabus covers health record content and structure, pathophysiology, medical specialty, coding, and advanced coding and payment. 

Students should have previous necessary coursework in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and computer applications before beginning the program. If students don’t have this prior coursework, they may take these classes at Albany State.


What can you do by having a Medical Coding Certificate?

Medical coding certificates train students to use standard coding languages. It is exactly for a job as a medical billing and coding specialist. The medical coding program prepares students to work as health information technology associates or medical officers. Additional career paths include medical records coordinator and claims coding specialist.

Is Medical Coding a good career path?

Medical coding has been among the most demanded professions. Therefore the Bureau of Labor Statistics listed medical coding among the 20 fastest-growing careers. 

AAPC notes that job security points to the quality of life, which is one reason why medical coding is a good career choice.

Which professions can Medical Coding classes be useful?

Doctors, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic testing centers, and the Department of Veterans Affairs need medical coding specialists. So there are plenty of professions that medical code specialists have.  

How much do you make in Medical Coding?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical coders earn a median salary of $40,350. It can depend on the employer, location, and experience.

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