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4-Week Online Course for Medical Coding and Billing 2023

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Medical billing and coding are two allied health professions with the fastest growth rates. Between 2021 and 2031, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 7% increase in job openings in the industry. Additionally, entering medical billing and code is relatively easy. Between four and six months are commonly needed to finish most programs, after which students who have graduated from a recognized program can take the necessary certification exam. But a common query among students nowadays is, “Can I obtain my medical billing and coding credential even more quickly?”

Anyone hoping to land a job quickly might take advantage of accelerated programs offered by several medical billing and coding institutions. How fast, though, is too short? Are the quality requirements in place for a 4-week or even a 12-week program to prepare students for certification? This article examines quick-track medical billing and coding courses, including the 4-week online medical billing course, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. 4 Week Online Medical Billing Course at

A four-week online course in medical billing is available through This course concentrates entirely on the skills required for proficient medical billing, in contrast to some programs that integrate medical coding and billing. Students receive practical billing experience directly applicable to real-world situations using a live simulation software tool. Students obtain crucial insight into their progress through instructor-graded exams in medical coding through expert teachers and a live medical billing software program. Even though you may finish this program in three weeks, you can complete it at your own pace if that works best for your schedule.

You will address issues that emerge in the day-to-day activities of a medical billing specialist through a practical program that calls for 50–60 hours of coursework. A course instructor can have each student access to a student support forum that is open 24/7.

Students who complete this entirely online program are awarded the title of Certified Medical Billing Professional.

Some of this program’s best attributes are:

Practical Experience

Real-world billing concerns are simulated by medical billing software. The application uses valuable study materials, instructive films, and no-stress exams you can retake if necessary.

Actual Teachers

Real instructors assess examinations and provide answers to provide you with insightful criticism that improves your learning process.

Relatively Inexpensive

You may become a Certified Medical Billing Professional in 3-5 weeks thanks to this $700 program.

Career Placement

You will be added to the job placement database of once you graduate. This database aids you in finding a medical billing job to launch your career based on where you are.

Practical Education

You will come across crucial billing components, including medical office forms, after an in-depth introduction to medical billing that covers topics ranging from insurance to claims processing.

Visit 4 Week Online Medical Billing Course at

2. MedCerts

An online certification and training program for medical billing specialists is available here and can be finished in a few weeks. Unlike a 4-week medical billing and coding course, this online curriculum typically lasts longer than four weeks.

MedCert offers study guides for their medical billing program, including 3D animations to teach students about human anatomy and other topics.

MedCert’s online medical billing and coding program requires a high school diploma or equivalent.

The 100% online technical training for the 12-week medical billing specialist curriculum at MedCert leads to national certification. Medical jargon, insurance benefits, and healthcare law are covered. Students also learn about the practical aspects of administrative work in a hospital context.

The medical billing curriculum from MedCert uses game-based learning, interactive exercises, and 3D animations. HIPPA laws, patient financial accountability, and insurance verification are the subjects covered in classes.

You can take advantage of a customizable curriculum and several student services.

Throughout the 12-week program, MedCert offers student success consultants who are accessible round-the-clock. Additional benefits include a personalized career services advisor and a thorough exam preparation process.

This online medical billing program requires a high school diploma or GED for applicants. You can enroll by sending in your course registration and deposit. It would be best to have a strong internet connection because this training is online.

Some of this program’s best attributes are:

Completion Time Frame: 12 weeks, Self-paced

Cost of Course: $2,000-$4,000

Course Delivery Type: Online

Certification Type Awarded: Certification

Visit the Medcerts Certification Website


A medical billing and coding curriculum that can be finished in four months is available from CareerStep. Many of the most significant medical businesses use the institution’s program to train new hires. The course offers training for the most challenging certification tests. Additionally, students will get practical experience and be prepared to obtain employment immediately after finishing the study program.

Students undergo 577 hours of instruction in this online medical billing and coding certification program. These courses can be taken at a student’s convenience, providing one year of access to the course contents. The system offers a wealth of knowledge on medical coding, biomedical terminology, and health information management—three subjects with significant consequences for ensuring that patient care is effectively supported.

CareerStep provides a range of student support choices with a continuously updated curriculum. Through chat and email, students can receive individualized assistance from CareerStep’s skilled teachers and 24-hour technical support staff.

Additionally, students have access to a mentor and a program for career advisors that can assist them in finding their first job in medical coding and billing.

Students who complete the program will receive certification as professional coders, outpatient coders, or billing and coding specialists. To enroll, prospective students must have a GED.

Some of this program’s best attributes are:

Completion Time Frame: 4 months – 12 months

Cost of Course: $3,699

Course Delivery Type: Online

Certification Type Awarded: Certificate

CareerStep: Online Career Training | Certificate Programs

Medical Coding 8 Month Diploma Herzing University

This private university, which has its main campus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is regionally approved by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), offers a medical coding diploma that may be finished in eight months. Herzing University provides several associate and bachelor’s degrees with a focus on the medical industry and this short-term medical coding diploma.

In the medical coding program, students finish 25 credits in eight months. They receive practical training using open medical records while being instructed by lecturers with extensive backgrounds in the medical sector. Required courses teach you crucial coding information while also covering healthcare-related themes. Coding classes cover advanced coding, current procedural terminology coding, and the global classification of disorders.

While a technical diploma might be an excellent start to a medical profession, credits obtained at Herzing can count towards an associate degree program in medical coding. You are ready to take the coding certification exam once you have earned your medical coding diploma.

Herzing University offers six start dates annually, making it simple to accommodate this adaptable online degree into your schedule. Candidates must hold a GED or high school diploma. ACT, SAT, or Wonderlic test results are also required from prospective students.

Some of this program’s best attributes are:

Accreditation in the Region

Herzing satisfies all institutional, administrative, academic, and financial standards established by neighborhood accrediting bodies. You receive your money’s worth and have the choice to continue college, and you are also ensured a top-notch education.

Various Curriculum

Instead of concentrating primarily on medical coding, Herzing students study various subjects important to the medical industry, such as patient confidentiality, medical language, ethics, and professionalism.

Aid financially

Numerous financial assistance alternatives, including grants and scholarships, as well as reduced tuition rates for veterans, active-duty service members, and their families, are available to Herzing students.

Review of Certification

With the help of this online curriculum, you may learn medical coding, prepare for technical certification exams, and demonstrate to possible careers that you have what it takes to succeed in coding positions.

Transfer Credit

Your medical coding diploma earns credits toward an associate degree in medical coding, which can expand your job opportunities and prepare you to enroll in a four-year college.

Read More:Best Medical Schools That Accept Transfer Students 2023

Visit Medical Coding 8 Month Diploma Herzing University

Rasmussen University: 9-Month Medical Billing & Coding Certificate

Rasmussen University, founded in Minnesota in 1900, presently has 23 physical campuses and offers a wide range of online degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs. Full-time students can complete Rasmussen’s medical billing and coding certificate program online in nine months.

Rasmussen employs online laboratories to keep students interested. Students work through virtual laboratories, real-world coding and billing scenarios, and practical case studies with instructors and peers in interactive classrooms. Additionally, a seemingly unlimited array of tools, including redacted patient data and simulation exercises, are at your disposal to help you prepare for a future in the medical industry.

The program includes coding and billing technologies to give fundamental healthcare knowledge applicable to future academic and professional activities, keeping up with developments in the sector. This diploma track’s credits transfer well to Rasmussen’s other undergraduate health-related programs.

Admission requirements for potential students include a high school diploma or GED. Before enrolling, confirm with Rasmussen’s admissions department that your state is eligible for this program.

Some of this program’s best attributes are:

Online Interactive Program

A fun, interactive learning environment improves online learning. Students engage in peer and teacher interaction while tackling billing and coding situations.

Student Assistance

Online Rasmussen students get access to knowledgeable faculty and instructors and round-the-clock technical support. Professional tutors, career services, and a library with more than 400,000 electronic books and reference materials are available as additional resources.

Dispatchable Credits

It’s possible to apply previously earned college credits toward this online diploma. Additionally, credits acquired through this medical billing and coding credential can contribute towards an undergraduate degree at Rasmussen.

Employable Skills

Rasmussen introduces crucial subjects like medical information ethics, professional accountability, and digital fluency, whereas other schools only emphasize coding or billing abilities. Students also develop soft skills like communication and teamwork as they work with peers.

Versatile Delivery

Rasmussen’s medical billing and coding credential are entirely online to help you balance your personal and professional commitments. You can enroll either full- or part-time, and coursework is self-paced.

The healthcare system requires the expertise of qualified experts to function at total capacity. You can earn a certificate through a two-year program at an authorized college or a four-week online course on medical billing and coding.

You will collaborate directly with doctors and clinics as a medical biller. While collaborating with other healthcare experts, you should also be familiar with the fundamentals of the job.

This guide to the 4-week online medical billing and coding course is intended to be a resource.

Visit Rasmussen University: 9-Month Medical Billing & Coding Certificate

How to Pick the Best Certificate or Degree in Medical Billing and Coding?

The type of certificate or degree you hope to obtain should be your first consideration when selecting the finest option for your medical billing and coding education

Previous Education

Do you currently possess any college credits? You might also have attended a vocational college or completed additional courses. The medical coding and billing program you select can let you transfer some of the credits you’ve already earned if you’ve attended any post-secondary institutions.

Education Online or in a Classroom

Your options while selecting a school and a learning method are numerous due to the abundance of medical billing and coding courses. Earning your online medical billing and coding certification may be the ideal option if you have a quiet study space and are very organized. However, consider selecting a traditional learning style school if you are the one who requires more discipline and a strict timetable.


If you intend to continue your education, make sure that the certification or program you select is authorized directly or through the college, trade school, or other organization from which you received your certificate. There is a good likelihood that credits obtained from an unaccredited institution will only transfer to a one- four-year college or university.

Duration of a Certification in Medical Coding and Billing

The amount of time you must devote to medical coding school must also be considered. Selecting an online medical coding and billing program will be your quickest path if you need a job as soon as possible. However, you should consider getting your associate’s or a bachelor’s degree if you have the required resources to devote to attending college.


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