Tennessee Medical Billing and Coding Schools

In the difficult times our economy has recently faced, numerous individuals have found themselves in need of a new career path or possibly even wishing that they had entered the more stable healthcare industry. Many feel that they are not cut out for being a doctor or nurse, and believe that they don’t have a chance to enter healthcare. However, one career path that may not be considered as often as it should is the medical billing and coding industry.

What Is a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

The main function of the medical billing and coding position is to enter and maintain visit records. They are responsible for handling insurance claims and generating invoices to receive any co-payment from patients. Due to the sensitive information they have access to, trust and professionalism are key qualities one must possess in order to succeed in this role. In essence, the billing and coding professional is a key role in any medical office, as they are responsible for getting the funds through the door in order to operate the business.

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