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They can be found in every doctor’s office, hospital, emergency clinic and everywhere else physicians and nurses are. The backbone a medical office can’t survive without, medical billing and coding technicians are responsible for keeping everything running smoothly on a daily basis. Wouldn’t you like to have a job that makes a difference in your community? No matter what point of your life you are in – recent high school graduate, stay-at-home mom, interested in a new career – there is a way to fit medical billing and coding training into your hectic life.

In South Carolina companies and businesses around the state are hiring individuals for the medical field, people just like you who are eager to help others. On average a coding technician in South Carolina makes $32,400 per year; imagine being able to support your family or even start a new one, afford to take a yearly vacation with paid time-off and have access to health care at a reduced cost. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.) These are just a few of the benefits that coders from Charleston to Spartanburg enjoy in addition to feeling fulfilled with their working expectations.

So what exactly does a medical coder do? Each time a patient has an appointment with their doctor, a chart is filled out with all of the procedures that were performed during the visit. After the patient leaves the work doesn’t stop there; a coding technician must translate these procedures into a code that is used by the office to keep track of what the doctor did during the visit. This includes everything from an annual checkup to medicine prescribed, recommended treatments and followup visits. Without this vital information a patient’s medical history that is so vital to extended treatment plans would be nearly unintelligible.

In turn someone in the billing department will then read the chart to know how to bill the patient’s insurance company for their appointment. Having someone who can work as an intermediary between the medical staff and billing personnel benefits everyone in the office; it ultimately allows doctors to spend more time with patients rather than filling out paperwork. There are over one hundred hospitals alone in South Carolina: when you factor in emergency care clinics and private offices there is an overwhelming need for people trained as medical billing and coders, the demand rising steadily each year. Get your training today to provide a better future for your family and yourself.

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