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Medical billing and coding in Delaware is a booming business that is only going to get bigger. The need for highly skilled medical coding and billing experts has steadily grown over the last ten years, and is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase of up to eighteen percent in the medical support services fields over the next five to six years alone. In Delaware, the average starting salary for a medical coder is around $34,250 a year, and for a medical billing specialist it is around twenty-two thousand. These figures change drastically depending on location and experience. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

What is Medical Coding and Billing?

Medical coding and billing are two of the most vital support systems for the health care industry, and their importance is often overlooked by the average person. The expertise of these workers is fundamental in ensuring the proper diagnosis and treatments are recorded accurately for each and every patient. Any time a medical treatment, procedure, or diagnosis is performed, the records must be updated with this new information through an intricate system of codes, over ten thousand in all, that the coder must know. The medical billing, on the other hand, is more focused on the financial end of health care services. Medical billing involves billing the patients, insurance companies and even Medicare, making the need for accounting and computer skills, as well as medical terminology, a must.

Education Requirements

The length and specific type of training you will need depends on which field you plan on entering. Medical billing will require very strong organizational skills, computer skills and accounting skills, in addition to medical terminology and knowledge of treatments and diseases. Medical coding will require demonstrated understanding of the various medical codes, as well as knowledge of medical terminology, diseases, treatments and diagnosis. There are several options available from traditional degree programs to diplomas and certifications, and even online schools.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is often available through the school you plan on attending, and most schools have their own financial aid departments to assist you. The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) has many resources available to students, and you can also look into federal financial aid (FAFSA).

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