Boston Medical Billing and Coding Schools

When you become a medical coding and billing specialist in Boston, you will have the potential to earn an annual mean wage of $44,870. You will take on many clinical and clerical responsibilities within the health care office, serving as a liaison between the office and the patients. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

You will perform many functions pertaining to the medical paperwork and records for patients, as well as any insurance and payment matters. You will take on various settings, including the hospital, private practice office, surgical suite, etc. providing you with a rewarding and challenging experience that requires a great deal of effort and education.

Medical Billing and Coding Education in Boston

There are both certificates and diplomas available for medical billing and coding in Boston, with the most potential received by those with a diploma. You will be trained to perform many daily functions from calculating the costs of the patient, preparing invoices and receipts, and ensuring payment has been received or delegated to the correct agency. You will have a lot of communication with insurance companies in order to secure payments and provide accurate invoices on the covered patients within your office.

With such great involvement with the patients’ records, one of the main courses you will take within your medical billing and coding education will be regulations and policies in order to ensure that you are aware and compliant with each. You will learn about HIPAA and its importance to patient safety and information transmission and delivery. You will receive training in various other areas as well, including:

  • Clerical procedures and appropriate protocol
  • Computer skills and technology use
  • Medical billing, coding, and terminology

You will also participate and complete externship within an approved Boston educational facility, providing you with the experience that is crucial to appropriate comprehension of the field. This will give you the adequate skills necessary for a proper transition into the medical billing and coding profession.

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Financial Aid Available for Boston Students

The most common way to receive financial aid is to first contact the financial aid office of the school of your choice. They will best be able to tell you the appropriate procedures for obtaining the funding you need. You can complete the FAFSA in order to get the Pell Grant from the federal education stimulus. You can also visit the government’s federal student aid website in order to apply for a federal Stafford loan for use towards tuition and any other educational costs. The Pell Grant never has to be repaid, however the Stafford loan will need to be repaid after 6 months upon completion of the program.

Medical Billing Schools in or near Boston