Want to Save Money? Avoid Cancer

how-to-save-money-fastCancer is probably one of the most dreaded causes of so much trouble to us. Be it from expenses, emotional stresses and our future, cancer, if at most, should be avoided at all costs.

There is no single cause of cancer, as doctors from the U.K. said in the article: “What causes cancer?”. It is a multi-factorial; meaning there are so many reasons that may cause cancer. Some of them are:

– Genetics
– Lifestyle
– Age

…and exposure to carcinogenic substances.

For one, lifestyle has seemed to be accelerating such effects of cancer. If we are exposed to smoke and pollution for one, we are likely to get lung cancer. There are many types of cancer, but one is common: the more abuse our body gets and as we grow older, the more we are prone to cancer.

Still according to the article, maintaining a healthy weight and good eating habits has prevented 1 out of 3 cancer cases. Meaning, a healthy lifestyle is still the preventive measure we can do today for fewer complications tomorrow.

Study also has shown that many people could not afford the many medical procedures needed for cancer. A survey conducted to cancer survivors, almost 8% of them did not get one or more of the required medical procedures. This is according to the American Cancer Society journal: Cancer.

Want to spend money on other things? Then cancer should be less of your worries, regular check-ups and a healthy way of living can make sure you have less money worries.

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