Fact: Family Problems and Obesity are Related

obesity-460_784309cObesity is becoming a major problem in the lifestyle of many around the world, and the government and health institutions can no longer turn a blind eye to this plight. One of the key factors in helping to prevent or cure obesity is to determine the cause of obesity. Although there are many factors which can cause obesity, family factors are often overlooked.

Overeating and satisfying, albeit poor, food choices are a way many people cope with stress and depression.  This type of eating is often called “emotional eating.”  But what does this have to do with family?

When parents fight or have loud arguments, it is their children who are the most affected, especially when they are at a young age. Children form their life values and ideals through the actions of their greatest role models, their parents. Frequent arguing and fighting amongst the parents can cause a child to feel unsafe or uncomfortable with their home and family situation, thus leading to stress and anxiety.
Because of this stress, some children take comfort in eating. Feeling some kind of satisfaction, this is the way some children use to cope up with family violence, resulting in these children forming unhealthy eating habits, which can lead to heart problems and diabetes. Unfortunately, once these problems occur, it is often too late for the bad eating habits to be changed, as they have already been instilled in the person.

In reference to this article: “Another price of family violence: obese kids”.

“Ties between exposure to adversities in childhood and long-lasting emotional and health problems in adulthood have been established in numerous studies. This is the first study, the investigators say, suggesting a possible connection between violence directed against mothers and obesity in young children.”

Healthy family relationships can help children avoid unhealthy eating habits. Taking care of your family does not always mean taking care of their health and diet; relationships among family members should always be in check.

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