Conversations and Happiness

DIGITAL CAMERAWhenever we feel so bad or lonely, we tend to find someone or a group that will make us feel better. These groups help to elevate our moods do that mostly by talking to us while eating, watching a movie, or over a few drinks, or just some on-on-one conversation, sans distractions.

Studies have shown the positive correlation between relationships or long talks and health. The studies show that conversation benefits our emotional health, which in turn impacts our physical health.

According to an article : “Do Deep Conversations Make Us Happier?”

“The study, which followed the conversation patterns of 79 individuals, found that those who engaged in the most small talk were the least happy, while those who had more deep conversations were happier. In fact, the results were not even close. The deep-talkers were much better off in multiple categories of mental well-being.”

Small talks are good, but deep conversations discussing problems or emotions would affect us in a big way, because they tends to make us happier. Of course, if we talk about violence and negativity that would not do us any good. But  having deep conversations has been proven to help ease stress and strengthen bonds.

If you feel down or know someone who does, talking has been proven by science to help the mental well-being of a person. For relationships, communication matter, and this study proves that the more we have deep talks with partners or family, the stronger the bonds we create, and the less likely will we be to have problems and “cold-wars” that can last for years.

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