Study Yields Hope for Progeria Patients

istock_000016086913large__largeA new drug test yielded results that helped children with progeria gain weight and improve cardiovascular health. The disease, which is caused by a single letter mix-up in the human genome – manifests itself in prematurely aging children. Most suffer hair-loss and smaller faces than normal before eventually succumbing to either heart attack or stroke before they finish their teens.

It was a repurposed experimental cancer drug called lonafarnib that saw the most promising results. Five years ago researchers brought in more than two dozen children suffering from the disease and began administering the drug. (more…)

Advantages of Keeping Medicines as Low as Possible

285There are some countries who suffer such dilemma: inaffordable medicines. Although manufaturers and governments are at its best in keeping the costs of medicines low, still not all can afford it.

Maybe because of poverty rates, of economic crisis or job scarcity. But whatever it is, medicines are much needed now because more and more people like the baby boomer generation are in need of quality cheap medicines.

To name a few of the advantages of keeping medicine costs as low as possible are:


Want to Save Money? Avoid Cancer

how-to-save-money-fastCancer is probably one of the most dreaded causes of so much trouble to us. Be it from expenses, emotional stresses and our future, cancer, if at most, should be avoided at all costs.

There is no single cause of cancer, as doctors from the U.K. said in the article: “What causes cancer?”. It is a multi-factorial; meaning there are so many reasons that may cause cancer. Some of them are:

– Genetics
– Lifestyle
– Age


Conversations and Happiness

DIGITAL CAMERAWhenever we feel so bad or lonely, we tend to find someone or a group that will make us feel better. These groups help to elevate our moods do that mostly by talking to us while eating, watching a movie, or over a few drinks, or just some on-on-one conversation, sans distractions.

Studies have shown the positive correlation between relationships or long talks and health. The studies show that conversation benefits our emotional health, which in turn impacts our physical health.

According to an article : “Do Deep Conversations Make Us Happier?”


Medical Procedures That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Be happy for advances in technology if only for the fact that they have saved you from enduring some of the more gruesome medical treatments in history. These procedures, although sometimes effective, were more akin to Inquisitorial torture tactics than traditional lifesaving methods.


Although amputation is still a last-ditch effort today, sacrificing one extremity to save the rest of the body, in anicent times, especially the American Civil War, (more…)

The Scientific Accidents that Changed Medicine Forever

The definitive “scientific method” is an arduous, exacting process of observation, experimentation, and documentation. Scientists are known for their precise and calculating ways, constantly tweaking variables and conditions, all designed to reach a quantifiable result based on their hypotheses. They theorize, and then prove that their theories were either right or wrong.

However, not all scientific advances were achieved by this meticulous process. Some were complete accidents. While an accident to the common man may consist of a coffee spill or a misguided e-mail, some scientists were fortunate enough to have their accidents become medical breakthroughs.  Talk about dumb luck.


Fact: Family Problems and Obesity are Related

obesity-460_784309cObesity is becoming a major problem in the lifestyle of many around the world, and the government and health institutions can no longer turn a blind eye to this plight. One of the key factors in helping to prevent or cure obesity is to determine the cause of obesity. Although there are many factors which can cause obesity, family factors are often overlooked.

Overeating and satisfying, albeit poor, food choices are a way many people cope with stress and depression.  This type of eating is often called “emotional eating.”  But what does this have to do with family?


Healthy Food Choices Might be Harder than We Think

Healthy-FoodsMany people are already aware of the various beneficial effects of a change in diet. Changing just a few meals from fast food to fruits and vegetables can greatly increase one’s overall level of health.

If changing a few things in your diet can do wonders for your health, why do some people have a hard time doing it?

The answer is simple: Habit.


Things That Can Hinder a Healthy Lifestyle

640_beauty_dietIn the wellness awareness generation, not all people embrace the concept. Not all would live the healthy way even if they wanted to. Why? Some things in their mind they either they can’t let go, or new information they can’t embrace.

Here are some things that can hinder the way to a healthy lifestyle.


Sleep Better, Think Better

There are some beliefs in sleeping that it really has no exact scientific explanation why we need it. But as humans we all now how importance it is; we need sleep in order to let our muscles rest, grow and our body repair itself.

But do you notice sometimes people that do not sleep well? They tend to be groggy, lazy, and even sometimes disoriented and forgetful at some cases. Lack of sleep has a big impact on most of us. We cannot think well, reason well, to even communicate well with others.

How much sleep?